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    Morning! It sure is cold out there!! I am still warming up from my two minute walk to the office.


    PO- happy happy birthday!! Big grin


    Sassy- great job on the run... speedy lady!! Those burpees are starting to get tougher, still managable, but I see how they will be pretty difficult soon. What is your recipe for bean burgers and bean balls...I am interested! Never mind...I found the recipe below!! Thanks....


    MA- great job on your runs!! I wonder what changed that made things better! DH and I have the same arguments every once in awhile, he has absolutely no concept of money. Finally I sat him down and showed him how much we both make and what we pay out every month. Seeing it in black and white seemed to help some and he is better at sticking to a budget now.


    PO- I love running my age on my bdays like you are doing, it always makes me feel happy! Hope you have a great day. Mac and Cheese is one of my faves too. Are you gluten free for health reasons or just because? I am hearing about so many people who are gluten free for health and about how much better they feel!


    RLTW- happy to hear that you don't have a hernia! what a relief not to need more surgery. Hope you can figure out how to get 8 hours of sleep a night...I am never good at that!


    Lizo- way to go on running outside..I am super impressed! I enjoy running in the cold, but it is freezing out here and you have it even colder! Funny story about scaring the other runner... but now I am even more impressed that you run in the cold and the dark!


    Mel- oh man, sorry about the wedding drama! I hope it isn't too bad! enjoy tri training tonight


    Lucy- oh man, hoping you don't get whatever DF has! it sure is going around ... are you excited about your parents meeting for the first time? Do you have any plans?


    Outwest- congrats on your race... you sure are bad a$$! I was so impressed reading your race report..it also made me wish I had some trails to run on around here and a dog to run with! Great job!!


    RR- I ended up taking a rest day yesterday because my legs were shot. I did my burpees and then stretched and foam rolled. The foam rolling hurt so good! My legs feel much better today so it will be 4 miles on the TM...I am not brave enough to be outside!


    NRR- I am taking two free classes online. One is a finance course that is for work and the other is a nutrition class that is for fun because it interests me. I am pretty excited about it...such a nerd. Tonight DH has volleyball so I will start on the classes.

    c a s s i e

      Hi ladies! I have not been as consistent about posting as I meant to be...


      Sassy - Isn't having a treadmill awesome! G sounds just adorable with his bean lovin'.


      MA - Ugh, money arguments are always the worst. Hugs to you.


      PO - Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy the mac n cheese and the run!


      RLTW - Great news about the hernia not being a hernia! Good luck with the sleeping/resting when you need to.


      Lizo - You're a total rockstar for facing the dark and cold. Too funny about scaring the other runner!


      Meli - Sorry about the wedding drama. I don't understand why family members can get so crazy about weddings that aren't theirs!


      Lucy - Oh no, poor CRF. Sending you lots of stay-healthy vibes! Stock up on airborne. Smile


      And as for me...


      RR: Cranked out 11 miles before 6 a.m. on the treadmill this morning. I really wanted to do it this evening because it's supposed to be close to 60 degrees, but I have meetings and kids coming in after school for some extra help and work time, and I wasn't sure what time I'd get home -- I'd probably miss the daylight anyway, and my stomach tends to do much better in the a.m., so I decided to just do it. I started watching Ken Burns' documentary on the national parks. I've seen it before but I love it. And I pretend that I'm running in whatever gorgeous place they're showing, haha.


      NRR: I decided to try out my new blender bottle this morning, started to shake it in the car, and it went e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. So that was fun. So now I'm extra glad I ran this morning because I'll have to clean my car this evening, haha. Hopefully the rest of the day will go a little smoother!


      Have a fantastic day, ladies!

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        OWR - Why are men always so amazed that medicine helps? So silly. Enjoy your warmer run tomorrow!


        KLM - I hope you enjoy your online classes! I have a really hard time focusing on internet classes -- I'm too much like my students, I guess. I hope yours are good!

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          Morning all. Its a bit warmer here this morning... 11 above zero instead of below!


          ER: Body flow this morning, hard! I'm not sure if its hard because I didn't go for a few weeks or hard because of my increasing size, probably both. Yesterday my inner thighs hurt SOOOO bad after doing the elliptical. That I'm sure is because of my belly and tight hips/hip flexors. I'm going to start doing body flow twice a week in place of some harder workouts because body flow is becoming quite a workout anyway and I want to try and keep my flexibility.


          NER: Tomorrow is DH's birthday, so I'm going to take the day off. We're going to get some stuff done at home and then go to an early dinner out. I just need to decide which kind of leave I'm going to use, if I'm going to schedule the day off or be "sick." I need to save my paid leave, but I'll just feel a lot better if I can get some stuff done.


          Question for anyone who's played soccer or had kids play soccer. A is starting indoor soccer on Saturday. We got her shin guards but haven't gotten shoes yet because they didn't have toddler shoes at Dick's. What's a good store to buy toddler athletic shoes? Not cleats, just decent gym shoes really. Her every day Hello Kitty shoes won't work for this, lol.


            Sassy-great job on your TM run and burpies! Burpies after running is tough!


            MA-yep, that’s how cold it was here yesterday. Do you stay inside running when it’s that cold out? Sorry about the argument with money. Maybe you too can sit down together and go over specific things that can be scaled down to save some money?


            PO-happy birthday!!!! Enjoy your mac and cheese and 3 mile run!


            RLTW-wooooo for Dr. Hottie also being Dr. Smartie!


            Lizo-lol about the encounter. Great job for you getting out in those very cold temps!


            Meli-sorry about wedding drama already starting up. What colors are you thinking for your wedding?


            Lucy-that does kinda sound like the flu, but I hope it’s not and hope CRF gets better soon


            Outwest-I am the same. I am sick of the cold, even though it really hasn’t been too bad here this winter. I just hate the really cold weather. Though I want winter to stick around a bit and give us some snow; we haven’t seen even an inch total yet! Lol at DBF taking medicine. It seems like all guys are very resistant to that at first


            Klm-awesome that you get to take two free classes. Finanace is not my thing lol but a nutrition class sounds really cool


            Cassie-dang lady. 11 on a TM before 6 wow! Though that is a really good strategy to picture running in those national parks


            Monk-I know there is an athletic shoe store just for kids, Kid’s foot locker maybe? Maybe check out your local mall; there should be a store like that there


            RR: 4 TM/indoor track miles yesterday. Bad run. I hate the TM and was only able to do 3 on it before I got too bored, and then only able to do 1 on the track with some burpees thrown in (ran a lap, then did 15 burpees or some situps). Glad it’s warming up again so I can run outside. Today is rest day as I have a crazy busy schedule


            NRR: just working, homework, and more working. Nothing too exciting. But I do love my job (also my research position). I basically get to play with inner city kids for 2 hours 4 days a week (and get paid for it), so I look forward to going to work.

            MA runner girl

              Thank you all for the advice. We have sat down MANY times to go over the budget. I have an excel spreadsheet that shows our bills laid out with our income and the "extra" we have. I have shown him how we never end up with any of that "extra". We look at the bank account and credit card at what exactly is being spent, talk about how we can decrease that amount. Every time for a few weeks things will be better and then it goes back to the way it was. SO frustrating. I'm really close to taking away all bank/credit cards and giving both of us an allowance, though I don't want to be that bitchy, controlling wife...


              Oh and I did run outside last night... it was 4 degrees with the wind chill. I was cold obviously, but I'm so warm these days that it isn't intolerable and oddly feels good. I'm crazy, I know. I'm not sure that I'd go out in -4 degrees though...


              PO - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a great day Smile

              PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                Hey Ladies...  I'll be back for personals...


                but I thought some of you would like to watch this...  Its kinda long, but well worth it.




                  OWR - good idea to put off the run. the pics fromyour race looked epic.


                  KlMcD - I agree about the burpees ... I don't know how I'll do them when we're up to 15-20, let alone 75-100! Sets I guess. And definitely separate from running.


                  Cassie - Holy moly, 11 miles before 6 am? So sorry about the blender bottle!


                  Monk - good job on the body flow class


                  Taylor - good job on YOUR run and burpies! haha


                  MA - too bad that DH just doesn't get it yet Sad An allowance would probably work, especially if you start stressing the importance of paying for college / day care etc. Are you doing day care on the days you'll be working?


                  I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                    Morning ladies! I feel like such a stranger around here.


                    RR: I'm on week 3 of getting every training run in! No injuries, no illness, just good old running. I'm loving every minute of it. I felt burnt out for a while so its nice to be in love with running again.


                    NRR: Sorry I've been MIA. I had some personal, mental stuff going on and needed to stay away for a while. I'm doing a lot better now that my running is going great. I've been super busy getting ready for an upcoming Bridal Fair this weekend. I am going to have a booth there for my photography. This is my first real push to get my name out there so I'm terrified. My booth is really coming together and it's going to be super cute. I have to finish my flyers and price sheets and buy some clothes to wear that make me look professional and cute but not stuffy. I need tons of good DIVA vibes this weekend for sure. Thankfully a friend of mine volunteered to help me all day Saturday. Its amazing the ways you find out who your true friends are. The two people that I really didnt consider "close" were the ones who stepped up and helped me in my time of need and the people I expected to be there for me are nowhere to be found. Strange how life works.


                    I will get back and do some personals after I finish working on a report.


                      To those who asked:


                      To have our parents meet we're doing dinner at my parent's house (I'm cooking). We considered going out to a restaurant but on a Friday night that could be crowded/noisy and it would be hard to carry on good conversations, etc, plus, my parents and his parents both love board games, so we're hoping after dinner everyone will be up for playing Cranium or something. Does that sound lame? I think our parents will get along really well because they have a lot in common...they all grew up in VT, have really similar senses of humor, etc. Actually his mom and my dad went to the same one-room schoolhouse in a tiny rural town in VT...CRF and I found this out after going on a few dates...which is really funny because he and I didn't even meet in VT, we met in NY and had no idea our parents were from the same area. Small world!


                        Thank  you for the Birthday wishes ladies! New AG!


                        RLTW: So glad that you don’t have a hernia and you’re doing ok!


                        Lizo: Wwo, way to run through 5 deg! I remember running around 10 or so and thinking I’d never do it again. Great job!


                        Meli: Enjoy spinning. Yikes on family issues… we had to deal with the same thing. I can’t say it didn’t alter my opinion about my inlaws, but I wish it didn’t. Just remember, it’s your and C’s day, not theirs!


                        Lucy: I hope CRF gets well quickly! I hope he’s well by Friday for sure!


                        OWR: Sorry about not sleeping well. Glad DBF is listening to you and feeling better.


                        KLMC: I’m gluten free because of an intolerance. I am not allergic, but since being off of it, I’m much, much better! I’ve tried going back to having some, but the GI issues start up within hours… Enjoy your 4 today.


                        Cassie: Wow to go on running 11 miles before work, and on the TM!!! Oh no! I hope the car cleanup isn’t too bad.


                        Monk: Enjoy your day off tomorrow with DH.


                        Taylor: Sorry about the bad run. It’s hard to run indoors and on a TM.


                        TX: Way to go on getting all your training runs in!!! Welcome back too. I’ve been watching pics on FB of your booth, it’s looking great!


                          KLMC: Are the free courses you are taking free through your job, or just free in general? Where/how are you taking them? I would totally be interested in a free nutrition course...


                            Happy Birthday PO! Hope your 30s are awesome! 



                            RR. Still nothin... getting sports massage and acu today, hoping that helps. Sit-up challenge and calf stretching.


                            NRR. So instead of running with a friend last night, I went out for a drink with a work friend. It was fun, but she is hating work right now and wants to quit. I totally don't blame her, but would miss her! But she might do some work for our company so that would be great!


                            Phone interview in a bit. It's really a job I'm way overqualified for, which will make it worse if I don't get offered it...

                            Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                            Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                            Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                            Half: 1:48

                            Full: 4:34



                              Phone interview was brief but seemed good. But it said part time, but turns out it's FOUR hours/week. WTF? But I'd totally take it because it's at an awesome health and fitness center and I would get a free membership!!!

                              Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                              Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                              Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                              Half: 1:48

                              Full: 4:34



                                NC - four hours a week for free health club membership? Sounds like a good deal!


                                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!