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Time out Thursday (over 40) (Read 21 times)

    Guess I'm still in time out. Riding a bike at the gym.



      Amy- good luck with the move!


      tessa-thanks again for all of your hospitality. I hope the kitties have gotten back to normal again.


      been stretching but still not feeling that I'm ready to run. Went to the gym this morning to try a treadmill. Figuring that I can move to bike if not feeling good. That's what happened. I think partially I'm still gunshy because of just how BAD it had hurt after that 2 mile attempt 2 weeks ago. It was SO painful so fast. Scared me.


      walking or biking feels fine. It's the running that hurts. Or at least feels like it will hurt When I try. Hoping that I don't lose everything and that I do recover for nene Jersey in 2 weekends by taking time off from running but still walking/running.


      Midwest ladies I've heard that spring may finally be coming!!  Snow was in the air here yesterday. 49 today for a high but 60's this weekend. We have such low standards for warm.


      Dd and should are going to a Tigers game today with school. Not exactly ideal conditions as it may rain too.




        Good morning,


        Did not run this morning, overslept just enough to make myself too rushed.  I so wish we had 2 bathrooms, it would give me more wriggle room in the mornings.  I have to be out of the bathroom by 7:30 , so DH can get in there.  I have no idea what the man does in there so long, he has no hair, showers at night, so what the heck does he need so much time for? Drives me nuts.  So anyway, if I run, I need some cooldown time so I really need to be out the door by 530 and today it wasn't going to happen.


        Lisa...darn about the pain, I hope it resolves itself.  I am leary about thinking that Spring may be here, I have been fooled before.  Yes, we do have low standards on temps!


        Susan....sorry about the hip/groin pain, take it easy.


        Amy....good luck with the move today!


        Tessa...have you decided what to do yet?


        Hope all have a good day.





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        Run to live; live to run

          Morning.  Got a lot done at dads yesterday  More the same today.  Will go run now.  It is really cold.  Just didn't feel like it at 430 when the feels like was low 20s



            Good morning!


            Marjorie, I'm so glad your dad's fiancé seems ok.  I know that must be a relief.

            Lisa, hugs to you. That's got to be so discouraging.  I don't think you'll lose your fitness that fast. You have quite the base and are still active. Remember Joanie and the Olympic trials.

            Tessa, no advice from me, but I'd trust Karen's advice.  Personally, I think I'd be sitting somewhere with my legs propped up still enjoying the high from finishing last weekend's run.  : )  It's so neat you'll be on PCT though!

            Ginny, we were just talking about guys taking such a long time on Monday! DD is way quicker than her fiancé and my hubby was slow in am, too.

            Amy, good  luck with moving!

            Susan, so sorry about the hip pain. It does sound like it's time to ck it out.

            Cindy, so nice that you're involved in Food Bank.

            Hi to Laura, Sue, Docket  and Judy!


            I got injection 5 yesterday. I don't know if they're helping since my foot has flares. I  just have 4 easy today. Good since have to go to my mom's.

            LC Runs



              I'm with Ginny - slept in too long to workout this morning.  Will probably get in a few miles after work, I did manage 4 last night.


              Lisa - sorry you're still dealing with injury.  When I took several days off in Feb, I was able to come back pretty quickly, so you should be fine.


              Marjorie - have a good run.  I want warm temps!!


              Camille - hope the injections help, have a good 4 :-)


              Mighty Mouse

                Wednesday I also did the cardio dvd for 40 minutes, running 15 minutes interspersed. Car is temporarily better, we have testing to do with it.

                Have some things to do but will run today sometime. I will post next Monday. Busy few days. Short trip this weekend. Big grin

                Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::


                  Good Morning!  5 miles this morning.  Hit the snooze an extra time.  Cool, misty blustery day here.  Actually had to wear a light jacket.  Crazy weather!


                  Tessa--there was also a hibachi station there.  Buffet was basic cheap oriental stuff designed for people who don't know any better and want an all you can eat place--like they need to be at an all you can eat place.  Luckily, I didn't like the food so I didn't eat more than a normal portion.


                  Have a great day!



                    Lisa, as you are already sensibly doing, take it easy. Is there a time limit for NJ? And that should be an easier race because it's at sea level, much more oxygen.


                    Snow? Yikes. Hope it does not rain on DD and school. It did drizzle a little yesterday here -- of course -- I took the car through the car wash at the gas station Tuesday night. So with a clean car of course it rained on Wednesday!


                    Ginny, one of the great mysteries of life. Why do men need an hour and a magazine or the newspaper to accomplish what women can get done in 30 seconds? (And in parts of the world where they use squat toilets rather than toilets with seats, do the guys still take a long time?) How much would it cost to add a second bathroom? That's apparently the home improvement with the biggest return on investment, going from one to two bathrooms.


                    Marjorie, glad you are getting a lot accomplished, and that you are getting along with your dad's fiance. I'm sure she was just as unsure about meeting all of you as you were of her!


                    Camille, take it easy on that just-injected foot. And Susan, do take care of that hip.


                    Laura, nice thing about the days getting longer, we can run in the evening if we want!


                    Judy, have fun on the trip. You're not taking that car, are you?


                    Susan, thanks for the clarification. A jacket? On the Gulf Coast? Wow.


                    Woke up a little early this morning (thank you DH) so I went for a longer run than usual. 5.6 miles. Feeling good. I think I'll play it by ear on Saturday.

                    Anonymous Guest

                      Ended up doing my tempo run last night. Cut it from 10 miles at tempo, to 10 miles total with 8 at tempo. I was glad I was able to hold the pace as it was a freakishly warm day yesterday and 80 when I ran. And now I am officially tapering! Ten days of easy runs (well 9 days and one rest day, and I may make it 8 days and two rest days). I need it. Last night a couple hours after my run, I got up off the couch and I felt like a 90 year old woman. Aches and pains and creaks and groans.


                      Lisa, you're not going to lose your fitness in a couple weeks. Especially not if you keep up with walking and cycling. When I had my forced 5 weeks off before the double marathon weekend two years ago, I was fine. Except I got horrible blisters. And you've already got that part taken care of too. Edited to add: Okay, "fine" is a relative term. I hurt like hell for the second marathon and after, but I don't think that had anything to do with the five weeks off.


                      Ginny, what is it with men and the morning? Mine has taken to ignoring his alarm, which goes off an hour or so before mine, then jumps up when mine goes off and gets in the shower. I set my alarm to go off and give me just enough time to get ready for work since I'm not a morning person, and now half the time he's in my way. I think I'll start setting my alarm for 10 minutes earlier to get him out of my way.


                      Hoping for spring for all you midwest girls. We're in the mid-60s and sunny, except for yesterday's freak warmth. Love this weather - supposed to be low 70s and sunny this weekend. Almost time to start obsessing over the 10-day weather forecast for NJ.


                      Marjorie, you sound productive - that's great. Glad your dad's fiance seems normal. But yeah, I agree, no to calling her "mom".


                      Hi to all. Boss is back in the office, so work is rather annoying today. I'm finding out that people seem to want someone with a marketing or business degree for their marketing manager positions around here. An engineering degree with lots of marketing experience so far is not getting me in the door. But I will continue to try.


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                      Run to live; live to run

                        10.7 for me. One of dads closets won't open. Not stuck but something is wedged to the door. We can open the door a tiny bit. I can see under the door. Nothing on the floor. I think a tot is leaning against it. We have dinner with dad fiancé and her daughter tonight. Hope it goes well. I have to go through the Christmas ornaments to get what I want yet. I did pack all the other stuff up.


                        We even wedged the phone in to take a pic but didn't  get a clear enough pic. I didn't want to drop the phone. Now we will try to thread something around the door and see if we can knock it that way. If only we could get to the hinges Or if the screws for the door knob were on the outside.


                        Lisa keep stretching it will get better.


                        The run was good Laura. Glad it wasn't raining and glad the snow didn't stick.


                        Ginny I'm lucky my dh doesn't spend long in the bathroom


                        Camille hope the injection works.


                          Hi all!


                          Ginny-lol on dh taking so long with no hair. I can't get over why mine insists on his own shampoo and conditioner. you've seen him... WTH??


                          Marjorie-did you want to try to get together at all while you're here? PM me if you do.  I'm fairly open (ok, not really, as always there's a million things going on BUT, I can make time for a friend). I work right downtown near Eastern Market so close to I75. I'm assuming you mean a "tote" is stuck, not a tot locked in the closet.  cold? this is warm comparatively. but I will be glad when "wind chill" is removed from weather forecasts.


                          Camille-hope the injection helps.


                          Laura-I'll be fine I'm sure... never was fast to start out with so no loss there.  my coworker who's also doing NJ never got past 16 miles (this is her second marathon ever) so she's worrying too but I told her "we'll git it done"


                          Tessa-I'm sure that there is a time limit but I'm reasonably confident that given another week I'll be able to at least shuffle at a rapid pace.  I'm with Karen. go by feel and turn around when you want. The time cut off is tight though.


                          Judy-hope your car stays better.


                          Karen-please report back on the 10 minute earlier experiment. taper time!  Seems like most of my training has been tapering. I've taken C25K and turned it into U2C (ultra to couch). meh.




                          Run to live; live to run

                            Lisa at this point it could be anything stuckSmile.

                            Cant get together this time we leave early tomorrow to drive back. Was so rushed to get all the stuff here done at dads.



                              LisaMMR - Ouch on your injury still bothering you.  But you have the stamina to DO anything!!!  Just hope you are able to do some running in NJ.


                              Marjorie - I have not been able to keep up since Monday, but form comments made today sounds like things have went  "ok" at your dads this week.  Lol on the Tot stuck in the closet....I was very confused until I read Lisa's comment about a "tote"  geez...I'm not to quick tonight...


                              LCruns - Is it possible we might have SPRING!!!


                              Ginny - I agree with men and the BR...   luckily we have 2, BUT he always complains if I flush or turn the shower on when he is in the shower cause he gets scalded.....like I know when he is in the shower Roll eyes


                              Karen - Somehow I can't picture you having aches and pains....enjoy your taper.


                              Tessa - Don't think I congratulated you on your big race last week-end!!!  Great job...and loved the RR!


                              Camille - LIked the dressed posted the other day!  When DD got married they (both DD's) refused to let me get a dress with a  jacket  Sad  I probably would have liked the ones from REI Smile


                              Crazysue - Did I see you signed up for HIM?


                              Started another series of swim classes Tuesday night.  Have had crazy days at work, so did not run wed/thurs.  Will run tomorrow.  Did get an eleven mile bike ride in on Monday!



                                I understand and agree. I like their clarity in this too but still it is sad...it actually makes me want to cry.


                                NJ Marathon security update:

                                Here are the visible security related changes at the Finish Festival Area on race day:

                                Come early if you want to see your athlete finish at a certain time in order to get through screening and into the finish area in time.

                                There will be parking in the various lots near the finish line, however some street parking very close to the finish area will not be available, including in Pier Village (parking garages in Pier Village will be open and accessible as well as several lots in the area).

                                Athletes wearing visible bibs:
                                a) will be allowed to retrieve one clear plastic Race Day Gear Bag from the retrieval area.  The retrieval area will be monitored and the bag tags may be checked against the bib #s as you exit the area.

                                b) will be able to change clothes from the Race Day Gear Bag in the changing tent within the bag retrieval area.  Empty gear bags should be discarded as directed.

                                c) should not leave their Race Day Gear Bag unattended at any time.

                                d) may carry their Race Day Gear Bag around with them in the finish line festival area as long as they only carry that particular bag, with no bag inside it. If you take your bib off you must leave the finish line festival area.

                                Spectators and VIPs are:
                                1) NOT ALLOWED to bring backpacks, pocketbooks, hand bags, shoulder bags, etc. of any kind into the finish line festival area.

                                2) ALLOWED  to stand directly beside the barricades of the finish line chutes in the finish line festival area between Greeley Terrace and Madison Ave. only.

                                3) NOT ALLOWED access to the barricades beside the finish line approach between Madison Ave. and Laird St. in Pier Village (behind the Ocean Place Resort and Spa).

                                4) ALLOWED to walk around Pier Village (access to the east end of the village will be on foot only).

                                A) must be on the pre-approved list and must be wearing proper credentials. All bags will be searched and access to certain areas may be restricted. You will likely not have free access to every part of the start area.

                                Race Staff and Volunteers:
                                MUST be wearing proper credentials in the most sensitive areas at the finish and in the finish line festival area.

                                Bags/boxes of equipment required in order for assigned task to be completed will be allowed and must be kept to a minimum. They must not be left unattended and will be searched.  Race staff and volunteers must arrive early in order to be properly screened and credentialed.

                                If people comply with the above information, this will be a very simple and fun place to be on race day for everyone.

                                These changes are intended to allow everyone to feel the positive energy and excitement of the race day finish area, in as safe an environment as possible.

                                Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

                                We look forward to enjoying the finish line and the post-race festival with you and Brian Kirk and the Jirks! - Jo