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TIMING TUESDAY DIVAS! (Read 179 times)


    Just trying to get my timing right to get everything done and leave for PA on time this morning! Post!


      Good morning, I lurked a bit yesterday but had no time to post! I did see that lizo is getting married on my birthday though! Woo hoo! What a great day you picked Wink


      RR- something before I head out. Probably a workout DVD. maybe 3 miles, but doesn't look like I'll have time. I have a little achiness in my sfx foot too that's weird. Not sure what that relates to?


      NRR- headed out to our PA office til Thursday night.  I have like 4 meetings once I get out there today so I know I'll be swamped. It's a busy few days! Other than that, not much. I don't do much but work out there! I'm already ready for the weekend! I need to start test driving cars. My lease is up at the beginning of April and I'm really not sure what I want to do yet! I have a corolla but would also like to look at Subaru probably or maybe also VW.


      Have a great day!


        Happy Tuesday ladies!!!


        RR: I'm determined to try to do 3 today after work. I'm sure it's going to feel very hard, but at least I'll be able to put some mileage on the calender.


        NRR: My new job is starting very slowly... they definitely brought me over with no plans of anything for me to do. I made it through yesterday ok, but I'm not sure the next 3 days are going to be as easy to sit through 10 hours of nothing....


        OJ: Good luck making it through the busy schedule at the PA office!!!


        Have a great day ladies.

        MA runner girl

          RR: Next.... I did walk for 30 min at lunch yesterday. At  this point, I'm counting it!


          NRR: Working at home today because I'm still not feeling well. Last night I had DH pick up some vicks vaporub, benedryl and a humidifyer for our bedroom (we have one for the living room/kitchen area but it's not enough for the whole house). I think all of that really helped me sleep well. I was in bed at 9:15, woke up at 3:30 because the benedryl wore off so I took another, chugged a bunch of water and then zonked out again until 8. Hopefully another night like that and I'll be better! Nothing else going on really, other than work is SO crazy... worst possible time to be sick...


          Jewel - Are you planning on leasing again? Seems like a good option for you because you commute with the train! I would never be able to lease because I drive too much.. I've already put 11k miles on my car since June. Sigh. Good luck in PA! Hope you aren't too crazy.


          PO - Good luck with your 3 miles! I hope they go better than expected. Oh man, I would HATE having nothing to do!! I hope you can get through the next few days without going too crazy!


          Have a great day!

          PRs: 5k - 22:29, half marathon - 1:47:39


            off to drop my car at the mechanic for an oil change. otherwise...


            RR: did 3.5 miles this morning and it felt good. should try for strength tomorrow morning.... grrr. I need to make that a resolution this year maybe.


            NRR: work... prep for meetings.... work.... going to be a long day  - probably 12 hours. sigh. oh well.


            I'll be back for personals later!


              Morning! Roll Tide!


              Jewel: Good luck with PA. Safe Travels.


              PO: Hope you can get the run in. Good luck getting through the day. Hopefully, they have something for you to do.


              MA: Hope you feel better soon.



              RR: 6 yesterday, today is supposed to be 4 mile repeats, w/ 800 jogs. We will see what happens.


              NRR: Not much, M is coming around. So, maybe this week we can get out and enjoy the weather. Trip to the zoo and some running outside. M rips off her gloves/mittens, so in 40 degree weather her hands can cold and I honestly don't feel like fighting that one. Trying to cut back on breastfeedig again. We were down to two feedings a day (AM and PM) , but when M got sick I let her nurse more. It's an emotional thing for the both of us, but I know I need to gain the independence back.  My goal was by 15 months. I think it is still doable.  Just regular chores other than that...


                Morning girls!


                Jewel, I've had Toyota and VW and I'm back with Toyota. I think they arthere best cars out there!! Safe drive to PA. Do you take the train or drive?


                Lizo, our date is May 25th! Yours? Send me your wedding website link again!!


                PO, any news from thyroid results? Have a nice run. Enjoy your easy work load for the time being!


                Ma, Vicks on your feet, and make sure you cover with socks. Feel better dear.




                TriR, spinning tonight after work.


                NtriR, so ill be volunteering at the children's hospital hanging out with children and keeping them company. I was assigned the gastro unit. I'm excited to start volunteering again.


                Have a great day!!!


                  Morning Ladies!


                  Jewel- such a great title today...I feel like trying to get the timing right is the story of my life lately! Hope there is nothing funny going on with your foot. You sure are traveling quite a bit for work lately! HOpe you are enjoying it


                  PO- hope you get some miles in, but, if you don't, I am sure you will be back on track with your goals as soon as you have some answers and start feeling better. I am thinking of you and hoping that will be soon! When I started my new job it was definitely slow and I didn't love it. Then things got so busy I was wishing for those slow days back!


                  MA- hope you feel better soon lady! I can't imagine how tough it must be to be so sick and not be able to take anything!


                  Lizo- way to go on your run...regular strength training is definitely one of my non resolution, resolutions!


                  GSD- glad to hear that M is getting better. Hopefully you can get outside to do some runs, etc. soon!


                  Mel- enjoy your spinning class today! I would love to be able to do spinning more often. I think it is so great that you are volunteering at the hospital, although I am sure it must be tough!


                  RR- had a great arms and back workout last night wwith some core work thrown in. I then had to grocery shop, cook dinner and do laundry and didnt end up getting to be until after midnight so I just couldn't get out of bed this morning. I need to start getting up again in the morning to work out because it adds so much time to my day! Tonight I am meeting friends who I havent seen in forever so I won't be getting the miles in...I am annoyed at myself!


                  NRR- I guess this is more RR, but DH got me what he thought were my running sneaks, but he got me mizunos ...just the wrong model. I don't want to exchange them, but I am also nervous to run in a new shoe..I have been wearing my wave inspires for so long now! I tried to explain it to DH, but he just doesn't understand ha! But, the new ones are really pretty! Sad that I don't have much else to write about!!


                    Good morning, ladies!


                    RR: SRD. We got 3" of fluffy snow yesterday, which is awesome, but it made getting home a pain so I didn't go back to yoga. ST tonight.


                    NRR: Not too much, trying not to freak myself out over the race I signed up for. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH  Okay I am freaking out.  Nothing else is going on, other than that. Work has settled down, and I'm doing this normal person thing of leaving work at a regular time, etc.


                    Running late again!! I've had the hardest time waking up wiht the first alarm lately.




                      No ER today, all just NER. Was up for an hour coughing and eating a bowl of cereal from 3:45 to about 4:45, slept in a little bit this morning and ran late to work. I'm exhausted and feeling cranky. I really wish this cold would go away so I could stop coughing and get a full night's sleep again. My back is more stiff this morning than it was yesterday and my legs hurt. I'm going to the chiro tonight, so hopefully that will get me more relief. I'm so tired of this. Other than that, DH and I are making plans for getting the house ready for P. We have to do a bunch of rearranging upstairs to make room! Its definitely going to be harder if I don't get more mobile soon, but at least DH is home so he can get some work done. We need to fit another bed and dresser in the kids room (so weird to call it that instead of just A's room!) and we need to make room in our room because he'll sleep with us for at least a little while until sleep patterns are established. There's so much to do and I have the feeling (or at least I'm hoping!) I may go early, so I'm definitely starting to feel the time crunch. Today DH is going to start cleaning out our closet and filing cabinet and stuff to get rid of a bunch of junk. DH cashed out his retirement last week and is expecting the first of two checks today so that will be exciting! Oh and we're finally making some good progress on potty training, so that makes me happy that maybe I won't have two kids in diapers after all! Have a great day divas.


                        Morning, girls!  Quick in for me...


                        Jewel, love the title!  HAve a safe trip, hope you get a few breaks for yourself in the next few days!  I'm going to start test driving cars, too...but I'm in the same boat as MA, in that I put SO many miles on my vehicles it really only makes sense to buy.  And funny:  the boys are 10 years apart, and the plan is that N will have my truck (Explorer) in December when he gets his license; he pointed out that the vehicle I pick this year will be lil C's car when he gets his license!  ACK!!!


                        PO, sweetie, good luck and go easy on yourself with those miles!  Hope they are runnerful and give you some good happy endorphins!  Sorry about work being so slow...I'd rather be crazy busy and have time fly, too!


                        MA, I didn't realize you could take Benadryl while pregnant, but glad that helps!  I'd heard the Vicks on the feet tip Meli said before, never tried it though...and I love humidifiers, I think they absolutely get us all through the winter b/c it's SO dry in our house with the type of heat we have and using the wood stove!  Feel better!!


                        lizo, good lord woman with the insanely long work days!  Glad you got your run in...I'm with you on the ST!


                        GSD, roll tide!  So relieved M is doing better...I used to safety pin C's gloves to his coat so he wouldn't lose them, because he did the same thing!  I had those silly baby safety pins, with the big plastic covers on the ends, because I was worried he'd somehow open it and swallow one  =)


                        Meli, how was swimming?  I love reading about those workouts!  Still excited for your volunteering with the kids!


                        klmcd, you're a braver woman than I...I'm so nervous about injuring myself, I won't run in anything but "my" shoes!!  I would maybe use the others for cross training...ESPECIALLY since they're so pretty!!


                        outwest, yay for fluffy snow!  And holy WOW, woman - I saw the post and couldn't quite come up with a response sufficient to address the enormity of what you're going to do!  WAHOO!  I'll do an ultra someday...when the training will actually fit into my work/family schedule!  GOOD FOR YOU, so excited!


                        Monk, so sorry you're still ill...maybe try no dairy while you have a cold, it's what the docs tell people at the office...and I love getting stuff cleaned out and organized, hope with your DH home it goes quickly!  Was A early?


                        So today is a tempo run, but not the 5 w/3 that we were all doing not so long ago...today is a warmup mile or two, then two miles at tempo with .25 recovery twice, and then a mile or 2 cooldown.  Not sure why that .25 is thrown in there, but I'm excited for it!


                        Happy Tuesday, all!


                          Morning ladies!


                          Jewel - good luck deciding on a new car, DH seems to think that I need a new one soon, but I'm just not that motivated to look, as long as it safely gets me from point a to point b, I don't really care


                          PO - hope you're able to work through your health issues and that you get some answers deform the biopsy - thinking of you! Hope the job picks up soon too!


                          MA - sorryyoufeel so yucky,  good for you for just getting some rest and it's crazy awesome that you can work from home


                          Lizo - good luck with the long day


                          gsd - glad M is feeling better, a trip to the zoo sounds like fun!


                          meli - how often will you be at the hospital? Sounds like they were able to get you started really quickly, that's great!


                          klm - I'm also guilty of sleeping in this morning, but it felt really good and I rationalize that now I'm totally well-rested so it should be an extra productive day, right? So sweet of DH to pick up shoes for you, even if it wasn't quite the right thing, hopefully you can exchange them



                          RR: probably an easy day of dog walking and yoga, just a little sore yet from my burst of energy/activity over the weekend


                          NRR: Roll Tide! Just relaxed on the couch and watched the game. Admittedly it wasn't very exciting, but it was more relaxing and fun to see as a Bama fan. I did feel bad for the Notre Damon fans out there, they had such a good season and then just didn't really have it together last night.  Just another day, going to work, may get the oil changed in my car, otherwise I'll come home to make dinner and do laundry. Should be a good day though, I got a report finished at work yesterday and it always feels good to get that off my plate.


                            Dr tremendous the first part of the orientation was in december! It's about 7 weeks before you begin to volunteer. I'll volunteer once a week (Tuesday nights) from 6-9 starting 2 weeks from today. I felt sorry for the Irish fans!!!!  you all killed the LSU tigers last year as well!


                            KLMC I'd wear the shoes for XT only but I'm a wimp! Have fun tonigh!!


                            Nai I didn't swim Sad anxiety with gym being too crowded. excuses excuses... Love your .25 recovery thrown there!!


                            Outwest nice snowy weather!!!!! Glad you're going home at a decent time!! Congrats on signing up for a race!!


                            Monk good luck w the potty training!


                              Nai - HAHA I am NOT doing the ultra..I'm doing the 10.8 mile option, but it still has 2000'+ climbing.


                                Mel: Enjoy spin class. I miss spinning and agree with klm, wish I did more of it.


                                Klm: I hear you with being annoyed at not getting enough miles in. I guess that’s life right? Smile


                                out:  Jealous of the snow. I miss it so much. Winter here is not winter at all. 


                                Monk: Glad to hear the potty training is making progress. Are you following a certain training program?


                                Nai: that is such a great idea! Why the heck didn’t I think of that?! Seriously, you just opened a door of happiness!


                                DrT:  Kinda of felt bad for the ND players. I just think Bama is a strong team and Nick is a great coach that anyone playing them has a big hurdle to play with them. Especially, giving Nick and the Bama team a month to prepare. 



                                This maybe a totally TMI but AF is finally back and with a stick up her behind. Holy smokes ladies, I have the worst PMS and cramps and flying through (TMI moment) super tampons.  Yes, this is my 2nd AF since being pregnant and breastfeeding M.  The first I thought was a fluke thing, but it was light and spotty several months ago.  Anywhos.... wow!