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    Any recommendations for a baby jogger?  I've read positive reviews about BOB strollers.  Can anyone weigh in on pros/cons?  Any other good brands out there?  I will primarily use the stroller for half marathon training through my neighborhood and on a paved trail.


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      It really depends on where you live, what features you want, and how you plan to use it.


      Will it be for running only? If yes, you can consider a fixed wheel stroller. If you want it to be your stroller for everything, they you need to get one with a lockable swivel wheel.


      BOB Revolution is highly recommended-  its great for an everyday stroller. The only con I have heard on this one is the accessories are expensive. It doesn't have brakes.


      I looked at a Baby Jogger Summit XC (very similar to the BOB Revolution) and came very close to buying it- the one handed fold is amazing, but its a tad wider than the BOB if you plan on taking it shopping and loading it in the car a lot. It has brakes which is what makes it a little wider.


      I ended up buying a preowned Chariot Cougar and I absolutely love it. I only use it for running and keep it parked in my garage. It can come apart to pack it in the car, but that's a pain so I rarely do that. It has a built in weathershield/bug screen and is really customizable as far as what it can be used for. I have the jogging kit and the biking kit. There are also hiking, strolling, and XC skiing kits available. The tires are huge and it rolls like a dream. The brakes are awesome and everything is easily serviced at a local bike shop.


      there are lots of other options that aren't as expensive. The Bob Ironman is a fixed wheel and therefore cheaper, and I've heard good things from people who use Schwinn and Instep strollers as well. The biggest thing is to just try some out and see if you like them. Look on Craigslist for used ones as well.

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        I have two chariots, one single and now a double.  I love them... but only use them for running or biking.  The double is huge and would not be a good mall type stroller.  I love how versatile they are, and the built in weather shield.  I live in Canada, and it's nice that it stays so cozy warm inside so I don't have to worry about my girls being cold on runs.  I bought mine used as they are very expensive brand new - they last forever and are very well built so I have no concerns with the used stroller.

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          Re: Chariots- I live in the PNW where we have temps ranging from below zero to over 100 and my kiddo is very comfortable in his stroller and loves to go for rides. I bought mine used and spent $70 on an infant insert so I could start using it right away, then spent $80 on a full tuneup and brake replacement at the bike shop. Mine was about 5 years old in good condition with 2 bike hitches and a jogging kit and I still paid about $500 for it, just for reference.

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            I think I'll have an everyday stroller and a jogger if I can find a reasonable priced one.  I'll be doing most my running near my home so I'll rarely have to transport it.    I looked into the chariot and nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the price.....lol. I'm not opposed to a used jogger but there wasnt many on craiglist and none were chariot.  I still have plenty of time to keep looking. thanks for info. 


              +1 for the chariot carrier.  We use it for running, strolling, hiking and snowshoeing. Love it. We dont need another stroller. We use it at the zoo.  To us it is well worth its price. We dont have to do any upgrades until DD is over 75lbs. There is plenty of storage area. 


              Its very easy to fold up and change accessories. Plus, our DD loves it. Went running in the rain yesterday, she was dry and asleep for the 50 min run.  They really thought of everything for an active family. 


              Oh, and it fits into my trunk of my 5 series BMW and my DHs 3 series with room.  One more thing, it allows you to connect other accessories to it, so when you are done with running your can turn into the stroller without going back to the car.