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    It's hump day!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: Just did about 10 minutes of lame-o ST (squats and lunges) just to say I did it. Then I got hungry for breakfast. I need a new ST routine. I've been talking about this for months. I just want something fast (<20 minutes) that works but doesn't interfere with my running schedule.


      NRR: Grant is done! G is better!  I can finally get back to fun experimental stuff in the lab, and I have a big one planned today.  Also we have to do our taxes tonight. This is the latest we've ever done them.


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        Morning Sassy- glad to hear that G is better and your grant is done...that is exciting! I too have been playing around with different ST routines because I was in a rut doing the same thing. I just found a new leg one that has my legs burning! I hve it on pinterest that I can't access here, but I can send it later if you are interested.


        RR- well, i ran last night and my knee felt okay...but it was just three miles! so we will see how it feels as I go further. I am going to do some xt tonight and run again tomorrow


        NRR- DH and I are trying to plan a vacation...just a longer weekend trip and it is so hard to get him to consider anything other than Miami! I am not opposed to Miami, but would prefer something else. I guess there are worse problems to have Smile


          KlMcD - I can check out your pinterest page tonight! I did a Barre workout dvd last week and I was sore for almost 4 days ... which is not conducive to running (though I'm sure as I get stronger it won't hurt as bad, haha). Miami for a weekend sounds like fun, especially this time of year!


          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



            Morning Ladies!


            RR: 4 miles today


            NRR: State testing ends today (for a month at least, and then we move on to math tests). I am so excited for this to end! It's absolutely exhausting. I can't wait for the weekend. I can't wait to sleep in!


            Had a wonderful dinner last night with "my boys". They make me smile! The 11 year old came over to me while we were eating cake and plops himself down in my lap and said, "I love you. Is it okay that I sit in your lap?" So we ate cake and ice cream snuggled on the couch. LOVE this kid so much!


            Sassy: Glad G is better!


            klmc: ohhhhhh a vacation! Nice!


              yay for hump day!


              RR: did 5 miles this morning. felt pretty good, though I have some tightness under my foot.... M ran 10 miles yesterday and told me about it so I got all motivated to do more than my standard 3.


              NRR: work. not too bad as long as I can keep up. I have six messages on my phone right now, and I have to listen to one, and then resolve it before I can listen to the next. argh! otherwise, dinner with my friend Linda at her house tonight! it's been so long since we got together. Did a load of laundry today between running and leaving for work, and another last night, so laundry is pretty much done for the week until the weekend.  M and I are so so close to being done with the shower project. I've coordinated with a coworker who has a truck to use it either this weekend or next to get rid of all the construction debris. can't wait to have a clean basement again!!


              sassy: yay for the grant being done!! I bet that's a big relief! and glad G is better!


              dona: good luck as you and your DH plan your vacay! fun times!


              rltw: awwww. thats so sweet. glad you enjoyed the cake and ice cream!


              back later! should be a relatively peaceful day.


                Good morning, ladies!


                RR: SRD. Getting a massage around lunch time. I can tell I skipped a session of ST - some of the arm stuff was harder yesterday.


                NRR: Taking the day off from work to attend to some personal business. I have an appointment with an investment adviser in a little over 2 hours, doing laundry right now,  and will do some cleaning later. If I get some e-mails containing information I need, I may go in after my massage.



                Sassy - Congrats on finishing up the grant proposal! Here's hoping you get it! and now back to the FUN part of work...


                KLM - When is your marathon?


                RLTW - Glad last night was fun!


                Lizo - You will have to post pictures when the shower is finished.


                  Good morning girls!


                  RR - Had a nice relaxing 6 mi run after work yesterday, it felt really good. Today is 5 mi lunch break run and then a 6 mi hike w/DBF after work (if it rains, we may go climbing instead).

                  NRR - Had a busy evening last night - did laundry, cleaned the house, prepped pizza dough and toppings, baked oatmeal raisin cookies, made lunches for the week, and got some reading done for class. Hoping to keep busy playing around in the new accounting software today - I have a feeling some of our older employees might have trouble picking it up so hopefully I can help them. Homemade pizza and beer w/DBF after the hike/climb tonight!


                  Be back in a bit for personals Smile


                    Morning ladies!


                    Seattle you did all of that last night? What time Di you get off work and what time do you go to sleep?!!!


                    Seattle yay for submitting the grant!!


                    KLMC I'm all for Miami!! I'd love some visitors!!!! Yay for your knee making it!!


                    OWR in interested in your meeting with your investment advisor. Let us know how it goes!! You're so proactive I love it!




                    TriR nothing tonight since I haw volunteering and don't get home until 930.


                    NtriR stressing about the wedding invitations. I need to add a return address and was thinking of having them embossed or a clear return label. MIL going to travel agent for help on honeymoon since they don't want us to do a guided tour and more of an independent tour since it is our honeymoon. oh the stressors!


                    volunteering tonight. Have a great day girls!


                      Seattle how do you handle lunch runs? How and where and how do you manage your time??


                      i just realized i have not done my taxes.....


                        meli - I am really spoiled to have both a lovely waterfront trail right outside my office and a shower in the building as well!  I usually just come in early on the days I want to do a lunch break run (usually go for 40-50 min + shower) - my boss is a marathoner as well so she does the same thing, which is nice!  I ran after work yesterday so I didn't get started in the kitchen until 7...  wound up going to bed around 11, which is pretty late for me!  hope you can stay as stress free as possible with the wedding planning, I'm sure it will be fantastic!


                        outwest - ooh, enjoy the massage today!  I have a groupon for one that I should definitely use soon.  I'm sure between the marathon training and the rock climbing my body would love it!  Hope you can get lots done today - it's so nice to take weekdays to get stuff like that done!


                        lizo - way to go on your 5 miler!  It's nice to have a SO that can motivate you to keep pushing yourself like that.  Have fun at dinner w/your friend tonight!


                        RLTW - glad you are almost done with testing and got some good kiddo time in last night!  I remember testing being tiring and annoying as a kid in school, I'm sure it is even more so for the teachers!


                        klmc - too funny about DH being stuck on a vacation destination!  Hope you guys can plan something fun, it's always nice to have vacation to look forward to!  I hope your knee continues to feel better!


                        Sassy - Woohoo for grant being done and for G feeling better!  I loved your FB status last month about taking April just to sit... you totally deserve it!


                          Morning ladies!


                          Sassy - Congrats on the grant being completed!


                          KLMC - Miami sounds fun! I understand what you mean though. I sometimes feel like that with my DBF when he gets it into his head, its over. Hope your knee is ok! When is your marathon?


                          RLTW - glad you had fun last night with your kiddos! Sounds cute!


                          lizo -I'm sure you and M are ready to be done with that shower project!


                          Outwest - I hope you are productive on your day off. Meeting with a financial investor person sounds like a good idea. Money and investments are always confusing to me.


                          Seattle - your workouts put me to shame, honestly!! 5 miles at lunch and then a 6 mile hike?! Impressed! Enjoy homemade pizza, that sounds delicious.


                          Meli - I didn't do my taxes yet either Sad I hope you get your honeymoon figured out!!


                            RR - Nothing today. I'm not feeling well. And I had to get up early to drive to PA. I just want to get better and be ok on my 20 miler on Sunday.


                            NRR - Here in PA office for a end of Q1 budget meeting. Hooray. I'm just really not feeling great and want to go back to bed. I'm such a baby when I'm feeling under the weather that I just really want to be home in my own bed with someone to take care of me. Instead I'm overnight in the hotel. Just generally feeling down, probably because I'm under the weather.


                            Welp now that my RR and NRR were both saying I'm sick...


                            Have a great day!


                              Morning! Happy Hump Day!


                              SO happy for MA! What a beautiful baby boy C is! And so big, I swear he didn't even look like a newborn in his photos!


                              RR. Had a great hilly 7 miler last night, about half on roads and half on trails. Getting nervous/excited for 20 this Sunday! I hoping I can get someone to meet me for half of it.


                              NRR. Working from home on monthly billing this morning and then picking S up at school and spending the afternoon with her. Not sure what we're going to do. If the weather is nice, we'll probably take L out hiking when DH gets home. Maybe an art project too? Can't wait!

                              Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                              Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                              Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                              Half: 1:48

                              Full: 4:34



                                Who here thinks that chocolate and wine would make an acceptable hump day lunch? Can I get a vote?