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Run to live; live to run

    I'm still here so no end of the world for me. Off for 14 then puppy pool


      I hear ya Marjorie. 


      Making grocery list (I get to go to the grocery store today!) for tonight, then want to get some miles in before cleaning house and preparing food.


      Saw a post online of someone who did "the world ends marathon" yesterday in Texas (medal was a huge Mayan calendar) and she's doing "the day after the world ends marathon" today. That medal is the Mayan calendar with a happy face in the middle. LOL


      I must say that I saw the Mississippi Blues medal and that is a nice one!  Was anyone doing that coming up?



      Tar Heel Mom


        Ha, ha, Lisa! Those medals and that race are hiliarious.


        No run for me today. I am going to spend all morning cleaning my house because when I leave for 10 days I know no one else here will lift a finger to keep it clean. DH might do laundry and wash dishes, but sweep a floor? Clean a toilet? Likely will not happen.


        My cough seems a lot better too. Not gone yet, just better.


        I'll be back later, have great runs today or great whatever you do!!


          I'm thinking if I stay in workout clothes while finishing my shopping, baking, etc., I may get out for a few when the opportunity presents itself.


          DS home from Boston for a few days and DD's cookie party last night went really well . Phew!


          NYC tomorrow for a show and dinner; good thing the winter weather just moved in!


          Race medals sound adorable; any pics?


          Thinking I had better leave my "old" running shoes in DH's way today as a subtle reminder.


          Make it a good one - Carolyn

          LC Runs

            Good Saturday Morning!


            6.1 on snowy/icy roads.  Strapped on the YakTrax for the first time this year, they really work great, no slipping at all.  Just hanging out today, getting some more cookies made and getting things ready to go to BF's family's tomorrow.


            Hi Marjorie - have a great 14!


            Lisa - those medals sound awesome


            Amy - yeah, I'm the cleaner around here too.  BF really peeved me off this morning about another bone of contention, grocery shopping.  He doesn't like the sweetener I bought, he is sooo picky but does he 'ever' go shopping or even give me $$ to buy the food...nope.  So, I'm tempted to buy the hugest box of the stuff just to spite him.  Roll eyes


            Carolyn - sounds like a fun weekend!


            Run to live; live to run

              Did 14.8. Pretty cold out this am my hands got cold just before the sun came up. Lisa add me to the Karnel group. I would like to help. The medals sound great. Amy have a great trip. I get the dh cleaning thing. Mine does the same thing. Carolyn have fun at the show.



                I just registered for the Sandy Hook virtual race.  Thanks for the link, Lisa.  I hadn't seen it on FB.  I will probably run it tommorrw (1/2).


                It is rainy and windy, today.  I had 8 on the schedule, but there is no way I can do 8 on a TM.  I'll probably skip it all together and take a rest day.

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                  Did 4 yesterday and 4 today, weather is cool, but unlike Laura (just north of me) no ice here....Have been busy doing a bunch of last minute things for Christmas.  Done now Smile


                  LisaMMR - The pictures of trail run were beautiful yesterday!  Sounds like a busy day for you!


                  Marjorie - Wow, seems like I am always seeing "I'm off for 14 will be back later" - you are definitely back running the miles!


                  Amy - Glad to hear your cough is better.  When do you leave for your trip?


                  Carolyn - Good idea to leave the "old" running shoes out for a hint!


                  Laura - Looks like you got the worst of the storm yesterday.  I have never tried Yaxtrax I should probably look into it.


                  Linda - Where did you find the link for the virtual 5k for Sandy Hook?  I don't blame you about 8 miles on the TM.....I have to be really desparate to do that.


                  Have a good evening!



                    Hi to everyone.


                    Big rainstorm passed through yesterday but that was a SDO and it cleared up before I hit the pavement today for 9.  Linda, I'm with you about the TM.  Couldn't spend any significant amount of time on the dreaded 'mill, especially since we don't have any TV at the moment (Comcast decreed that we must convert our ancient TVs to digital but we haven't hooked up the equipment yet).


                    Marjorie, nice 14+.  What's puppy pool?


                    Lisa/MMR, good luck with your chores.  Going to be busy at the stores this weekend, I fear.  Loved those pics of the snowy trail yesterday.


                    Amy/THM, glad the cough is better.  DH has had a lingering cough for a month now.  I think it was bronchitis like I had back in April.


                    Laura/LC, I've never used YakTrax (no snow here) but have heard of them.  Easy to use?  Does it change your stride at all?


                    Carolyn/MM, hopefully Santa gets the hint about the running shoes.


                    Carol/BC, I'm still wrapping up last minute Christmas stuff.  At least I will be if I ever stop futzing around.  Nice work getting yours done.


                    Unexpectedly found some great gifts yesterday at the Cartoon Museum book store near where I work.  Picking up my sister and family at the airport tonight; my other sis also arrives with her family today.  Dad is so happy that everyone's home.  Let the Christmas chaos begin!


                    Run to live; live to run

                      Gatsby Hammy had surgery last November (disc in his back).  We take him to

                      a pool here for dogs every Sat and they have him swim for a half hour and

                      sometimes play with pool toys  Thirty minutes just him and one of the owners.


                        the medal I have envy for.



                        the "End of the World" and the "Day after the End of the World" medals.  Local runner ran the two races. Hoping she washed that shirt.  LOL


                        Amy-in HR we joke about how to protect the most confidential files... put a wadded up tissue on top of them. Noone will touch them.  Sort of like that with mom out of the house.  At least you're leavnig the top layer clean so that they can't be tempted to think "it was already dirty so..."


                        Carolyn-did the plan work? did you get out for a run?  Have fun in the city.  I'll be there in 2 weeks again.


                        Laura-no snow here but cold.  feels like in the teens with the wind.


                        Marjorie-cold? I wore a scarf and had to be quick about taking drinks. Not pleasant to breathe through mouth after taking a drink when it's that cold. Take drink, cover mouth with scarf, breathe.  The joys of sub - freezing distance running. But cold, is cold. You are getting the miles in!


                        Linda-distance on TM is okay if you break it into small distance or time segments where you change speed or incline. Then yuo're watchig smaller increments.


                        Carol-cool?  it was cold!


                        Gatsby-wtg on the cartoon museum finds! those are great I bet.  One of my run buddies has done 20 on tm; another has done <gulp> 30 on tm.  can. not. imagine.  Most I've done is 11 I believe.




                          Run buddy sent me link to "Wolf Sightings in Wayne County".. 2 in the area I thought I saw one.  The seeing part of it didn't freak me out as much as did the fact that it seemed like I could hear panting.  And then seeing the deer all panicky running back and forth in an open area.  That's what really freaked me out.



                          Disney freak

                            Busy weekend so far.  Lots of Christmas and grocery shopping yesterday.  Yesterday I got in a Jazzercise class before we hit the stores; today I have 5 miles scheduled. It should be good weather - mid 60s.


                            Today we are headed to church in our PJs where the pastor tells the Christmas story to the kids.


                            Can someone please explain to me the purpose of compression socks for your calves and arm sleeves?

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                              Just a quick note-dau's fiance comes today and I still have grocery shopping, cleaning (again!) and binding a quilt to do.   Only got in  my streak mile yesterday and maybe just  that today...not good marathon prep.


                              Lisa, loved the pic of your run!  Life is easier without snow, but I sure miss the beauty.  Such a neat spotting of a wolf! I've only seen a couple from safety of car. Do exercise care-one attacked a guy on a snow machine in Alaska last week. They think it was rabid-not normal behavior. The attack was  uncommon enough to make the newspaper front page, so odds are with you.  : )


                              Amy, have a great trip!


                              Laura, DBF doesn't help pay for groceries?  No wonder it's a bone...hope he helps with other expenses. Have a great holiday!


                              We used Yaktrax in Fairbanks and they were great.  Friend who moved to Anchorage where it's icier says the microspikes are what everyone uses there. They even use them on the slick  muddy trails like Mt Marathon.


                              I've read the post, but will have to catch up next week.


                              Have a wonderful holiday!

                              Anonymous Guest

                                Good Sunday morning all!

                                I found the time to go to the grocery store the weekend before Christmas - 8 a.m. on Sunday morning. Plenty of parking, the aisles were stocked full, and I had my choice of checkout lanes. Supposed to get up to 48 degrees today, so I will wait until it is well above freezing to start my long run. 16-18 planned, depending on how I feel. My plan of a month of nothing but easy runs seems to be working well - the little aches and pains are all going away nicely (the chiropracter visit helped with that as well) and I've got my weekly mileage back up into the mid 40s. One more week of this, and then I start marathon training (modified of course for the two 50ks and the 40-miler on the schedule.


                                Lisa, your pics the other day were gorgeous. To look at on the computer. I wouldn't mind if we had another nice winter with no snow. I guess that is one good thing about moving to Texas - they only get that once every five years or so freak snow of an inch or two that shuts everything down.


                                Amy, have a great trip!


                                Carolyn, did you get a run in? A few comments to DH like "weird, I'm getting strange little aches and pains after my run, wonder if it's the old shoes?" might also help. I saw on line that Brooks is coming out with the Ravenna 4. The 3 is my favorite shoe so I may have to stock up.


                                Laura, that would annoy me too. I think DH has learned not to complain about what I buy. One too many times of hearing that if he doesn't like it, he's more than able to go buy what he wants himself.


                                Linda, 8 on a TM is tough. I think I did 10 once. But only once. Mine shuts off after 99 minutes, so if I wanted to do more than 10-11, I'd have to restart and math would be involved.


                                Carol, so if you're done now, what are you going to do all day today and tomorrow? Big grin


                                Marjorie, another 14 today? Long run? Rest day?


                                Gatsby, Cartoon Museum sounds fun. Finding great gifts is even better.


                                Lisa-Marie, fun on the pjs for church! I would have loved that as a kid.


                                camille, at some point today, sit down, take a break and just breathe.



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