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    kept having to pee like crazy due to the soup at dinner last night..sick with fever, chills, cough and sneeze, also super depressed about everything right before bed = zero sleep last night and a early wakeup at 4:15.  Decided to stay up because I'm meeting Sam at 5:30.


    RR - 7 miles easy.


    RR#2 - DH said he'll consider running a 5K this June, but I'm sure he'll chicken out.


    TR - what mom says that having her kid is the greatest regret of her life? THIS ONE.


    FR - messed up with food planning and got nothing tonight..maybe we'll eat the crumbs off the kitchen floor...ha ha!

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26


    running eh

      Zorbs -  hope you can get a decent nap in today!  Did B have a rough day/night?  Hopefully things are better today!  If your still hungry after your dinner, there are more than enought crumbs on my floor to feed a small army, come on over.


      RR - rest day - but since I'm up too early, I am doing a squats and other body weight exercises - kind of lame, but better than nothing I guess.


      RR2 - I had ordered a copy of Advanced Marathoning and it came yesterday.  So excited to read it - hope it's slow at work today!


      NRR - working 10-10 today


      FR - MIL is coming over and bringing dinner for the family.  leftovers for me


      KR - DD2 is a brat!  How can a child who is not even 2 be so sweet and yet run the house?


        RR - A quick 5 or 6k before my dentist appointment this morning. Boot camp was fun yesterday. It was a pretty good workout, but since I have been a good girl and have been keeping up with my ST, it wasn't overly challenging for me. Some of the other mothers were complaining after that it was too hard and they want to drop out. Um, it's BOOT CAMP. It's supposed to be hard!


        TR - Teething again, which means I have been awake since 3 am. One has not been a good age for her so far. She used to be the happiest baby. Now I feel like she's miserable 50% of the time.


        FR - Maple-garlic marinaded pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, onions and carrots.


        NRR -  Friend is coming over this afternoon. He just got back from Texas, which means he will come bearing loads of dark chocolate mint M&Ms. Fatness, here I come!




        zorbs - Ugh, it sounds like you had an all-around awful night. And everything always seems worse with a lack of sleep. Is B still throwing lots of tantrums? I hope he grows out of that stage soon and things get better. Your TR reminded me of that French woman, Corinne Maier, who became a media sensation a few years ago when she wrote a book about how she regretted having children. A lot of people were critical of her but then there were also a lot of women admitting they agreed. So, you are not alone in feeling like that. My DH is also considering running a 5k in June! (but I also suspect he'll chicken out)


        eh - Good for you for getting a few exercises in while you're up early! Body weight exercises can be good. I read Advanced Marathoning in the fall and really enjoyed it. It got me all pumped up and thinking I wanted to run a marathon but as of yet, I'm still chicken to commit to that kind of training and running that far!


        Bermy - The community centre in town is providing free babysitting while we do boot camp. Awesome, eh? Yesterday they told me that S seemed hungry because she kept trying to steal other kids' snacks. Except...she ate a big bowl of spaghetti + 8 oz milk before we went there. Oh dear. I fear my child may be a bullying snack-thief.

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


          RR: heading out shortly for 6-7 miles. Tempo run went really well yesterday.


          TR: woke up before 6 this morning. Oof. But he's happily enjoying some pumpkin oatmeal now. His new favorite thing is to stand at the edge of the patio outside, and wait for me to say "ready set go!" Then he takes off running towards me and high fives as he goes past.


          NRR: meeting a friend/former coworker for coffee this morning. She's the one who was forced to resign in Oct over stupid reasons, and now has a successful personal training business out of her home.

          Packig and laundry for the weekend later

           5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



            Zorbs: hope today is better! Did B have a rough night? Ha, I hear ya on nothing to eat. Since we're going away this weekend, it's down to pasta or PBJ for dinner.


            R-eh: I'm amazed at the 12 hr shifts. What dept do you work in? Hope it goes fast today. Sorry about Dd2. Sad

             5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



              Ernie: hope the dentist appt goes well. Enjoy your run. Lol at the complainers. When people complain in my GF classes, I tell them "I'm not getting paid so you can feel good. I'm here to push you!" Aw poor S! Have you been giving her Ora-gel? That's helping R, as I think he's cutting 3 molars all at the same time. Oy

               5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                zorbs - So sorry to hear that you are sick.  I hope you have a good run despite the illness...maybe you should rest?  What has you so down?  I hate that you are so unhappy.  I'm sure you'll figure out something for dinner...I haven't cooked in forever because nothing sounds good...DH has eaten a lot of frozen pizzas!  HA!  I am sorry you are down but I know that B brings many good things to your life and I hope you can remember those!!


                eh! - LOL to DD2 being a brat.  I definitely feel that way about J...he is so cute but so naughty at the same time.  They just test everything...repeatedly.  I am sure it will get better as they get older...right??  Ugh to the long work day but really nice that MIL is bringing dinner...one less thing to worry about.  Have fun doing your squats...definitely not lame....I should be doing that.


                ernie - Ugh to the whiney moms that boot camp is too hard...if a workout doesn't hurt than it probably isn't working.  Glad you enjoyed it and thought it was a good workout.  Have a good quick run today.  Poor S...I feel for her.  Teething is not fun and she probably is miserable but once they are all in she'll be your happy little girl again.  LOL to the M&Ms...enjoy them...that's what all the running is forSmile


                rg - Glad the run went well.  Enjoy coffee with your friend.  Seems like her resignation was a blessing in disguise since she is doing so well.  I hope you are able to get your laundry and packing done...I need to get on mine tonight and tomorrow.  Too cute about R running and high five-ing.  J is really into dancing and getting DH and I to dance with him.


                RR - Yeah that didn't happen yesterday...lost my mojo like Becky!  I opted for a mani and pedi instead and a trip to the Carters store to get J some shorts for the trip.  Today I will do 4-5 OUTSIDE!!!!!


                TR - Well...it happened...I knew it would...my child is now a BITER!  UGH!!!  I am so angry.  Apparently a kid pushed him out of the way so J was frustrated and couldn't say that so he bit the kid.  I feel like a bad mom but I know it is normal since my kid was bit 5 times.  The teacher who was there when I picked up J wasn't there when the biting happened so she couldn't answer my questions...I just hope he felt bad when he did it and understands that is naughty.  DH and I tried to talk to him last night but how much can you tell a 17 month old?  Although, he did not try to bite me yesterday...he did the previous night.

                NRR - Last day before spring break begins!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!  So ready for some time off.  So much to do.  Need to get some groceries for J's Easter party at school tomorrow.  Need to get J a haircut, pack, do laundry, and try to get my LR in after my doctor appt tomorrow.  I hope I can get it all done.  DH is helping his parents move tomorrow so he will not be around to help pack and clean...grrr.


                  Morning ladies..


                  RR - 4.4 in the dark, was hoping for 5 but had a later than expected night and didn't get up until almost 5:30...


                  BR - really into this walking thing which is super cute but now I'm feeling more and more rejected... she had a great time with DH yesterday (he took another day off) and pushed me away when I tried to snuggle her before bedtime.


                  NRR - the sale of one of our rental houses is supposed to close today.... last night a tenant called and said she couldn't get in the house.. well that's b/c the agents brought the new buyers through for one last walk through and somehow jammed the lock in such a way that the lock only opened from the inside ... AHHHH!!! So DH had to go out there at 9pm even though he had no key b/c he already handed it into the lawyers... had to call a locksmith and the new owners were there too and the tenant got into a tiff with them already... awesome.... seriously, we just want our check and never have to deal with this place ever again...



                  zorbs - really sorry you're having a rough day already... hope things are ok with B... and that you get a nap in today!


                  eh - when we visit my mom or when she comes over, she almost always brings food... wow 10-10 is a long work day!


                  ernie - yea, i don't get the attitude of some boot campers...  didn't they realize what they signed up for?!  I did a one day boot camp once and that was enough... it was embarrassing that I could run marathons but barely survived a 45 minute boot camp LOL..


                  rg - awww that's so cute about the high five!  Love reading stuff like that, as I imagine C doing stuff like that eventually..


                  jen - yay, spring break is almost here!!  Sorry about the biting but yea, I'm sure J was thinking, enough is enough, i'm gonna bite back!




                    RR:  SRD.  Doing my LR tomorrow of 12 miles.  I am peaking too late with the HM coming  up.  Oh, well.  Its not like I am racing or anything.  Yesterday, I had about 3/4 of a mile up hill into the wind.  DH couldn't keep up on the bike.  I had to turn around to see where they were!  Made me feel good.  


                    TR:  Says so many words its scary!  We took him along on my run  yesterday.  He hung out in his Burley Bee sporting his sun glasses.  Was great while we were out!


                    NRR:  Had a rough afternoon at work yesterday.  I'm protesting by wearing jeans today.  If anyone calls me out on it I am going to tell them I have to wear what is comfy right now.  I've started telling more people at work.  Will tell administrators when we get back from break.


                    FR:  Salmon, baked potatoes and green beans for dinner.  Yum.  Then a whole bunch of junk afterward!

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                    Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46


                    running eh

                      ernie - I hear you about the marathon stuff.  I am very interested in trying the FM, but it is such a time committment and I want to do it well if I am going to do it.  Glad the bootcamp was a decent workout!  Your FRs always sound wonderful, as do the dark chocolate mint M&Ms.


                      rg - what is all in the pumpkin oats?  It sounds good!  Have a nice time with your coworker.  Does she enjoy the PTing from home?  Cute about DS, sounds like he is going to be a runner just like mama!  I am a paramedic.  I am only working 2 days per week right now - it's great!


                      mjen - hope the biting thing stops soon - that is frustrating.  DS did it for a while, but  just to his siblings and his parents.  Hope you get your run in!  Yay for vacation - sounds like a busy day planned today/


                      cx2 - way to get up early again! Before C did you get up early to run too?  Fingers crossed for the house stuff to go through.


                      mer - great run yesterday!  Hope today is better than yesterday!  Do you teach highschool?  I had a run in with a teenager at work yesterday.  His home situation is really sad, but I was still so annoyed with his attitude - I could NEVER spend my day with that age bracket!  Set an extra plate for me at dinner.  YUM!!


                        RR:  Not sure.  Supposed to be an srd but I have 12 mi on the schedule for tomorrow but a really busy day.  Today I have a 2 hour break during the day so I might use it to get my run in.  We will see.  I hate being sweaty and then having 3 more hours of class.


                        TR:  Poor baby's diaper rash is getting better.  He woke up so darn cute and happy this morning I can barely stand it.  His hair is pretty wild too.  Right now he is dancing whole I sind itsy bitsy spider.


                        NRR:  Now that I am off of birth control my skin gets terrible every month when AF comes.  She arrived with a vengeance Monday and so did a bunch of zits.  Do any of you supermoms have this issue and if so, what do you use for it?



                        zorbs:  Sorry you had such a rough night.  Maybe you can sneak in a nap today!  Sounds like you have a lot going on right now.


                        eh:  Enjoy the book! Are  you planning on following a pfitz plan soon?


                        ernie:  I would probably be one of the moms complaining about how hard boot camp was.  Downloaded the NTC app of my phone and still yet to use it.  I wish it came with extra time!  I need RG and zorbs to come get my butt in shape!

                        RG:  Pumpkin oatmeal is one of my faves! Glad to hear the tempo went well.  When is your FM again?


                        jen:  Sorry about the biting.  But I guess it is probably not suprising since he has been getting bit for a while.  Hope you are very productive today and get all the stuff done for your trip.


                        cx2:  What a nightmare with the rental.  Hope it is off your hands by the end of today.


                        mer:  I think you get a pass from wearing jeans!


                        bermy:  You made me wonder if I am running more miles than past plans.  I pulled out my old calendars and I am running about 5-10 more mpw.  I am also doing a lot more tempo and miles at MP.

                        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          rr: srd. 3.5m with rp last night. she was dying; i was not. doing a longish run with her tomorrow morning.


                          tr: grandparents day at school today for dd2. she was so excited as they have a whole bunch of songs they will be singing and let's be honest what's better than hanging out with grandpa and grandma all morning.


                          tr2: dd1 starts swimming lessons tonight. dd2 is still super sad. i'm dreading having to run after c on the pool deck. hoping he is overwhelmed by all the people and sits tight.


                          br: jabbed himself in the gum with a wooden dowel yesterday right before nap. right in the gum where he is gettinga new molar and now there's a flappy piece of gum in there. poor guy.


                          nrr: not sure i will be back on tomorrow as dh has off and we have the day planned out. headed down by my sister and bil's for lunch and c's nap then to some friends in the late afternoon for supper/etc. hoping to get to lulu and dick's for some new shoes. we are celebrating Easter with my family on saturday and sister and i are getting pedicures (woot!). she's going on spring break to san diego and i'm so jealous! busy weekend, but all fun stuff so it seems.


                          fr: leftovers. i finally finished the bag of mini eggs, so at least those won't be staring me in the face all day. and i still can't really keep anything down anyways. ugh.


                          bermy: still haven't been to gap to try on the jeggings. maybe, just maybe i will get to one tomorrow, but i'm not getting my hopes up.


                          zorbs: sorry you're having rough go right now. i hope this isn't prying too much, but were you against having kids even before you had b? if i was sick like you there's no way i'd be running 7 miles!


                          eh: i remember saying that dd2 was having 14-month old tantrums. for me the 3s are worse than the 2s.


                          ernie: the targets here have white chocolate m&m's right now and they are delicious. back in the day they had mint m&m's at christmastime (they still do but they are bigger) that were the same size as regular m&m's and they were so much better then. my mom and i would mix them with cashews and eat them as a trail mix. so good.


                          rg: have fun getting coffee this morning!


                          jen: hope you get in all of the things you need to do! ugh to the biting. hopefully they scolded him or did something other than writing him up! good call on the mani/pedi. your feet have to look good in florida; it's a must!


                          cx2: ugh to the lock fiasco! hope the sale gets finalized today so it's not your problem any more!


                          mer: nice call on the jeans. i was surprised that dh wasn't wearing jeans today. the temps felt so good yesterday; i just hope they don't drop into freezing cold territory again.


                          shelby: i totally get pimples every month and just go with it. i was looking at pictures of when i was pregnant with dd1 and i seriously had the worst acne ever. i always said i had worse acne than my students Smile


                            CTimes - I am sorry that you are feeling rejected by C.  I can totally relate.  J usually prefers DH over me but I think that is because I am always around where DH is not.  I hope the rental property sale goes through...that would be one less stressor to have to deal with.


                            Mer - Sorry about the crappy afternoon yesterday.  At least you got out for a nice run with the boys.  I don't think we are peaking too late for a 1/2.  I am doing my longest run tomorrow too (at least I hope).  I am sure you will be fine.  Good for you for wearing jeans.  A bunch of teachers have jeans on here too and I am mad.  I guess I can't break the rule as I am a newbie who hopes to have a job here next year.


                            Shelby - I hope you can find time to get your run in...baby wipes!!  Then you won't stink.  Just bring a change of clothes and some baby wipes...then you won't be too sweaty.  Too cute about DS dancing...that is exactly what J was doing this morning.  Glad his diaper rash is improving.  I seem to have more zits now then I did as a teen.  I have some Clearasil gel stuff that I use...who knows if it really works.


                              BR: full of cold. Didn't sleep a wink all night; it was a very long night. My plan for today is survival. Hoping to check in later.

                              5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                              Bad Ass Mother Runner



                                RR - did 8k w/ RP last night, my legs were tired from the tempo on Tuesday.  I'd like to run 5-6k today, and it's so nice out this week it would be awesome if I could run outside, even with the stroller, but we'll see. M has music class this morning and I don't like to eff up both of O's naps, so it would have to be after naptime.


                                TR - first week back at gymboree music class in 3 weeks.  should be fun!  She's got a runny nose also now, but I think will be ok for the class.


                                BR - woke up much earlier than usual to eat, and was wide awake HUNGRY.  She didn't eat much for solids yesterday, I think bc of her cold, so either that or the bottle I left was less than she usually eats from me in the evenings.  I'm still considering the evening a success, but will leave more milk next time.  I'm just excited that she can go to bed without me - M never did this until I weaned her.


                                FR - not sure, I had potroast on my meal plan for one night, but today is not a good day since I'm out this morning and get get the slow cooker organized, plus I didn't defrost a roast.  Maybe something w/ Becky's sweet potato goat cheese thing... that just sounded plain old delish!

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