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Happy Friday! (over 40) (Read 22 times)

    Hi there.  Just checking in to say hi!  So glad it's Friday.  Another crazy busy week at work.  And just when I thought I was getting over my cold, it morphed into an evil cough and I tweaked something in my ribcage from coughing so much.  I'm avoiding running for a few more days until the cough is really and truly gone.   Ugh, hate being sick.  Dead   Will probably switch to the GO! HM instead of the full since I know I can't get the training in now.  Anonymous Guest,  aren't you doing the GO! half?


    Judy, I'd love a joyous run right now.  Hoping yours went well.


    Lisa/MMR, that letter cracked me up.  Textbook example of how NOT to get a job!  But I do feel sorry for new law school grads... the job market is abysmal.  Do you do legal recruiting?


    Carol, good for you for making yoga a regular part of your routine.  Nice to see results, isn't it?


    Camille, hugs to your mom.   That's good that you're spending time with her.  I like your life-list idea.  I should give it some thought.  I know what you mean about trying to find a purpose or passion.  Sometimes I worry about life passing me by while I'm trudging through day to day routines of work and such.


    Hi Marjorie.  I HATE turbulence.  Freaks me out.  Glad you landed okay.


    CrazySue, I bet you'll have a blast in New Orleans!  And yummm, brownies.


    Tessa, nice job not dropping the kettlebell on your foot.  I'm thinking that could break some bones.


    Demaris, sounds like your week was like mine.  I didn't bring work home but will have to go in tomorrow.


    Hi to Ginny, Linda, LC, Cindy and everyone else.


    Dang, now I'm craving brownies....