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    Looks like MA is going to have Baby C soon!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: Three on tap. Just deciding if I want to go now or after work.


      NRR: I have to take the morning off and watch G, since he had a fever at bedtime still.  Poor kid could not sleep so Big D and I took turns sitting with him til after midnight. Big D takes over at lunch and I'm heading in to work to finish up my grant and submit!


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        Cute title Sassy! Good luck MA!!! So excited for you and DH to meet baby!


        Sassy- sorry G is still sick. I hope he feels better soon!


        RR- I did JM shred level 2 just now, and I'll do a few lunch miles.


        NRR- not feeling too great. My throat kind of hurts and I'm just exhausted. I think it could just be the change in seasons. Today I'm doing preparations for the budget update meeting I need to attend in PA tomorrow, and then hopefully just getting an early bedtime.


        Have a great day! .


          Morning Ladies!


          RR: my plan calls for 60 minutes of cross training today--so I'll likely go for a hike up the mountain today.


          NRR: So, years ago when I used to work as a nanny I watched 3 boys. I was particularly close with the youngest one, who was 2 at the time. Well, last Friday was his birthday and he turned 11. Yes, 11. I can't believe "my little love" is all grown up! His brother turns 15 this coming Friday as well. So today I am going to their house for dinner and birthday cake! So happy that even after all these years have gone by, we are still so close. I worked for them when I was living on Long Island. They lived on Long Island as well. Then they moved to Kansas for 2 years. In the meantime, I had moved to MA--about 1 hour from where my friend grew up and her family still lived. They moved back to MA from Kansas 2 years later. I moved to another town in MA and we all end up living within 1/4 mile of each other. Funny how life works sometimes! Smile


          Sassy: adorable title this morning to honor MA and baby C!


          OJewel: I hope your throat feels better. I think there is a nasty throat thing going around. A few coworkers of mine at really sick with strep and bronchitis. Stay well!


          MA: Thinking of you, DH and baby C today! Can't wait to meet the little guy!!!!! <3


            Love the title! and so excited to hear about baby Colton!


            Sassy- sorry to hear about G! I bet you are pretty tired after that night. Hopefully he will feel better soon. Good luck with yoru grant- that is exciting news!


            Jewel- I am so jealous of you getting miles in at lunch! I wish I could!! Hope you feel better ... a lot of people are sick where I work and I think it is a combination of allergies and this crazy weather!


            RR- Did a ton of squats, lounges and other things for my legs last night and I am feeling it now! I found a workout in self that was amazing! I am trying really hard to get into a weight routine and stick with it... I always do so well for a few months and then fall off the wagon! Tonight is my first run since my knee bonked out on me... send me vibes that it will make it through a run!


            NRR- I am eating the best oatmeal right now... I have fallen in love with plain oatmeal with some cinnamon in it. So good! I have a busy day ahead of me so I needed a good breakfast.. well, okay, I will use any excuse I can for a good breakfast, lunch or dinner!


            I will try and check back in later...I think that every day, but then the days just get away from me!


              RLTW- nothing like kids you used to babysit to make you feel old, right? That is really nice that you get to have dinner with them and you are still in touch! Enjoy your hike!


                Happy Tuesday.


                Excited for MA!!!


                RR: Won't even discuss this right now. I'm too tired to do much besides a 10 minute walk in addition to other normal life activities right now. 1 more week till I can schedule radiation, hopefully. I'm hoping to start my racing season off at the July 4th race this upcoming summer.


                NRR: In laws are finally gone for good after 2.5 weeks of being around most of the time. Thank goodness! Trying to finish up school projects on weekends since I have no energy after work, and trying to


                Sassy: I hope G feels better.


                OJ: Great job on the continued workouts! I hope you're just having allergies or something.


                RLTW: Right now, you're my inspiration. I have no idea how you went through all you did for so long! I'm glad you're back to feeling well and hope you have a great cross train today. Wow, that makes me feel old too. Funny about you ending up so close together.


                Have a great day ladies!


                  PO: I understand completely how you are feeling. It was so tough not being able to run (or workout or do anything but sleep) But it gets better. Things get easier and you will get stronger. Here if you ever need an ear to listen! Smile


                    Hey DIVAs! Yay for Baby C's arrival - April babies are the best! (I'm not biased or anything. LOL)


                    RR - 3 miles last night, Tuesday is Skating Bonanza Day™!


                    NRR - One of my teammates subletted my apartment when I moved in with DF... and the lease was up on Sunday. I'm finding out now that her dog peed all over the place and the carpet has to be replaced! Angry The ONE thing I asked her to be careful about, and she wasn't. She's going to pay every penny.... but it makes me look bad, and that really pissed me off.




                    Sparky: Sorry to hear G is sick! Hope he feels better soon.

                    OJ: I hope some early sleep helps you feel better. Great job getting in the workout!

                    RLTW: That's so great about your closeness with your former charges. Hope you have a wonderful time and a great hike!

                    KLM: Your oatmeal sounds great! I am a brown sugar girl myself but I want to try plain with cinnamon now!

                    PO: Huge bummer about being so tired. Fingers crossed that all goes well for your planned glorious return!


                    Time for me to buckle down and get this stuff done. Have an awesome day!

                    San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

                    Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


                      HURRAY FOR MA AND BABY C!!!


                      Okay I know it's not over yet but this is SO exciting!!!


                      RR: 7 trail with Fay. I'm noticing that when I don't roll right out of bed, my runs are slower. This was going on today..Fay and I plodded along, but whatever. Yesterday's run was speedy.  ST tonight.


                      NRR: Crazy neighbor is still here. I honestly think she is a hoarder. She has so much stuff, it's ridiculous. Not too much going on for me, which is good. Just working and working out. I need to decide how many miles I was to do on Saturday. Hopefully this is the toughest decision I have all week.



                      Sassy - Good luck with the grant submittal!


                      Jewel - Maybe allergies are bothering you? I hope you get some rest.


                      RLTW - How sweet you stay in touch with that family.


                      KLM - Try mixing up your routine every so often. I find when I get bored, I'm more likely to not go.


                      PO - Keeping you in my thoughts. I hope you can start radiation soon.


                        Could someone post on here when we hear from MA on FB? I don't keep it open at work, but want to know what's happening.


                          This weather is out of control! We go from 55-60 degrees and sunny last week to 23 and snowing this morning! AHHHHHH. Crazy! I just want the warm weather! NO MORE SNOW. Since my surgery I have turned into a human barometer. I feel every little change in weather. When a storm front comes in, I am completely out of it. I woke up sleepy and achy. And as I was driving to work it started snowing. Then I realized why I woke up feeling the way I did. I could use a nap today! Smile


                          We are now on our 3rd week of state testing for our school. We have so many 3rd-7th graders who have testing accommodations that we have to break the testing up into 3 weeks because we don't have enough staff to proctor tests to be sure that all the kiddos get their accommodations. This is utterly exhausting--for the kids and the teachers! I'm currently proctoring a test for a 5th grader. He's taking a snack break right now Smile I've never had the pleasure of working with him. OMG. He's so exhausting. He cannot sit still for anything. and on top of that the poor kiddo has to take a 5th grade level exam when he reads at about a 2nd grade level. Feel so sorry for these kids. So much stress and pressure for them...


                            Sassy-sorry about G’s fever. Hope he feels better today


                            Jewel-I am the same way. Any drastic change in weather, and my body does not react too well. Hope you can get to bed early tonight


                            RLTW-so cool you will see the kids you babysat for. I used to babysit my neighbors at my mom’s house, so anytime I go over there, it’s crazy to see how much they have grown.


                            Klm-hope you knee doesn’t bother you on your run. I am a big fan of plain oatmeal too with honey and some kind of fruit


                            PO-sorry about your lack of energy. Probably time to take some time for yourself now that your inlaws are gone. Do you have to attend classes during the summer, or are you on a break then?


                            Athena-sorry about the housing issue. That would really tick me off too. Glad you are making her pay every penny? What is Skating Bonanza Day? It sounds fun


                            Outwest-sorry about your crazy neighbor. So I saw a post you put up earlier about going out with some people to a bar, and all they wanted to do was get drunk. I know that’s not your scene, but how about you invite them out to dinner or over to your place for a board game night or something so that you won’t completely give up on them?


                            MA-good luck with your labor!!!


                            Lucy-saw your post from yesterday. I know that must be a tough decision. But just look at it like this: yes, the PhD program is long, but it’s not a permanent move. You could always move back after he is done with it. Plus you can make new, awesome friends out there. It’s his dream school, so the move at least deserves a thoughtful conversation between you two.


                            RR: back at it. Took the last week off due to knee and Achilles issues, but ran 4 miles this morning. Knee was still a little twingy but nothing bad, and Achilles didn’t hurt at all


                            NRR: back to the grind. Last week was spent in VA with DBF’s family, hiking, biking, walking around DC, and doing a bunch of other really fun activities. Sad that I am back at school, but only about a month left until I am all done. Still waiting to hear back from my PhD program on whether I got accepted or not. Hope to hear from them in the next few days


                              Good Luck to Ma, C and baby C!!!! Big grinBig grin si excited for all of you!


                              Sassy yay for finally submitting your grant! I hope little G feels better.


                              Klmc I hope your knee behaves tonight!!


                              Jewel feel better soon and safe travels to Pa.


                              PO finally your in laws are gone. Amen!!! Feel better and be patient!!!


                              OWR great job with your 7 this morning.


                                Taylor glad you all had a great time in Virginia. How's Chicago weather?


                                athena I'd be so upset too! That stinks!




                                TriR ST with trainer and spinning tonight.


                                NtriR need to finalize honeymoon plans since everything is selling out quickly because we are departing memorial day Monday. Also having some logistical issues with our hotel for wedding guests so I hope to have they resolved today. Finally receiving wedding invites today so ill be busy in the evening as we need to get those out ASAP!


                                have a great day!!