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Thankful Thursday (Over 40) (Read 19 times)


Mighty Mouse

    Post. I am thankful that winter is almost over and that it wasn't a very bad one. Big grin



    Mighty Mouse

      Yesterday I did a 70 minute workout with a cardio dvd. Talk about sleep aid. Wink

      Today will be a track run and some cardio when I get home.

      Happy runs, All!   :::HUGS:::


      Bad Ass

        Morning!  Sorry for being MIA.  I stayed home yesterday to watch Trixie and I was worried she was not eating much but at midnight I heard (and later saw) her eating from the bowl.  She also cuddled in bed with mommy for a few hours, so yay.  Good thing I was home, because I spent 1.5 hours registering for MCM.  I had Chicago flashbacks (from last week).


        8 miles with strides tonight.


        judyruns, nice workout DVD.  I'll take a hug.


        Have a nice day!



        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

        It's always fucking hot in Miami!


        Fire Jumper

          Hello all!


          I have a few minutes for a quick check-in!  Jazzie (who is all better!) and I have a therapy dog visit this morning at an assisted living facility here in town.  She loves getting to visit with the seniors.  I mean, who wouldn't love being adored for a couple of hours??


          I had an awesome short run yesterday and ran my fastest 200m ever.  I've got my game face on... ready for my first 5K of the season on Saturday.  I don't expect a PR because I have been running inside and flat all winter.   But, I do expect a good effort.   LIGHT core workout today, SRO tomorrow.


          I hope to be back later this afternoon for personals!


          Be well!


          5K's and Obstacle Runs

          Goal for 2013:  10K


          Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.


          LC Runs

            Hey Ladies!


            I ran 4.5 yesterday evening outside.  This morning, 4 on the TM.  Will shoot for a few later tonight.


            Judy - I am also thankful winter is almost over!!


            Damaris - awwww Trixie!!   Glad you got into MCM!


            Julie - how do you get involved with the dog therapy?  Would I just contact my local nursing home/assisted living facility?  Good luck on Saturday!


              Good morning!


              Ginny, the alcohol injections "kill" the nerve/neuroma.  I have pain, mainly in flares, but very little numbness. My goal in getting them is to be able to wear hiking shoes/boots.  I just haven't been able to find any that don't cause pain, so have missed lots of hiking opportunities.  My Asics just don't work everywhere : ). The injections seem to be helping some. I can walk barefoot on the hardwood now and haven't been able to do that for a couple years. On carpet or with my super wide, cushy slippers/booties, I don't have pain. Buying other shoes is a miserable experience. Two things that might help you. I use spacers between my toes to keep it from being pinched and my podiatrist says it's the best way to avoid surgery. I've tried different things, including foam spacers from him, but two non-medicated corn pads are easy. The other idea I haven't tried but might: a high school friend I saw recently had one. She wore Earth shoes with the lower heel for a couple years and hers went away.


              Julie, love that poster!


              Lisa, I googled for a Georgia Death Run race report. Can't imagine doing it in a day! Would be beautiful though. When I read the description, I thought it had more elevation gain than Western States, which made no sense.   The 30,000 was change. Smile  Still remarkable!


              Marjorie, that's a lot of change for your dad!  One piece of advice (as if he'll listen), is for him to rent for a winter/year before buying.  I really regret buying here and have friends  from Fairbanks who've also bought in places they regret. The one couple who is happiest with their change tried several places for months/seasons (in a big RV)  before choosing. BTW, I looked at Florida and finding home owner's insurance was a huge issue then, not to mention the cost if you find it. Don't know how it's worked out.


              Hi Carol, Judy, Demaris, Laura and Judy!


              I did 5 easy before the DR appt. yesterday and have to admit, I think using the HR monitor and TM some  is helping me a  lot with pace. The doc said I can run late today. It'll prob be 4.

                Good Morning!  I slept really well so decided to stay in bed another hour and run after work.  Afternoon should be pretty and warmer.


                Damaris--lucky you --MCM!  One of my running friends got in, the other did not.  I ran it in 2010 with a charity.  Was the only way for me to get in.  Good to hear that Trixie is better.


                My co-worker who had the stroke is doing better.  Still weak on the right side, but the docs said she should make a full recovery....eventually.....  She is now on the rehab floor at the hospital.  Sounds like she may retire--she is 73.


                Have a great day!

                Bad Ass

                  sue, sorry one of your friends didn't get in.  I love the race.  I did it last year and it's my favorite race (besides Disney).  Glad you slept well.


                  camille2, hope your foot feels better.  Good luck at the doctor.


                  LC Runs, nice run and good luck with the run tonight.


                  Julie, glad you're dog feels better and of course, she loves the attention!


                  See you later.



                  "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                  It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                  Run to live; live to run

                    10.5 for me pretty good run.  Some marathon paced miles in there.  I'm just 5K shy of 1000 for the first quarter.  Pretty happy with that!


                    D glad Trixie is all better


                    Camille He won't listen.  And I know all about the Florida insurance thing.  I spend so much time there I hear about it a lot.  There are issues on getting the flood insurance etc. too.  He won't listen to me.


                    Julie you'll do so great on the race!  So glad that Jazzie is better


                    Laura you are doing a lot of doubles!  Good for you.




                      Yay Marjorie! 1000 miles for the first quarter? (I'm sure you will get that 5K in tomorrow.) Does SMH stand for So Much Happening?


                      And poor dog. The one he gave away, I mean. Sends a message of "I love the other dog better than you."


                      Camille has a good point re renting first and also about homeowners insurance.


                      Damaris, glad Trixie is eating, and also congratulations on getting into MCM.


                      Judy, 70 minutes of cardio is impressive!


                      Julie, nice of you to take Jazzie to the senior home, and I'm sure they love her visiting and she adores all the attention.


                      Laura, nice runs! Do you have a dog who would be a good therapy dog?


                      Camille, 60 miles is a lot for one day in my opinion, and that description sounded very complicated. I hope the RD marked the trails well, because I would not bet any money I cared about on the odds of nobody's getting lost.


                      Susan, is it cold for you? Another hour in bed is temptingly comfy at times.


                      5.5 with running neighbour this morning. Full moon so we went a different route, one she hadn't been on -- she admitted she would never be able to find it again, she is directionally challenged.


                      Heading to the gym shortly. I shouldn't take the time but I want a workout!


                      Happy runs!


                      Run to live; live to run

                        SMH = shake my head.


                        Got my plane tickets to dad's.  $230 for the both of us total.  Not bad at all Smile  I've never gotten such cheap tickets before as it is expensive to fly out of Charleston.  $115 each not bad.  We will drive back so it is one way but still not bad at all.


                        Oh I'll get more than the 5K tomorrow for sure.  I'm liking the long distances. After so many months not doing it it is nice to be back doing it again.  Starting to warm back up outside.  We may be back to normal this weekend


                        Anonymous Guest


                          Quick check in. Had a long two days in Chicago. Was able to get in 7.25 miles this morning on the hotel TM. Flight out this afternoon was delayed, then after changing gates 3 times, we finally took off with the three worst behaved kids I've ever seen. I am glad to be home.

                          Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                          Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?

                          LC Runs

                            5 miles tonight, I somehow ended up running an 8:58 pace, which is fast for my training runs.  Must have been the wind at my back Smile


                            Camille - hope you had a nice 4!


                            Sue - glad you got some extra sleep and that your co-worker is doing better


                            Hi Damaris!


                            Marjorie - ahh, must be so frustrating with  your Dad; hang in there!


                            Tessa - your morning run sounds pretty, nice 5.5.  I'm not sure if Gizmo would be a good therapy dog, but he is super loving and sweet.  He is still a puppy, though, so maybe too 'jumpy' for older folks.  He loves attention lol


                            Karen - glad you are home!  I'm thinking my kids would be the worst ever on an airplane if I ever took them on one ha ha!  All but the oldest is terrified and would probably be a nightmare.

                              Judy-I'm thankful winter is almost over... I don't quite share your sentiment on it not being a bad one. seemed to be winter an awful lot this year. Thank God it's not November!


                              Damaris-assuming that you got in... it's a fun one! Karen and I "ran" it in 2011.  run/photo shoot same difference.  Was uploading to facebook during the race.  what a blast. personal worst when it came to time but why rush MCM??? Karen almost missed the donut hole station.  thank goodness I was there to save her. Of course she has her own opinion as to when I ran the fastest on the entire course.


                              Jule-you will feel so great to be running outside and racing.  have a great time!


                              Camille- email me at lisaogrady@yahoo.com we need to exchange info for next week!  What was the name of the park you talked about meeting in?


                              Sue-I understand sometimes its so hard to get a good night's sleep that when you actually are all cozy you don't want to end it.


                              Marjorie-you sure must go through a lot of shoes! way to score on the cheap tickets!


                              Karen-ah yes.. kids on planes. did you see that last Saturday there was a middle school/junior high Spanish club on the returning flight for me.  was joyful.


                              Since dd didn't have school I had a few extra minutes.  Opted to use them by running 10 vs normal 8 miles.  CRAZY busy day at work.  Managed to beg/borrow a hot spot from work so tomorrow's 12 hour drive won't be a vacation day but a work remote day.  Saves a day for me and will help with so much email.  One of the editors that I work with was on the news the other day talking about Tiger Woods.  That was neat to see.


                              Night all!



                              Darn! I've just been skipping to Step 2!!! This must be my problem.