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Happy Friday! (over 40) (Read 22 times)


    Hope it's a great day!  Back in bit.


    Mighty Mouse

      Hi, Camille2 Smile


      Thursday I did 55 minutes of cardio DVD before going out to eat with a friend. I’ve noticed how “snappy” my motions have gotten since I’ve been doing these DVDs. Mighty Mouse gets stronger. Tight lips Wink

      Today will be a joyous run at the track.

      Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::


        We did get some snow so I'm working from home today.  DD has no school too. Another rest day.  I'll need the energy for playing in the snow all day. Shooting for a marathon distance.


        Judy-love strong Miss Mighty Mouse!


        Sharing part of a cover letter I received. I know searching for a job is hard but this is how NOT to end a cover letter.  This person can't really expect a positive response can they?  Well they did get an automated letter from me.

        "I'm sure I won't receive a response - I actually highly doubt anyone is going to read this, but if you do, please consider me for this position or any other. The process of finding a rewarding career opportunity has been humbling, disheartening, and downright disappointing. I spent the last eight years of my life thriving in undergraduate college and law school only to now be rejected by every reasonable opportunity I find. Please take special care in ignoring me, or if gracious enough, responding with a rejection letter.
        > Thank you for your automated response, XXX"




          Morning Ladies,


          I have just started to notice a difference with Yoga/strength training....have been pretty good about it since first part of January.  Happy about that!  Sometimes the stretching with the Yoga is almost painful, but really shows me how much I need to do it!


          LisaMMR - That is the craziest letter.  I would say a definite "half empty" type...


          Judy - Mighty Mouse....love it!!!


          Lots of snow here this am....wouldn't you know this is my Friday to work in our satellite clinic 15 miles away, instead of my normal 5 Sad    Looks beautiful though!




            I’ve been tied up with my mom/family for a couple days-no running and hours of driving and sitting. I feel sad for my mom. She’s lost my dad, her childhood friend and now her older brother in about 18 months. She talked to my uncle every day.  It’s no wonder the elderly have trouble with depression.  It was a nice service though. One minister said when he thought of my uncle, he thought of him smiling. It was true and a nice thing to be remembered for.  The other one told us the number of days, hours and minutes my uncle had lived-big numbers!   It made me think- I’ve lived about  11,010 days and over 4 million hours.  J

            Carol, my Wed weight was up half lb from week before.   It’s time for me to buckle down, too. Grocery shopping for my mom, who we’re desperately trying to keep weight on, didn’t help.  : )

            Carolyn, hope it’s not as bad as predicted your way! BTW, I like to have my car tank filled before storms because if I lose electricity, I can warm up in it and charge the phone.   Stay safe!

            Cindy, I hope you learn to play piano!  I have no musical talent and would love to just be able to sing on key.

            Karen, wow, you have an ambitious life list. Sounds like you’re making great progress on it, esp. on the 50 states.  Hope you’re enjoying the warm weather.  Your cousin’s daughters sound pretty special to start the “bucket list” project for their parents.  Hope he gets to do many items on the list!

            Demaris, glad you had a nice run!  I’d hate to be allergic to dust/dust mites.  My housekeeping would have to improve.

            Marjorie, hope you get in a run today!

            Judy, glad you’re feeling better!

            Laura, hope you’re enjoying your day off!

            Susan, the scene with your cat/dog made me smile!

            Linda, loved your race report!  I like the Disney pic, too.

            Lisa/KQ,   I’m so sorry about the tooth.  I’ve had tons of dental work-hate it.

            AnnieSusan, hope your weather is better!

            Lisa, liked those winter tips  from the other day.  I think you should tell the person you read it and what you think of ending-it would be a huge help to them.

            I’ve been thinking about my life list lately-the reason I posted the question.  I’ve always liked to day dream and guess that’s why I like them.  We made our first about 20 years ago, but ours are not the goal/action plan type from management days. It’s very loose… just of list of very little and very big things we’d like to do...someday.  DD was about 10 when we did the first, was a skater, and her list included landing triple jumps-fun to read those now and no, she only managed doubles.  We only look at it/add every 2-3 years, but just thinking about it has made us more conscious of what we like to do and reading it only occasionally helps us realize that we’ve done more than we would have remembered and laugh at some things we’ve put on it.   I’ve done a lot of the things on the list…a genealogy class, hot air balloon ride and some travel ones, but I still haven’t done a couple little ones from our first list, a cake decorating class and a manicure (such a girl here Smile).    When my husband went into remission, his interests were our focus.  We did more birding (saw an upland sandpiper that had eluded him, but didn’t find a blue throat) and way more fly fishing! He went to Christmas Island for bonefish-NOT on my list.  : ).   It’s been harder for me to figure out what I want lately, the reason it’s been on my mind.  Things I know: I want to make a really great art quilt (don’t have skills yet), do the Bataan Memorial Death March and run Big Sur.  In AK, I want to hike the Chilkoot and Mount Marathon (on a better day than last year’s attempt).  In GA, hike Anna Ruby Falls, just a short hike,  but I like the name.  Mainly, I want to find a passion/pupose again, but still can’t decide what that is…volunteer on medical mission, get wound care certification, go to clown school?? Will keep thinking…


            We’ve gotten so much enjoyment from reading/thinking/dreaming about ours that when DD gets married, I’ll give them a blank book to start one for their new life together.

            Long post…sorry.  Think I have 5 easy on schedule.


            Run to live; live to run

              Hi everyone.  Got home really late and lots of turbulence on the landing because of the rain.  Read through the thread yesterday.  Hope everyone is okay with the storm.  Looks like the rain here was really awful like Sue's .


              Lisa what a terrible letter!


              Judy love you are getting stronger!


              Carol boo to having to drive to the satellite.



                Happy Friday!


                Big report to finish today.  Ugh.


                Camille--I want to do the Bataan Death March.  I was stationed at White Sands Missile Range (in my pre-running days) and didn't really know what it was.  Now I want to go back for it.


                Lisa--Sheesh!  I would be ticked they wasted my time.


                Swim class and spin class tonight.  Need to bake brownies and try a lemon tart recipe tonight.  Will use individual graham cracker shells for the tarts.  Going with my running friends to New Orleans tomorrow for the Color Run and Endymion Parade.  Should be a blast!


                Gotta get that report done.  Happy Friday.


                The cat looked both ways before coming out from under the car this morning.


                  Oh my gosh, Lisa!   I thought I was a pessimist!  That letter takes the cake!!  Yikes!!!


                  That is all I have time to write right now, work is about to begin.


                  Hope you in the northeast weather the storm alright.





                  6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


                    RD for me.  May a 5K, maybe intervals, tomorrow.


                    Judy:  Happy Running


                    Lisa:  Young people feel very entitled.  This may be the first time that person did not get instant gratification.  Life is tough.  He may be just figuring that out.


                    Carol:  I think most runners don't stretch enough.  For me it is a matter of time.  Keep it up--injury prevention.


                    Camille:  I've been to Big Sur, and it is beautiful.  Your list looks good.


                    Sue:  Good luck.  I wish I were there with you.


                    Hi Ginny.


                    Tessa:  Here is link to the race I did.  There is a 50K, too.  Think about it for next year.  It would be a fun one to do together.  http://youtu.be/vUMeyt12cW4

                    2017 Goals:  Qualify for Boston 2018 at Boston in 2017 & sub 1:39:00 at the Revel Canyon Half in November 2017.

                    Over 45 PR's:

                    5K - 21:21

                    Half - 1:39:49

                    Full - 3:33.47




                      Camille, I've done Big Sur and it is gorgeous. That's anextensive bucket list!


                      Judy, sounds like those DVDs are working! Still think of you as Hoppy Hamster.


                      Lisa, marathon playing in the snow? I'd go for time rather than distance.


                      And on that cover letter, was the person trying to make his/her application stand out, or serious? That did not sound like a way to sell yourself to a potential employer. And was the application for a legal related position or something else?  Gosh, applicant, I'm sorry you aren't finding a rewarding career opportunity. Did I miss the clause where it said that if you throve in undergrad and law school (and shouldn't that have taken seven years not eight?) then you were entitled to a position that you considered reasonable?


                      Carol & Cindy, I am not a stretcher. Do a few for me, 'k?


                      Carolyn, we do know you're out there! Hope you are hunkered down safe and the power stays on. Likewise, Julie.


                      Marjorie, glad you got home safely.


                      Susan, giggling at the picture of the cat looking suspiciously out from under the car before emerging. Poor soggy moggy.


                      Ginny, hope you can get out of the miserable midwinter funk. Remember "At least it's not November!"


                      Linda, thanks, I will consider it. What was the name of the race? (YouTube is completely blocked at work.) Any chance of talking you into San Miguel next Saturday? I could stop and pick you up...I'm driving up that morning and it doesn't start until 8:30. They do have a half and I think a 5K.


                      It wasn't raining this morning, so I hauled out and did 4. Rain's coming, though. I can barely see the Malibu coast.  I'll go to the gym at lunch. Discovered that Thursdays are going to be tough, especially when I finish class at 7:30 and choir practice starts at the same time -- 30 miles away.


                      And good news: I didn't drop the kettlebell on my foot yesterday. Bad news: I did drop the kettlebell. Very noisy thunk. Oh well.


                      Happy runs!


                      Run to live; live to run

                        Ended up doing 13.1 miles as the weather is great in the mid 50s when I ran.  Nice to be back where it is warm.  Glad to have missed all the snow that will be hitting up that way today!


                        Tessa I bet that did make a lot of noise!


                        Ginny hope work is okay.


                        Linda have a nice rest day!


                        Camille that is a big list!



                          Hi ladies-


                          Rest day for me today. I did make it to Bodyflow (Tessa - I'll count that as my stretching for the day). Now I'm scrambling around trying to get work taken care of so that I can take the boys to the park after school. It's much warmer today and sunny. Have a great day-



                          2017 Races: Turkey Strut 5K 11/23, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/2

                          LC Runs

                            Hi Everyone!!


                            Just back from a breezy 4 miles - we got about 8 inches of snow overnight but the roads are clear now.  The only bad part was the wind, yikes!


                            We've had a quiet day around here, my younger DD and I took the puppy in today for his shots and got  his dog license.  Now, I just have to get him a grooming appointment (was waiting for him to have the shots first).  He did great, but is a tired puppy this afternoon lol.


                            Am going running in the morning with a friend of mine, pretty happy about it, she is getting back into running and has asked me to run with her (prob on weekends).  We're supposed to do 6 miles tomorrow and are racing a 10k next weekend.  Big grin


                            Hi Judy!


                            Lisa - wow on the letter.  Seems like one of those things a person would think and maybe even write down, but not ever 'actually' send it!


                            Camille - awww, I am sad for your mom.  Must be very tough, hugs to her (and you!)


                            Carol - it was very pretty this morning, hope your drive was okay.  My BF didn't drive to Bay City today due to the storm.


                            Marjorie - scary about the turbulence, glad you are home safely.


                            Sue - send some brownies and tarts this way, please!!


                            Ginny - hello there!  The storm missed you guys??


                            Linda - enjoy your running tomorrow


                            Tessa - nice 4!  I haven't tried kettleballs, think I would like it though (I like free weights)


                            Cindy - enjoy that warmth!!



                              Laura, I was wondering if the person typed that and meant to delete it before sending. But I doubt it. It sounded like a calculated effort to get the application looked at, figuring s/he had nothing to lose.


                              Really good TM workout today!

                              Bad Ass

                                Hi, girls!  Busy day at work and I brought work home so I'll be busy here too.  I was going to run today but I got home exhausted so a rest day will do me good.


                                I registered for the LA Marathon.  Anybody doing that one?


                                camille, sorry about your mom's losses.  It is hard when one loses so many loved ones so quickly.


                                judyruns, which DVDs are you doing?  I'm intrigued.


                                Lisa, at least he is honest, haha.


                                Carol, I hardly ever do yoga, but when I do, I noticed a lot of extra flexibility, better running pace, etc.


                                Marjorie, I'm glad you made it home safe and sound.  I hate those horrible flights.


                                Sue, let me know how the lemon recipe tart went.  I love lemon tarts!


                                Ginny, hope your day went well!


                                Linda, enjoy the rest and have fun tomorrow.


                                Tessa, I have always been afraid of dropping the kettleball on my foot too.


                                Cindy, enjoy the rest!


                                LC Runs, I can imagine the wind being bad.  Stay safe!  Nice 4.



                                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                                It's always fucking hot in Miami!