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    Better than few and far between!


    Back home last night. Laundry going this morning already. Heading out for a run then working from home rest of the day.  Good job fair in all. Kids well prepared and really interesting lunch time presentation on YAYA's (refers to the age demographic of 13-17 with this group being called GenZ) from a marketing/demographic perspective. Very interesting.  Similar in many ways to depression era when it comes to saving, uncertainty/instability for future, realism, and entrepreneurship.  Very different in communciation and work styles.  FYI... think short burst with more information readily available which they will explore deeply if pertinent, very large light social connections with very small tight personal attachments, think texting vs what's seen as emergency status phone calls, and think multiple projects/tasks to keep engaged and use what is supposedly going to be the most efficient multi-tasking skills to come our way.  Also interesting because this was a group of 18-24 year olds giving the analysis and they kept pointing out the differences from their group (the last kids of the baby boomers) to this next (kids of Gen Y parents).  Scariest takeaway for me tho was the high percentage who seem to feel that they can little effect on social causes... little control.. little ability to create a big change in the world.


    I see many of use easily adapting and taking on many of the same qualities... but here's a newsflash. FB is passee to them.  I LOL on this because dd is on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter... all where they said this demo is moving since parents aren't there as much and friending isn't as much a big think and content creation is easier (big deal for them too).


    Okay.. RR... need to get off here to go for a run!




    Mighty Mouse

      LIsa, more Fridays would be an excellent thing. We can never have enough of them.  Big grin

      Thursday my hair appointment was cancelled so I did some grocery shopping. I did 60 minutes at home on the TM (verrry light and easy), then 50 minutes of cardio DVD. Haircut and color are rescheduled with another girl on Tuesday, next.

      Today will be a track run.

      Happy runs, All!


        Julie-loved the pics!!  Empowered is how I would descrbe you in them.  Doesn't matter how fast it's the feeling of doing something which you thought you couldn't and feeling good about yourself... it shows.  Love it!


        Carol-nice on the shoes!


        Judy-have a wonderful run today and hope the roots aren't too bad over the weekend!


        Tessa-I did get a card also but same to dh. yes earning Delta FF miles and Hilton points!


        Karen-maybe next time.  LOL


        Darius-hope kitty is okay.


        Carolyn-small strides also is the form on ice.  wierd though that it's easier to run than to walk on it.  guess it's the small prancing (ha!) steps.




          TGIF - Glad they are not few and far between!


          LisaMMR - Very interesting observations...also think that is very sad that they don't feel they have any power to change things.  Hope you enjoy your run!


          Judy - bummer on your cancelled hair appointment!  Enjoy your workout.  Sounds like you are feeling better!


          I did an hour of biking/TM/weights/planks etc....was fun!




            Good morning! Quick note. I'll catch up with personals this weekend. Hope everyone had a nice Valentine day.


            I did about 3 at home this am(in place/on stairs by time).  I didn't have time to go into town to run and I don't run until light here due to animals.  I need to stop at Co-op Ext (they ID'd the black ants in the wall and have suggested solutions), work at clinic this am and go back to my mom's to help clean this afternoon. My aunt has decided to come for a few days and my mom has been in a tizzy about the house.: )  I went yesterday, but didn't finish since I was scheduled to give platelets and had to shop for her, too. Left at 8 and got home at 9:30.


            Lisa, interesting about the students.

            Carol, this weight loss thing has helped me, too. Glad you lost a couple!  It seems harder for me these days-I used to be able to drop 5 lbs in 2-3 weeks and have stay off a while.

            Julie, great pics!  Too much mud for me, but the fire  pic does look pretty neat!

              9.5 and had a very interesting first.  Nearly was "goosed".  Still dark but dawn just beginning to lighten skies a little.  Heard a lone goose fairly high overhead. Looked up to see it flying solo and thought "poor thing, I wonder what happened to its mate." Looked back down and WHOA! had to duck as another goose nearly flew into me.  I had to duck (no pun intended but gratefully accepted) to avoid it hitting me.  Flashbacks of Elaine on Seinfeld having a bird fly into her big head.  Seriously.  A goose almost flew into me.  So how was your morning run?


              Carol-fun? really? no running involved. does not compute.  LOL


              Camille-nice on getting a sans wildlife workout in (maybe I should have followed suit ).  So easy to just "bag it" but you pulled it off. Nice!



              Anonymous Guest


                Hi all,

                So yesterday after work I was heading out the front door to run when the UPS guy pulled up with a package for DH. He recognized me from running all over the neighborhood (sometimes we'll pass each other 4-5 times a night when I'm running and he's delivering packages). We chatted for a few minutes and he asked me how much I run a night and I told him anywhere from 6-12 most nights. He told me I was incredible, which of course had me smiling for pretty much the entire run. I actually had wondered if he found me annoying - I try to jump up on the sidewalk when I hear him coming and there are cars parked on the road - but he told me sometimes he "races" me, but usually has too many stops and has yet to "beat" me. Too funny.


                Anyway, was tired and a little nauseous from the migraine and just didn't feel like picking up the pace for a tempo run. So I decided to switch with today's run and just ran an easy 8. Tempo run this afternoon. Hoping to drop the dog off at the vet to get his stitches removed, get my run in, then pick him up sans cone of shame for the first time in 2013!


                Damaris, hope your kitty is okay!


                Lisa, interesting info on the upcoming generation. I've seen that a bit with my nieces/nephews. And I'd heard facebook was passe with all us geezers on there now.


                Nice workouts Judy, Carol and camille! And Lisa, except for the whole goose thing. That would have totally freaked me out.


                Woohoo, three day weekend for me! I always forget we get President's Day off (because I've never worked anywhere that got it off before, and we don't get any of the other bank/government holidays off), so it's always such a nice surprise once I remember. Then just two days of work next week and I'm off Thursday through Monday for NC. DH has decided he shouldn't take vacation again so soon after Arizona, so I will be on my own. Is it wrong that I'm kind of excited about that? Hoping to meet up with Cindy one day.


                Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?


                Run to live; live to run

                  Another 13.2 for me today.  Had to take advantage of the good weather .   I waited for the sun to come up as it was pretty cold but once the sun was up it warmed nicely.


                  Lisa glad you made it back home.  Interesting and very true I think for the new generation.  I have tons of geese here.  Never had one fly close to me but I've had them run out at me.  Always makes me smile because I remember Tessa kicking one into the lake.  At least I haven't had to do that.  If I talk back at them they usually run the other way.


                  Gatsby nice to see you check in.


                  Carol it is always funny to see someone call planks and weights fun!


                  Camille  Hope they have a good solution for the ants


                  Karen funny on the UPS man.  I see ours and the fed ex guy a lot.


                  Judy oh sorry the appt got canceled.  I get my hair cut tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it.


                  Where is Lisa Marie and Amy?



                    Goodmorning (just barely)


                    Well I have signed up for a 5K, April 13th.  Our local Humane Society is having a run/walk.  A few people from work, who , I am proud to say, have started running because of me, are running it too.  We are planning on doing another in Cleveland in June and have shirts with the library logo printed.  So...looks like I need to get out there and run.  My runs have been so awful lately that I am literally afraid to go....my body just wouldn't give out on me and prevent me from running anymore would it?  That's what I'm afraid of, Like I have run myself out!  I know that is silly, Going to go out tomorrow morning and try again.


                    Karen, that is so neat about the UPS driver.  Several patrons here at the library have seen me out and running around town and they always remark too.




                    Gotta go for now....3 day weekend coming up!!!!   Yay!





                    6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15



                      Lisa, very interesting. Poor Facebook. Sounds like the group it was created for has no further interest! Although Dear Niece is on it all the time and she's 20, 21 in July. That is scary that this generation doesn't think it can change things. Oh yes they can. A goose? Yikes. You weren't considering how it would look in a roasting pan next to the mashed potatoes and gravy? Judy, sorry they rescheduled your hair appointment, you were looking forward to it! Carolyn, ice is easier to run on than walk on? I am askeered to run on ice. Carol, weights are not fun in my book either. But glad you had a good time. Camille, up and down the stairs for 30 minutes? Sooner you than me. And sorry about the ants. If they are the little black ones, Argentine ants, good luck. The little buggers are taking over the world. Karen, nice that you had a good chat with the UPS guy, hope you feel better and do a good tempo run today. And that Jake gets the stitches out and manages not to do anything else to himself, poor guy. Marjorie, the "Canada" geese seem to be all over these days...I remember lots of them in Denver. Ginny, yay for signing up for a race, hope this is incentive! No run this morning, I woke up too late. Going to the gym in about an hour. And set the alarm for 2:30 tomorrow since I should be on the road by 3, the race isn't until 8:30 but it's 4 hours north of us and it's on a base so there will be security to get through -- and inevitably someone will have forgotten ID, registration, or insurance information for the vehicle. Happy runs!


                        Oh, not again. Where are my PARAGRAPHS?
                          Oh, not again. Where are my PARAGRAPHS?


                          It's like you're talking really really quickly!


                          Hi everyone [waves while scarfing down sandwich at desk]


                            My six miles today were on pavement! No ice! I guess my sarcastic remarks yesterday about black ice were misunderstood! I'm back in old shoes though because Achilles pain started when running in new shoes. I guess I'll be going to LRS this weekend.


                            No close encounters with wildlife unless flat squirrels in the middle of the road count.


                            Lisa - I just added a professional page to my Facebook; nothing like being the last one in on a dying trend!


                            Karen - I bet you'll have one happy dog later today. I don't have a UPS buddy but there is a sanitation crew that always seems happy to see me when I run by.


                            Ginny - Great cause for a 5K.


                            Tessa - I'm glad I won't be heraring your alarm at that ungodly hour. Enjoy the race.


                            Enjoy those runs this weekend; looking forward to hearing from everyone next week.




                            Run to live; live to run

                              Did an hour of Pilates class too.  My legs were surprisingly good despite the hill runs in atl and my miles the last few days.  Finished my outline for my meetings next week.  Doing the same meeting 3 times.  The ouline is 7 pages.  Yikes, I will be losing my voice with all this talking.  They kept adding to what they wanted me to cover.


                              Carolyn how is the neck?


                              Great race coming up Ginny!


                              Waves back to Gatsby.


                              Tessa which browser are you using?  It is probably that  You can always ask over on the tech support forum on the main forum page.


                              Anonymous Guest


                                Ginny, way to go, not only for the upcoming races, but for inspiring others to run too!


                                Tessa, have a great race tomorrow.


                                Marjorie, nice miles for you today.


                                Carolyn, 6 miles on pavement and no ice?!?!? Excellent!


                                Hi Gatsby!


                                This afternoon for me was full of win. Took Jake to the vet and they took his stitches out and he is now free from the cone of shame. And right back into smuggling milk bones out of the pantry. Then ran 11 miles (7 at tempo) around my neighborhood in beautiful sunny 60 degree weather. Now dinner is on the stove and I am relaxing.

                                Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                                Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?