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    Julie - Love the film; so glad to see it was "award winning!" I have three standard poodles that live next to me and often when I look outside it takes me a minute to realize they are not deer!


    How do you have so much snow?




    Fire Jumper



      I live in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in upstate NY.  The snow that you saw in the video was from the first of the month when we had two big snows in the same week.  It took me a little while to get it all edited the way I wanted it.  The snow is nearly gone, today.   I'm glad you liked it.  Spoos are amazing dogs.  (or course, I'm the slightest bit prejudiced!)




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      Goal for 2013:  10K


      Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.


      Disney freak

        I ran my first 10K today!


        Here’s a link to the race report: http://www.runningahead.com/forums/topic/08acd7d31395497785262c61f14519cb/resume#focus


        I’m now sitting on my couch in my comfy PJs! My DD (flu) is in bed, with her fever still hovering anywhere from 100-102.  She’s such a good sick kid.  Luckily, there are no other symptoms besides the fever.


        LisaMMR- awesome run!

        Marjorie – it was 60 here this morning also, before the sun even came up!

        Carol – I may have to go find that DVD.  I like Bob.

        LCruns – hi!

        Ginny – sorry you had a hard day at work.

        Karen – how was the shopping?  Get any good deals?

        Julie- I love running with temps in the 40s.  It’s my favorite!

        Sue- what a fun outing!  I love benigients!

        Gatsbybird – sounds like you had a busy day!

        Carolyn – hello!

        Lisa Marie

        • first 5K on 12/8/12 - 39:14
        • first 10K on 1/12/13 - 1:23:45
        • upcoming races: Hypnotic Donut Dash - 1/26, Hot Chocolate 5K 2/9, Rock n Roll half relay 3/24
        • training for Big D half on 4/14


          Congratulations Lisa-Marie on the first 10K, and on Lisa MMR for the 24.8! (Where did you go?)


          Susan, you can send some of those beignets my way. Mmm.


          This morning, 22 miles of very hilly run.  Hilly, icy, snowy, windy route. Running neighbour and her DH and I stationed my car at the finish, drove back, and then set out from their house on the morning's quest. Half a mile of down, 15.5 miles of up, and 6 miles of mostly down. It was about 30 at the start, we warmed up a little as we ran, but then we got up into the mountains and got colder again. (Left from our houses to run to Santa Clarita Divide and east along that to Indian Canyon  fire road. RN is interested in doing the full 31 miles of SC Divide, especially since she's training for a mountain 50 miler in April. Her DH is most definitely not.

          So we got to see a good deal of snow and ice, animal tracks -- deer, rabbit, coyote, and some others not identified -- and a small stream which seems not to be seasonal since DD and I saw it in August, which is very unusual in southern California. No animals, but we did get buzzed by a sheriff's department helicopter. I suspect they were checking us out to see if we looked like marijuana growers. And some fantastic views. We had a storm through on Thursday and the air was clear and lovely, up on that mountain we could see the ocean and Catalina Island to the south and a good deal of the snow-covered Tehachapi range to the north. Gorgeous.


          And on our way up to the start of the fire road, we passed the site where a 19 year old woman went off the side of the ravine on New Year's Day. She had been to a party, left the party about 3:30 AM, and didn't make it home. Her family and friends organized a search effort -- flyers, scouring the route she would have taken from the party to her parents' house, looking all over for her and/or her car. No luck. On Wednesday, over a week after she'd gone missing, a sheriff's helicopter responding to something else saw wreckage down a canyon. It was her car and she was found a short distance away. Chances are she hit black ice and just went over the side, there's no guardrail there.

          When we passed the site two men were standing at the place where the sheriff's department hauled the car up. I've rarely seen anyone look so devastated. One of them was her father.

          I cannot imagine how awful the last ten days must have been. Hope, worry, misery, disbelief, shock, then finally the inescapable "we have found her car and her body". Poor man.


            I completed my first 50 mile week today.  I didn’t plan on 50, but it came down to speedwork in freezing weather or a long run and make a 50 mile week.  Nobrainer J


            Marjorie:  80 degrees is something else.  The winters on the central coast of CA are mild, but not hot.  Enjoy!


            Carol:  I have a friend who loves the Giggest Loser.  Dolvet is easy on the eyes, so I’ll watch it, but sometimes that mean lady is just over the top.  I’ve never had a good yoga tape, so if I see it, maybe I’ll get it.


            Ginny:  8 hours doing anything is about 4 hours too much J


            Karen:  We have an Ann Taylor outlet.  I’m not a shopper, but I it is a great store.


            Carol:  It is so sad that our Saturdays are reserved for cleaning.  I hope you got it done quickly.


            Julie:  Very cute movie!


            Sue:  I can’t ride a bike.  I wish I could.


            Tessa & Lisa:  Both of you always inspire us with amazing mileage.

            2017 Goals:  Qualify for Boston 2018 at Boston in 2017 & sub 1:39:00 at the Revel Canyon Half in November 2017.

            Over 45 PR's:

            5K - 21:21

            Half - 1:39:49

            Full - 3:33.47


              Travel? Mostly to NYC and Chicago but will be attending college job fair at Mizzou in February. Syracuse will be skipped. Also a conference in San Diego looks promising in April. Mountain View office early June. Who lives by there? I'm a recruiter so have to visit the offices I hire for. DH is having a tough time with this. Will keep explaining and hopefully he'll get that it's for work but I do look for ways to maximize the trips. My boss has encouraged this even. Had a blowout today over this. He always thinks I'm hidin stuff from him. I just wish that he could take what I say on face value with no secret hidden agenda. Have tried multiple times to explain that it's the distrust that has made me pull away from him. Not someone else. Plus his disdain for what has become a integral part of me -running - means that I can't talk to him about something that I enjoy and makes Up a huge part of me.


              Ya think I'd be asleep by now. Ugh.


              Tessa- great run!


              i'm totally blowing the 50% long run to overall mileage rule of late. But I think it's okay. Seems to be so far.




                Just a warning re: the Yoga tape....it will make you SORE LOL....I think that is probably a good thing....but my lower abds and shoulders OUCH....Today will do some easy biking....


                LisaMarie - Congrats on the 10k!!!  Hope your DD is feeling better soon!


                Tessa - Nice long run!!!  I don't remember you running with anyone before...is RB new?  Are you enjoying it?  So sad about the young woman, and to see her father at that spot...ugh...can't even imagine.


                Linda - 50 mile week - great job!!!


                LisaMMR - After reading your post....can't imagine why you aren't asleep Sad   I would think DH would be happy with the new job, more $, and as a recruiter...travel goes along with it....Why would you not maximize a business trip to include running events!    Hope you finally got some sleep, you had a long day yesterday!

                  Carol-I agree. Yes I've grown emotionally cold towards him but i have explained that this comes from the feelings of distrust.  He won't go to counseling either; just suggested that last night. Why stay question... I've been through one divorce with kids involved and it's horrific on them.  Plus I am the eternal optimist and hope that things will improve.  I never realized how different our upbringings were until the last few years.  He truly doesn't get what I do (earlier this week he actually mentioned something about the recruiters in the other offices... even dd's mouth dropped... "um... I am the only recruiter for ALL of the offices"  "Tough when I don't even know what's he listened to or not but I've been in this job since June. Really? Me being more pointed with discussions is me being "different" than the person I used to be.  I really would like to take him along and have told him to just eliminate "divorce" from the equation.  We just need to find ways to deal with the day to day.  Also very passive aggressive and I'm moving away from that since it doesn't work.  On to other things. Sorry for venting on personal issues.



                  LC Runs

                    Happy Sunday!


                    8.26 this am, another nice day though different from yesterday.  30's and misty but felt really good since I was dressed appropriately.  So glad the roads are clear of snow and ice, makes it easier to find routes.


                    Lisa - FANTASTIC job on the 25, whoo hoo!  I relate to your personal issues, as well.  I really question whether BF and I are a true match (hence why I don't pressure him for marriage), but I don't want to go through another break up, etc...  I just do my thing and get through the days (and some days are really good).  Ugh, men


                    Ginny - hi there!!


                    Carol - great 10 yesterday -)


                    Julie - sorry about the blood sugar issues, wish I had some advice


                    Sue - wow, A/C??  I know we're going to get slammed with some snow soon, but right now I'm staying in denial ha ha


                    Gatsby - wow, you sure had a jam packed day yesterday!


                    HI Carolyn!


                    Lisa Marie - great job on your race!  Hope your DD feels better!


                    Tessa - wow, that is so sad about the accident.  Great job on your 22 miler!


                    Linda - great mileage.  Don't you hate that work gets in the way of our running????


                      I feel great today after yesterday's 8.  I was afraid something might be sore since I gave out at mile 7, but everything seems in order.  I think I just have to up my mileage during the week , so the longish one isn't such a shock to my system or some such thing.


                      Lisa....vent away....sorry you are still having this problem with DH....since he has met most of us, I would think that he would know that you aren't sneaking around on him, at least with us runners.  Hope you can work things out.





                      6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15

                        Happy Sunday.  I'm supposed to do some work this morning before meeting up with friends for an afternoon trail run, but clearly I'm stalling and procrastinating since I'm on the internet instead.  Oh well.


                        Lisa-Marie, nice job on the 10K!  Sorry DD is still unwell.  It sure is a bad year for the flu.


                        Tessa, wow, what a run.  I forget that there are places in SoCal where it's snowy and icy (isn't it like Baywatch everywhere all the time?  Haha).


                        Linda, great 50 mile week!  I'm trying to work my way up there but have a ways to go.


                        Lisa/MMR, I'm not too far from Mountain View.  Might be fun to grab a cup of coffee if time permits?  And no need to apologize for venting.  That's what we're here for.   Boys can be stupid sometimes.


                        LC, see above about boys being stupid.


                        ginny, that's awesome that you're feeling good after your 8 yesterday.   A sign your legs are getting stronger!


                        Okay, time to get some work done.


                        Run to live; live to run

                          Tessa good for you on the hilly run.  Getting buzzed by a plane not so much!

                          Waves to everyone else I've missed


                          Lisa Marie good for you on the 10K  Hope DD feels better.


                          Ginny yay for a good run


                          Lisa so sorry on dh.  It has to suck


                          I did 21.  Very happy as it was a run with 0 stops.  No bathroom breaks (yippee) and no need to stop for fuel etc.  And it was hot.  When I ended it was 76 degreees


                            Marjorie-nice run! I know the bathroom stops are a challenge and concern for you so realize how great it is was to make it the whole way.  We did have one stop yesterday initiated by my run buddy but I wasn't about to pass up plumbing. :-) The idea of 21 miles with no fuel... blows my mind.  I've been training with one gel at the hour point so went through 4 on yesterday's 5 hour run.


                            Gatsby-once I have travel worked out I'll let you know. Looking at flying in on May 31st then driving to meet up with Tessa for Shadow on June 1.  Jet lag, elevation, 3500+ ft elevation gain, and 50k on June 1 should make for awesome time. LOL  Then I'd be back working at the MV office and staying in a hotel Sun night through Thurs when I go to my sister's in Sonoma so should work out.


                            Ginny-all here are fine just seems to think at times that "others" show up.  explained again today that short of him being present or hiring someone to watch me, there's nothing else I can do or say if he choses to think imaginary people are showing up.  Had another, hopefully, good talk this morning. Eternally hopeful.  Shared that yes, I've grown and changed, we all do, but isn't that the point of "grow old WITH me" not "stay the same with me"?  And that it makes me sad that he doesn't want to come along. Looking at maybe using the Cleveland office trip this summer to catch a baseball game too so will keep you updated.




                              Quick note-Houston is in the books!  4:55-I'm relieved since my training took a nose dive after the first week of Dec and I'm still being cautious with arrythmias.  Weather was pretty awful for the first hour or two-rain, wind gusts and dropping temps (to 40's)  but the rain stopped.   Smile   Overall impression-it's a good big city marathon.

                              Will write more and catch up in a day or two.


                              Run to live; live to run

                                So today I broke my run down into 2.5 mile segments to get me back to the front of the neighborhood around the 20 mile mark.  Seemed easier to wrap my head on the 8 segments versus 20 plus miles.  Ah, the games we play with ourselves.  I headed to the 2 very large neighborhoods next to ours so I could not have to repeat the same roads over and over.  Got back to the front around 20.3 so figured 21 it would be since that would also give me a few tenths to walk/cool down.  Oh, and I finished a full hour faster than I've ever run 21 miles before (and that is excluding other previous run stops so it was a full hour of running faster.  I'm pleased)!  Funny I saw one of the old guys that walks in the neighborhood around mile 1 as he was finishing his walk.  He walks a few miles a day, has a terrible accent (italian) and is hard to understand.  But I wave etc. , he seems to be a nice old man.  So he passes me in his car when I'm getting close to mile 21.  He was all concerned that I was still running.  I had to keep saying I'm fine before he would leave me alone to finish my last little bit.  Nice he is concerned, but not needed!   I don't think he could fathom why someone would run as long as I was.  I also went to the bookstore today since I had a gift card and got 4 books to read and ran some errands.  Been a good day!


                                Carol how was the bike ride?


                                Gatsby hope you got the work done so you could go run!


                                Linda congrats on the 50 miles.  It is a great accomplishment.


                                Laura having potential routes without ice is great!


                                Lisa I wouldn't ever advocate nyone do what I do for fuel.  I also did this with 0 water.  I've worked a lot to figure out what works for my wonky stomach.  I'm about 95% success for my running now which I'm super happy with.  My food thank goodness I don't get bored as I eat just about the same exact stuff every single day with only a few differences.