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beskirted & manicured

    RR - 4ish kms easy.  Last run until marathon day!


    TR - is awake at 5 am playing in his room.


    FR - chicken pie, salad; didn't have it on Tuesday.


    NRR - taking my car in for the first service and winter tires off finally.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      zorbs- eek, it's almost here!!!! so excited for you! hope the last run goes well today. you don't do a shakeout run the day before a race? i do it, but probably more for the mental aspect! hope everything goes well with your car today.


      RR: tempo run this morning. 2x2 miles at tempo pace, should total 7-8 miles. it's a prefect spring morning- cool, sunny, and no wind!


      TR: spent most of the day outside yesterday, which wore him out! after i got back from my run, gma and i took him to one of hte little parks that's on the bike path near my house. after his nap, we took him to one of the bigger parks downtown and he had a blast! enjoyed an after-dinner walk with the dog too!


      NRR: going shopping with DH this morning, buying plants and a few other outdoor things as we're planning to work on our gardens this weekend.

       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



        RR - I was planning 10k, but I need a rest day instead! Boot camp instructor worked us hard for our last class and my legs are sore. Plus, when I entered my run last night, my log said I had run 71.1 km over the past seven days, which I'm pretty sure is a record for me.


        TR - Wants to be outside all the time, which works for me, because so do I! Every morning when she wakes up now, she runs straight for the front door and starts pounding on it. We'll be in trouble once she can actually reach the door knob well enough to turn it!


        FR - Not sure, need to meal plan and grocery shop today.


        NRR - Okay, it's not a total rest day, because I am meeting some other mommies from town to work out at the park. But I can't imagine it will be that vigorous of a workout, and I am pretty sure I will be spending most my time chasing S around.




        zorbs - Woo hoo, you are almost done with taper madness! I need to take my winter tires off this week, too. I think we're probably safe from snow at this point. I might have mentioned this before but , before I met all you supermoms, I was thinking about running either the Toronto or Mississauga marathon this spring but DH was like "Do you really want to spend all that time training?" and talked me out of it. Grr! I regret that decision now.


        rg - I'm loving the running weather this week, too! Although, yesterday I went with RP once she was home from work at 6 pm and it was about 80F and sunny and it felt soooo hot. Sounds like you had a great outdoor day yesterday.

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      




          RR - 5 miles not in complete darkness... sky lightened up halfway through... good thing too, because I almost stepped on a dead frog.. gross.


          BR - ate almost an entire banana after dinner yesterday... this after she ate broccoli, penne and parts of a meatball... I was impressed she ate all that food.  Had a good time spending the day with DH too.


          NRR - told DH we are NOT eating ground beef tonight.  All that red meat isn't healthy (even though it's extra lean) and we need more variety in our diet.


          zorbs - you must getting excited!  Mississauga is where I marathon PR"d and one day I'm going to run that race again..


          ernie - I think chasing a toddler around counts as a work out.. ha.. C wants to be outside all the time too, except she wants to run into the street... we live in a residential area, but I don't want her to think it's ok just to go across the road..


          rg - i wish going to the park and being outside would wear C out.. I swear it just gives her more energy!


            zorbs - Yay for the last run before the marathon...so exciting.  Well if B has to be up at least he is playing in his room instead of in yoursSmile


            rg - Yay for nice running weather this morning.  Enjoy.  Glad you guys had so much outside time yesterday and R had a great time.  Have fun getting garden supplies with DH today.  Do you like keeping a garden?  I wish I liked it but I don't and I know nothing about plant/flower care, etc.  I need a gardening lessonSmile


            ernie - Sounds like you definitely deserve a rest day.  Great runs this week.  Yep...I am pretty sure J would live outside if we let him.  He can open the doors so we have to now lock them.  Have fun at the workout in the park...I can't wait until the summer when I can do some fun things.  I need to find mommy groups to join since I still know no one.


            CTimes - Great job on the early morning 5 miles.  Glad C ate so well last night.  J hasn't eaten a good dinner in awhile now.  LOL to DH and his red meat.  My DH would eat it every night if he could.  He so doesn't need it since he already has high cholesterol.


            RR - Got 5 in yesterday but opted for the TM.  When I was dressed and ready to head outside it was 85, sunny, and little to no breeze.  I knew I would either have to stop and walk or just quit and I really wanted to get 5 done.  Probably more TM today as it is supposed to storm this afternoon.


            TR - Was a hot mess this morning.  Woke up on his own but after we got him dressed and brought him downstairs he cried nonstop.  We think he is just tired still as he was up a few times last night.  Hopefully he takes a good nap at school.  He was fine when I dropped him off today though.  They get happy baby and DH and I get cranky baby.  J's teacher wrote a comment on his daily sheet saying he was doing really well with the babies and he will make a good big brother...with a smiley face.  Guess I am not hiding it so well to anyone any more.


            NRR - Slept like crap last night.  I woke up at 1:30 because J was fussing and then I started coughing, had to pee, and then couldn't stop coughing until after 3.  I woke up again at 3:50 and then 4:30.  I am exhausted and am not sure how I will survive the day.  This sinus thing is killing me.

              RR  - got 3 miles in before the house woke up today then took the dog for 1 mile walk.  Will be nice when the dog is old enough to run with me so I can multi-task a bit.


              FR: must stop eating the homemade magic shell.. Its oh so good, but oh sooo bad.


              Zorbs: enjoy your last run!  Do you braid your hair for runs?  mine has reached a length wears th epnytails are heavy and just swing all over and get tangled...


              RGBlush have no idea what 2x2 miles means; any suggestions on how to learn to be a mmore technical runner?  I mainly just put one foot in front of the other til its over :-)


              Ernie: where are you  - sounds like you have great weather


              CX2: running in the dark has its surprises!




                RR:  Either 4 or 5 after work depending on timing and if I decide to go to a meeting or not.


                TR:  Took him to the park last night while DH mowed the yard.  It was fun, but cold.  Resulted in a good 'ole tantrum when having to leave, but he got over it quickly.  I only got to see him from the window this morning as I drove off.  Going to miss my little man tonight!


                NRR:  Headed to Chicago for work tonight.  We are leaving after work and meeting for dinner at 7pm.  Um, that is pajama time in our house. Just realized that I didn't bring a book or crocheting to work on so hopefully their wifi is good.  I think I need to drink more water...I have been waking up with tight calf muscles in the morning.


                FR:  I had my chiller  yesterday and it was delicious!  I saved some for J and he liked it too!  Nice red splotches on the white t-shirt! Smile  Greek pizza for dinner last night minus the tomato and kalmata olives...oops on the olives...tomato went bed.  Still good though.

                Upcoming Races: 

                Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                beskirted & manicured

                  rg - I've done day-before shakeout runs and I find them meh.  I do enjoy it, especially if there is one with "running celebs" (RW editors).


                  ernie - you should do Scotia or Hamilton FM in the fall! I peaked at 83 kms this training cycle, with your speed, you could probably run 100 kms/week for the same amount of time.  For the door, you need one the toddler-proof doorknob thingies (well, B has figured it out, but it took him awhile and is still a pretty good deterrent) and one of the higher latches/chains at the top.


                  cx2 - ewww on the frog. If that ever happened to me, I'd probably slip on frog guts and sprain my ankle. I am a combo of excited/pukey.


                  jen - when I was marathon training in the summer while pg, I wore light clothes, always carried water, and ran routes past the outdoor showers/fountains so I could run through and cool off.

                  5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                  beskirted & manicured

                    dexy - last year I tried braiding my hair and it got even more tangled after, like a dreadlocked braid.  What worked for me was putting it in a bun and securing with 2 claw clips.


                    mer - I hate when I buy food on the weekend and it's borderline/downright nasty by the end of the week when I want to eat it.  Oh well, I don't have time I shop more frequently.

                    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26





                      RR:  Busy day but hoping for at least a 5k


                      TR:  Has a cold, I think it is allergy related.  Dr appt. today for his annual checkup


                      FR:  Spaghetti


                      NRR:  Dad did well yesterday.  Mom said he's a bad patient so he must be feeling alright. Smile


                      WorkR:  Nutzo, I have a major deadline for a brief early next week so I will be knee deep in legal research until then.


                        Zorbs:  Woohoo!  Can't wait to stalk you on Sunday.


                        RG:  I need to work in my garden this weekend too.  Birds/squirrels - nature of some sort is stealing my plants!!!!!


                        Ernie: hahahaha, I love that you consider working out with other mommies a rest day Smile


                        Cx2:  LOL that sounds like my DH!  I changed it up last night with some chicken.


                        Jen: That is exactly the scenerio in my house this a.m.  He woke up fine but cried over everything.  Ugh.  Then when I dropped him off he is a perfect angel.


                        Dexy:  Homemade magic shell?  What is this?


                        Mer:  Now you have me wanting a chiller!


                          rr: hitting the trails with rp tonight if the weather cooperates. someone asked yesterday about rp...she still randomly cheats on me with another rp and doesn't ask if I want to join, but has been asking/initiating us running together, so i'll go with it.


                          rr: my sister's guy friend won a huge 8k this past weekend in 24:25; about a 4:55 pace.


                          er: 45-minute family bike ride last night. it felt good to get out there and bike plus with the wind and pulling c behind me was definitely a work out.


                          tr: dd1 has a weird rash. I noticed it 2 days ago a little bit on her face. now it is on her chest as well as her hands and wrists. took her over by sil (she used to work for a dermatologist) and she had no idea, so i'll be calling the dr once they open.


                          tr2: keeps telling us about the friend she made at the play place. I asked her what the girl's name was and she said she didn't ask and that next time she will say, "hi, how are you doing, what's your name?"


                          br: can now put the crocs on by himself only to realize that the one hurts his blister, so he takes that off and walks around with one on. then when we go outside takes both off and grabs his chuck taylors. screamed wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on the bike ride last night.


                          nrr: rummage sale season is starting here so I might try to go to a few once c wakes up.


                          fr: tacos last night. probably pizza tonight.


                          zorbs: enjoy your last run pre-marathon! ugh to the 5am wake up.


                          rg: have fun shopping with dh today!

                          ernie: we have the door know handles that you just have to pull down on to open, and c figured those out a couple of weeks ago. it pretty much sucks. last night I was making supper and the girls were coloring the sidewalk in front of our front door. c opened it, stepped outside, closed the door and then cried because he didn't know what to do next. ugh, i'm sure it's only the beginning.


                          cx2: rp and I were talking about ground beef this morning. we both get cows and were discussing what we all make with the ground beef. eww to the dead frog.


                          jen: too cute about the teacher writing that j will be a great big brother! rp was congratulated by a patient at work the other day on her pregnancy; she is most definitely not pregnant. good call hitting the tm instead of running in the heat. take a nap during your prep under your desk; i'm sure you won't be the first person to do that Wink


                          dexy: what is a magic shell? I keep picturing the taco shell mold that you bake tortillas to make taco salads, but have no clue if that is what you mean. it sounds good whatever it is!


                          mer: are you taking the train down or carpooling? yup, c likes pretty much anything that he can drink out of a straw.


                          becky: good luck with the busy day today! glad your dad's surgery went well!


                            Dexy - Good for your for getting out and running and walking the dog.  I am sure it will be nice when the dog can run.  At what age does that usually happen?  What is magic shell?


                            Mer - I will miss you...lol...I mean not that we live in the same state but I'll miss your email and WWF playingSmile  Have a safe trip today.  Glad you got your chiller and had fun at the park with J.  Sounds like it was a good afternoon yesterday.  You were mighty productive. I think I NEED your greek pizza recipe!!


                            zorbs - Thanks for the running advice...I wish I had somewhere to run where there was water/sprinklers...but I could just stay close to home and definitely carry water.


                            Becky - So glad your dad's surgery went well.  Sorry about how busy you are at work...is the idiot still there?  Does she help?  Poor C and his cold.  Hope the dr. appt goes well today.


                            mrszm - I didn't realize your RP had another RP.  Sucks they don't ask you to run with them but maybe they like to gossip or something?  Ugh to DD1s rash...I hope it is nothing and goes away quickly.  Too cute about C and his crocs.  Too bad they gave him a blister.  I sooooo need to have a garage sale but we are not allowed.  I wish someone would have one so I could put all my crap in it.  Might have to get my cousin to do one in July when I go up to the UP!


                            Honorary Old

                              RR: Another rest day because I'm busy. Plan for the Fri, Sat, Sun is 5,5, 8.


                              TR: Only woke up once last night and calmed down and went back to sleep before I went to him. Eating LIKE CRAZY. Last night he ate 5 chicken nuggets, 2 big bowls of applesauce, 1/2 cup of peas plus crackers and juice as snacks.


                              FR: last night we had that potpie filling over mashed potatoes thing, DH wasn't too crazy about it-  the sauce managed to loosen up and was pretty soupy, maybe something with the GF flour?


                              NRR: Meeting with a lady from the Dept of Ecology about our water rights permits with our well- the one for irrigation rights expires in December and we have to prove usage by then, which we can't since our house won't be done until sometime between nov-feb and we won't be putting in the yard until next year. I think she will grant us the extension.  Meeting with the mortgage broker went well last night, the discrepancy with the appraisal pretty much made no difference because it was small. We should close within the next two weeks!


                              NRR2- Bossman is in LA for a due diligence meeting today and tomorrow. I'm breaking dress code muahaha. Wearing legging-type jeans with a cute top/cardigan and my new cute boots. People pretty much only see me from the waist up, and when bossman is gone I usually only see the mailman.

                              2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07



                                Magic Shell = The Chocolate Sauce that hardens on your Ice Cream and probably in your arteries as well.


                                The homemade version is made with Coconut oil, cocoa, sugar - no Partially hydrogentaed oils but certainly not short on fat/calories



                                Jen: everything I've read says the dog needs to be about a year old before we start running together.  Mine is 7 mos old today, so she should be ready in the fall!