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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

    MA runner girl

      RR: Ended up getting changed into my suit last night before I realized I forgot my towel, duh! So I just walked 2 miles instead. Planning on a 3-4 mile run after work tonight, hopefully outside if it's not downpouring.


      PGR: 26w2d. I got undressed for my shower last night and literally was SHOCKED at how big my belly was. It was crazy. Of course I woke up this morning and it wasn't nearly as big so I must have been really bloated. All in my belly though! It stuck so far out! lol Nothing else new really, my belly still burns every day, but I think I'm used to the pain, sadly. I'm also very tired today, probably due to NPGR!


      NPGR: I was busy last night. I went grocery shopping after the gym, came home and made chili, then frosted some cookies and cleaned up the kitchen. I wasn't done until 10! Still had to shower and I have a hard time just going to sleep without some down time so I didn't go to sleep until after 11. Sigh. More of the same tonight, but hoping it wont be as late of a night!

      PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


        MA - so annoying about the towel...I hate when that stuff happens. Glad you got the walk in, at least. I feel similarly about that giant think protruding from my midsection, which I guess must be my belly!


        RR - 4.5 miles this AM. Totally peed in a park on my run today. All the dogs do, so why  not me. It was still kind of dark, but really...how shameless will this pregnancy make me when it comes to bodily functions!!


        PGR - 25wks3days.  So I went to get a prenatal massage at the massage school last night. I signed up to do it with a "graduate," not a student, which was the middle price point and, I figured, a safer bet. I talked specifically about PRENATAL massage with the person on the phone who I booked with and she assured me she was booking me with someone who knew what he was doing. Well, I get there and this guy seems really nervous. I asked him, "Do you usually do prenatal massages?" And he says, "This is my second one." I'm like, "Are you comfortable doing them?" To which he kind of shrugs his shoulders and makes the "so-so" hand gesture. WTF??? I was like, I don't feel comfortable with this. He went to see if he could find someone "more skilled" and came back with this other woman. She was okay, but honestly, I felt like she wasn't really that familiar either and the whole thing was not relaxing at all!! Argh. And I took the subway way out of my way AFTER work when I was already tired for this. Sooooo disappointing.


        NPGR - In other fun news, still no hot water. Took an ice cold shower this AM. Hope that isn't bad for baby. It was a short shower, though, believe me.


        Okay, hope everyone else had a better day yesterday than I did!!


          Liz: Nope, my day wasn't all that great, I was a grump! Hope your next massage is redeeming! I would totally pee in a park, lucky for me ours has a bathroom at the halfway! Although now that my runs are shorter that's too far .. we'll see 


          MA: Haha about the huge belly, sometimes I do a double take and am like 'whoa' I'm massive!!


          ER: Spin was good yestserday, now we're back in Abilene so off to the Uni after I digest to waddle around it. It's supposed to be HOT today, so tryign to get DH to work on his paper in the AM so we an go walk in the afternoon... or I could just tan!


          PR: not much, really tired now that I'm at 35w. is that normal? I guess it should be. Had TERRIBLE acid reflux in plainview, I honestly think it's the water .. is that possible? IT's gone now ... had the same thing in hawaii. Anyway, made me grumpy all day, I took like 12 gaviscon... so was thirsty. 

          On a good note we did Christmas last night, went to Texas Roadhouse ( LOVE IT please come to Canada), got everything on my list!! a new scrabble board (I'm a nerd), milk steamer that steams it in 120 seconds , sweet sweater I found on pinterest, some boots from pinterest, new yoga mat and a starbucks card, I am set for life now. haha!! Christmas might be a letdown now though, I  saved one of DH's gifts to open in the morning but not much else planned. 


          Have a good one!!


            Quick stop on the way to the pool - 


            MA - Oh that sucks when you forget a towel for swimming! i did that twice in a week recently, and I get so annoyed at potentially missing a swim that I swim anyway and then proceed to attempt to "air-dry" myself with one of my clothes afterwards - 1. it's tiring, 2. it really isn't very effective! Glad you got in a walk though. I hope you have an easier time getting to sleep tonight!


            Liz - It's totally cool for a person to pee in the bushes Smile  ha ha, at least we do it hiking all the time, preggo or not! That is super frustrating on the prenatal massage, I would have felt like asking for some money back? Boo on the cold shower, I'm sure it gets you awake quickly though!


            CJazz - The last few days I have found I am more...body tired? Just feels like my muscles and body are "heavier" all of a sudden (hold on...oh, i guess they are!), perhaps it is natural, though admittedly unwelcome. Sounds like a fun little Christmas you had, enjoy your warm weather!


            back in a while...


              38 weeks and 4 days ...


              PGR: Last full day before things get started for delivery!  I will get my membranes stripped on Wed after u/s, Thursday possible 'ripening' of cervix, and Friday possible induction?!  I hope the membranes stripping goes well on Wed or that something occurs today, since it is my half birthday, haha.


              Odd dream yesterday--I dreamed that the us showed that the baby only weighed 1 pound and was Chinese (odd since neither me nor my dh are Asian).  I was also really upset since they told me I would have to stay pregnant for at least another 25 weeks or risk injury to the baby!  Dreams are so odd.


              It is odd the number of people who say, " what a horrible birthday your son will have since it is so close to Christmas", seems pretty rude to me.  I just point out the dh is Jewish...crazy.


              RR: I ended up taking off running yesterday, my legs were so sore, they needed a break and feel better today so I will try to get in a 3-4 miler and maybe yoga or a dvd.


              NPGR: Told my work friends about the membranes and the potential induction plans.  I feel bad that they will likely be short, but it's not as if our managers would work any of those shifts or try to cover them even if they knew way ahead of time.


              MArunner: Bummer about the towel,  hope your run goes well. 


              Liz: I used to pee all the time outside when I was early in my pregnancy, all was good except the time I forgot to move my underwear and the liner in my shorts, oops!  Sad about the cold shower, I do imagine they are short!. 


              Jazz: I think it's normal to be really tired at 35 weeks.  Glad your x-mas was good, sounds like you scored some awesome gifts!


                RR: Got 2.5 in this morning. Was a bit faster and felt pretty good but then started having a lot of BHs and feeling the SPD while running. I've never had it while running before. I have 2.6 miles to make it to 750 for the year, so I'll try and do that Wednesday night or Thursday morning and that might be my last running for awhile. I'm sad but glad I made it this far! And the 750 beats my miles from last year, and thats with being pregnant half the year!


                PGR: 29w4d. Still having BHs after my run, will have to chug the water. It seems like RLP and BHs and things like that with running seem to be worse depending on the situation with my bowels, as gross as that is. My back is stiff too, which bums me out because it was actually feeling pretty good last night. Like I said before I've never had the SPD while running, its always been just when I get up like at night, in the morning or after sitting. I suppose thats getting worse now.


                NRR: Ugggh, so we were able to change our plans so I can get off work early tomorrow and we're going to start our trip tomorrow afternoon instead of Thursday afternoon. I'm glad we have the flexibility to do this but I'm annoyed in general because its stressful enough getting ready for a trip in the middle of the week let alone a day early. I don't even really want to go because the original plan (before pregnancy and layoff were on the horizon... so a long time ago) was to actually spend Christmas eve with my family (this is the third year in a row I'm missing it) and now we're going to be at ILs even longer. Not to mention I was trying to conserve my vacation time but now thats not going to happen. I got the photo coffee mugs I ordered last week and they turned out really good, except that some of the colors didn't turn out as nice as they looked on my screen. They're really nice mugs though so I"m sure our parents will enjoy them. I wish I'd ordered one for myself! Shutterfly surpassed my expectations again with their quick shipping! I have all the presents ready to go for the trip and have to get all packed up tonight and finished tomorrow morning. DH is going to do the loading the car and packing all the extra stuff for the dog and A and stuff. The plan is for DH to pick A up from daycare and me up from work and get going right away. We still need to figure out how far we want to drive and make a hotel reservation.


                We have a little party at our daycare tonight so that will be fun and I don't have to cook! Speaking of not cooking... I worked late yesterday and in addition to all the stuff DH was doing to get ready for the trip, he made dinner and cleaned the kitchen! I could get used to this!


                I'll try to come back for personals, but wanted to mention real quick, I'm about the add teri and mannluna to the FB group!


                  Ma - bummer on forgetting the towel! Crazy busy evening for you, too.  I hope you get some downtime tonight!


                  Liz - how frustrating on the prenatal massage! At least the guy was honest and admitted he wasn't very comfortable doing it. 


                  Canada - Sounds like you had a good Christmas! I hope the acid reflux stays away.


                  Ozzy - I was amused at the thought of you trying to "air dry" - brave of you.


                  teri - Definitely a strange pg dream - I'm sure you woke up glad you don't have to be pg for 25 more weeks!


                  monk - your posts today reminded me of how close we are to Christmas! Crazy!  I hope all your travels go smoothly.


                  PGR: 18 weeks! Swear the belly is growing by the day. I'm a bit afraid when all you ladies who are quite a ways ahead of me start talking about how big you are because I already feel big, and I have a long ways to go!  I ate some ice cream last night, and babes started rolling around - must have been the cold!


                  RR: probably nothing today - DSD has a school basketball game that I'll head to right after work. and then I'll have to go right from there to traveling bball practice - get home after 8 pm.  Still trying to figure out when I'm going to eat!  I might have to get something to eat at the game.


                  NPGR: DSD had a school game last night, then my parents came by to drop off one of the cribs (they had to pick up the one we ordered because it wouldn't fit in our vehicle) and have dinner.  DH and my stepdad ended up setting it up right away, so now there is a crib in the middle of our still-office room.  DH told my mom and my stepdad that the Dr. had limited my activity somewhat, so my mom was trying to get me to just sit on the couch, and protested when i bent over and picked up a couple books from the floor.  She said I should rest since I "worked all day."  Yes, I worked all day, at a desk job where I sit on my butt.  I don't think picking up 1.5 lbs of books is going to endanger anything. Whoops, totally PGR again.


                    MA: Ugh, I relate to your forgetting the towel. When I belonged to a gym I always seemed to forget something - socks, workout bra... Sorry to hear your belly is still burning.


                    Liz: That prenatal massage business is horrible! I would call the school to complain, but I'm a complainer. Ha. Hope today is way better for you and the hot water returns soon!


                    CanadaJ: Nice pull on the xmas stuff! I love my milk steamer. Mine also makes a wicked hot chocolate. I'm getting a lot of acid reflux now too, and it does seem to accelerate after I drink water. Tums and an elevated head when I sleep is working so far, but very uncomfortable. I also had indigestion last night for the first time since, I think, I was a teenager and ate gravy with fries every day for lunch. 


                    Ozzy:  Enjoy your swim!


                    Teri: I can't believe people are saying that about your LO's upcoming birthday. My response would be "It's so unfortunate that people like you feel they need to say inappropriate things out loud" or "You're right, I'm already a horrible mother. You must be parent of the year." Jerks


                    Monk: I hope the stress of leaving early for your vacation goes away once you've reached your destination.


                    TNesq: lol - this might be just the beginning of your worried mama!




                    PGR: 35w2d. So, I mentioned this to CJ earlier - horrible acid reflux and indigestion last night. Dislike! Belly is growing and she's moving around a lot. The first stage of the conversion from the den to the bedroom is done... today, the drywall goes up and they'll wrap up some electrical work. It's funny how DH and I keep staring at this room - it's making it all the more real. Now we just need to track down the crib and changing table we ordered over 6 weeks ago... 


                    PGR2: Having minor panic attacks about giving birth... or mainly, the recoup afterwards. We don't have a 'village' to help us after this baby is born and I'm just worried about the lack of sleep and being able to properly care for her.


                    ER: Didn't manage to do the DVD yesterday due to the construction and the pulled muscle, but I'll try today. The pulled muscle is still there and still painful, but this cream.... what an amazing find. The fact I can walk now has changed everything!


                    NPGR: Work is surprisingly busy, which is keeping me busy! 


                      Double post.


                        Morning all.


                        Today is just flying. 9am already?


                        RR - Finally was able to do one of those deceptively simple workout routines you see floating on Pinterest. You know, do 3 reps of x many pushups, squats, lunges, etc. I modified some of the amounts and added in 2 reps of arm workouts with my 5 lb weights, so I finally feel like I've done *something*. Going to sign up for the 6 month membership today since I did the math and that puts me to a few days before my due date, so I don't feel like I'm losing much. And I'd like to use the treadmill before my trip, just so I know I used it and was ok before I'm in a hotel somewhere in TN or FL.


                        PGR - 13 weeks today!


                        NPGR - DS's dr. appt went well yesterday, worrying about nothing, or as I like to call it, 1st Kid-itis. I'm sure by the 2nd I'll be like eh, he ate dirt, meh. But for right now everything's a mystery. Hoping to go on some errands this morning and then visiting my MIL for DS playtime. 


                        MA - Sorry about the towel but I'm glad you still got a workout in. Hope you can get to bed earlier tonight.


                        Liz - Bummer about the massage. Hope your hot water gets fixed ASAP.


                        Canada - Glad you got all the gifts you wanted! It's funny, there's a TX Roadhouse in my town and I've never been. It is constantly packed, I think because it is next to a hotel. 


                        Ozzy - I'm sure being in the pool/out of the pool definitely adds to the body tired feeling. I remember being in the pool somewhere in the 30w range and thinking, I don't feel different at all. Then I got out of the pool, and I felt like lead. Enjoy your swim!


                        Teri - Did I miss why they're inducing you? Good luck.


                        Monk - Congrats on making it (almost) to 750 miles! That's truly impressive. Enjoy the daycare party.


                        TN - Oh your book story sounds like my mother. She acts like carrying a diaper bag is the same as carrying a boulder and I can't do anything for myself when I'm at their house. My dad kind of takes it in stride but you can tell even he's like um, ok, carrying my purse out to the car. Yay on a crib though!


                        YJPM - So glad the cream seems to be helping with your muscle pull. Glad you got some relief!


                          Shmet: There are two reasons I go to texas roadhouse whenever I'm here 1= their buns with cinnamon butter. amazing. 2= sweet potato with cinnamon butter .. amazing as well! 


                          Off to starbucks! I just got home and was really lightheaded.. maybe from my yoga stretches?? I alaredy had eaten before my 1.7 mile wog and shouldn't be low on sugar or anything... maybe I latte will help ..ahaha.


                            Hey ladies!


                            RR: Well, this weekend was a complete bust in the exercise department. Worked 37 hours in 3 days and two of them I got off at 1:30 A.M. so I didn't have the energy for anything else. Tried to get DH to work out with me yesterday but he was like, "Let's wait til Tuesday." So we did. Today we're heading to the gym around 4 P.M. I'll try to run 3 miles while DH does some weight lifting. He has injured ankles, so he won't run. I'm aiming for 4 workouts this week. Last week was short. Only three days of exercise. Ugh!


                            PGR: 27w5d. I am growing a lot bigger. Super scared to get on the scale on Wednesday for my appointment! I go back and forth between feeling like I'm super fat, and like I look great for how far along I am. So frustrating! DH goes on and on about how cute I look all the time, which helps a lot. I still get comments from other people about how small I am still, which is also helpful. But on Sunday at work one of the girls was like, "You're face is getting fatter." WTF!!! Do you think that is supposed to help me feel good? People are so dumb! I have been more tired, but I think it's just from the extra long work days.


                            NPGR: DH and I are leaving for our visit to my family on Friday morning at like, 4 A.M. and I think I have only one more day of work before then. SO excited! I took 9 days off b/c I had enough vacation hours to get paid for a full week of work. Also, we've been really busy at work and I've gotten overtime, which helps. I can't wait to see the family! All of my siblings will be there (there are 7 of us, 3 of whom live a significant distance from my parents now). We all get along great. I am serious, our get-togethers are totally drama free, which is awesome. The only possible problem is between my 19 and 17 year old brothers. They have always had a tense relationship and it hasn't really gotten a lot better yet. My 17 year old brother is THE problem child in the family, and my 19 year old brother has the hardest time putting up with his stupidity.


                            DH is begging to work on our puzzle and watch a movie, so I'll try to be back for personals in a bit.


                              PG Nothing new.  Just waiting for Thursday's u/s


                               RR: 3-4 mile run with a group of friends through a neighborhood known for its xmas lights.


                              NPGR: Last night when I got off work I dropped my Iphone in the parking lot and yup the glass shattered.  Ugggghhhh!!!!  Its still works but I need to do something about it.  I can replace the screen for $50.  DH might be eligible for an upgrade but he wasn’t ready to spend the money on a new phone.  But if he gets the new one I can have his old one.  I had a cheap case on it but should probably invest in one of those ugly bulky otter box cases.


                              MA: that reminds me of a few months ago I went to the gym before work and needed to shower and get ready there.  My gym has towel service that I never use but of course the one time I need a towel they are out!  I had to dry off with two hand towels.


                              Liz: when you got to go you got to go.  A couple weeks ago I ran a relay in the rain and got the feeling I needed to pee.  I seriously considered peeing my shorts while running.  It was raining so no one could tell.  But I was able to hold it for the next mile.  But I couldn’t believe that I even considered it....lol


                              Canada: You must have been a good girl this year.  Sounds like Santa hooked you up!


                              Tiny: hope it all goes well for an easy and quick delivery


                              Monk: bummer you don’t get to spent it will your family :-(  Thanks for the FB add.


                                Back again...


                                teri - is there a reason you are getting induced early? That is a crazy dream Smile Even though your son't birthday may coincide with Christmas, at least it means he will celebrate his brithday when everyone is at their jovial best each year! Sounds smart skipping your run yesterday, enjoy it today.


                                Monk - wow, so close to your goal running miles - nice! Do you think the BH could be related to electrolyte levels too? Awesome your DH has been so helpful; I hope you guys have a safe trip to the ILs; make sure you reserve next Chrsitmas for your parents Smile


                                TN - It's funny, I was looking at my pics from 20wks, remembering how fat and bloated I FELT then - but at the moment I am looking and thinking "oh wow, was I really that slim once upon a time???". Oh - and my airdry efforts are normally done in one of the few "separate change cubicles" to limit people's general hilarity at my expense Smile


                                YJPM - so glad you can walk somewhat normally again; one of the reasons we changed our mind against the move was our limited support network too - not that it's much where we are now - but certainly more than it would be in a brand new location. I too have had concerns about what i can handle; at our pre-natal class on the weekend the instructor suggested we write out a list of our friends and assign them helpful tasks to do if they want to come visit (eg. pick up some groceries, bring a meal, unload laundry etc - small tasks that could be difficult in the immediate time after baby)...?


                                Schmett - "1stkid-itis" - good term! My worry is that it is while swimming i get tired at the moment...so one land I am just flopping around...that Pinterest workout sounded pretty good actually - are you sore today at all?


                                Sasha - yay to surviving your weekend of work! What is it with pregnancy and people not thinking before they speak? Up until last week i was wavering between feeling good about my pg body and fat...this week, well...yeah, I'm moving into the whale-like zone...but that's okay, I mean, how much bigger can i get in 6 weeks????  ha ha. That is awesome you have such a big family to celebrate with - and such a great amount of time off, i hope it's a lot of fun!


                                Manna - oh, dropping an iPhone is such an expensive lesson! I am thinking of getting an iPhone at the moment - and when I do want to buy one of those "tank" covers that look ultra-durable (and definietly won't fit in a pocket...your run around the Christmas light suburb sounded nice.