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Time for Tuesday Supermoms (Read 29 times)


    Morning Supermoms~


    RR: scheduled to do a tempo run today, but will probably switch it for Thursday's run, which has miles at marathon pace. It's supposed to be really windy today. 6-7 miles total.


    TR: was so much fun yesterday. i took him to the park in the afternoon and he played on the swings/slides for a while before he discovered the joy of splashing thru puddles! he ran back and forth on the paved path that surround the park splashing the puddles for a good twenty minutes. He was soaked, but had a blast!


    NRR: tired this morning, haha, and it's only tuesday! i made valentines cards for my mom and MIL last night, pictures of R on them. they came out cute!


    NRR2: anyone check out the new forums on anothermotherrunner site? i signed up yesterday, pretty quiet so far, but they're mobile friendly.


    QOTD: do you guys do/get anything for your kids for Valentines Day? i bought R a book called "Valentine Mice" this year, and last year the book "Biscuit's Valentines Day." He LOVES books

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      RR: 9m run. Broke my year long streak of wearing shorts and rocked some tight capris yesterday. Shocking I know but it was a recovery run and I try to rock a different look than my "these shorts won't chafe me, this is my marathon outfit". DH said it was colder here than it was in Nashville.


      NRR: posting some gifts for pg supermoms. I love gift buying. And it's pusher playgroup but I can't decide if I want to go. They are making Valentine's crafts so it's very tempting. Put 7 or so more things on the secondhand website last night - just random specific things that won't sell in a house sale like my breast pump (can't remember the last time I did use it anyway and can't see me ever using it again), DH's old cycling shoes and other bits. I am sure I will meet some crazies.


      NRR2: Green card medical is on Friday. Then I have to have all my vaccinations up to date - if I can't prove I have had them then I need to have them again. Sigh. The list is 15 long. My record was destroyed when I reached 25. Yeah, that's going to be fun. Then I have a blood test and a chest xray. I have already enlisted DHs help with DS as that all might be a bit impossible to do on my own with him.We might then go to Nashville next week but we will see.


      BR: can twist his wrist now which has opened up a whole plethora of fun stuff. Still climbing onto our bed and doing rollovers. I have to be really careful when I am cooking and it all goes quiet. He is definitely up to some stunts.


      FR: probably more leftover kale, tilapia, quinoa and sweet pots. DS sat on my lap during my dinner and he was having a fork full every second bite. I am so impressed he ate kale and quinoa. DH loved it too. Score!

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      beskirted & manicured

        RR - 4 miles recovery run/walk with Sam.


        TR - had a giant tantrum through his bath and beyond, "WANNA SIT ON POTTYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!" Glad it wasn't my turn to do the bedtime routine.


        FR - chicken pie, haven't had this for awhile, grocery store has been sold out and I haven't bothered to go to the fancy store just for 1 thing.



        rg - I did see the forums but I'm satisfied with posting here and FB.  I won't do anything V-day related with B, that can wait until he starts school.

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          RR - Was planning for 5 x 800 intervals but it's likely pretty icy out so I will probably do 8k easy instead. ST tonight.


          BR - Walked across the room at the community centre yesterday but still hasn't walked in front of poor DH!


          FR - Beef and black bean burritos.


          NRR - S took a lovely 2.5 hour nap yesterday so I was able to finally get the house clean and bake cinnamon bread. Now it looks and smells nice in here! Oh, and my sister went back for another u/s yesterday and was finally able to find out the sex of her baby...it's a girl! She already has a 20-month-old daughter and is due in April with this one. I love that S will now have 2 girl cousins close to her age to play with.




          rg - Puddle splashing sounds like so much fun! I hadn't thought about getting S a Valentine's Day present, but she also loves books, so I think I may steal your idea and get her a Valentine's Day themed book.


          Bermy - Yikes, your medical exam Friday does not sound fun. I don't mind needles but the prospect of 15 vaccines and a blood draw is a bit much. I'm sure you're looking forward to having it all over and done with. Is this the last step in your green card application? Ha ha, so true that when it all goes quiet you know your kid is up to no good!


          zorbs - Nice that B is loving is potty so much, but even nicer that you didn't have to deal with the bedtime routine tantrum! I think I asked about your chicken pie before - is it president's choice?

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            Sorry I didn't have time to make it back yesterday!  Hope you all had a great day.


            rg - Glad R had fun yesterday splashing in the puddles.  Enjoy your run in the wind.  It's windy here too but not as bad as yesterday.  No, we don't really do anything for J for Valentine's Day as he is still a bit young to know and remember.  Like you, we buy him a book because he loves them.  This year I got him his favorite book (he has it put has ripped all the pages).  DH and I are going to write a message to him inside and save it for him for when he is older.


            zorbs - Sorry about the tantrum but maybe it's good he wants to sit on the potty!  Enjoy your run.


            bermy - WOW...you wore capris...most of us would probably still be in tank tops and shortsSmile  What was the temp? Ugh the green card medical tests do not sound fun.  Did you get some vaccinations when pregnant or when you had DS?  Luckily in the states your state keeps your immunization record on file.  When I went to my doctor they printed mine out and gave it to me so I could see every vaccination I had since 1980 something!  LOL to DS doing stunts... definitely sounds like J.  He will get quiet and I will walk by him and he will start to giggle because he knows he is being naughty.


            RR - Did 8 Sunday and Monday and will either do 5 today or rest...trying to figure out my rest day this week.


            TR - Threw his milk cup straight at my head last night...yep...time for bed.  He was pretty good for me though.  I picked him up early from daycare (since I got my errands done by 3).  I figured he might not be as cranky.  He threw a huge fit at daycare because he didn't want to leave during story time.  But when we got home he was really good and ate really well.  Today he insisted on carrying his jar of oatmeal through the daycare center...only to drop it on the floor and shatter the glass.  Ugh!


            NRR - Got my hair highlighted yesterday!  So much better and I masked the few gray hairs I found...ewwww.  Spent an hour and a half at the tire place for them to fix my tire...it had a hole in it and was leaking pretty good.  Also went to the chiro for my adjustment and got a mini massage...wonderful.  Back at work...bleck.


            FR - Who knows.  I think I am suffering from gallbladder issues.  I had horrible pain from Wednesday until yesterday and was constantly nauseous and burping.  I felt 100% better yesterday but I am afraid of what I can eat.  I need to see a doctor I think.


              Bermy- good luck with the medical stuff! I hope it all goes smoothly and doesnt take too much time. glad that DH can help you out with DS on Friday. let me know when you're ready for that book. so cute about DS sitting in your lap. R will try to steal bites off my plate when i do that. love our little boys, so sweet! i agree- the silence is more scary than the crazy noise!


              zorbs- yeah, i wasn't planning to start posting frequently on there- it's enough to keep up with RA and FB! enjoy your chicken pie tonight. hope the recovery run/walk went well for you. ugh on the bedtime tantrum.


              ernie- sounds like a good idea to switch the runs around. i'm doing the same as i don't feel like fighting 30mph headwinds for a tempo run, and getting frustrated when i can't hit the right pace. i LOVE when R takes long naps and i can get alot done around the house, and still have a few minutes to sit and relax. he napped for 3hrs on Saturday, and i got so much done!!


              jen- nice job on the running! are you able to get outside, or is it mostly on the TM? sorry about the milk cup at your head, that would  have been an automatic bedtime for R too! yay for highlights, i need to have my hair trimmed and highlighted again too. ugh on the gallbladder, i hope you're able to get into the dr soon and get an answer!

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                RR:  5 after a meeting this afternoon.  Not sure I brought enough proper layers


                TR:  Had a good time at art class.  My mom showed up for a little while.  He looked at her like he has never seen her before.  Well.  Thats what you get.  I have no sympathy for her.  He slept really well last night too.  Might be getting a haircut today.


                NRR:  Feeling a little better today, but still not 100%.  Spike and Jen, how are you feeling?


                FR:  Had a cheeseburger with fried onions on it for dinner last night.  It was really good!  Either meatball subs or some pasta concotion tonight ala DH.



                rg - I am jealous of your trips to the park!  I can't wait to have good park weather again!  Enjoy your run today.


                bermy - I remember a time or two when J was pretty little that he rolled off our bed.  You feel horrible, but almost have to laugh at the same time.  The stunts just get crazier and crazier!


                zorbs - Enjoy your chicken pie.


                ernie - Yay for a 2.5 hour nap!  That is awesome.  Your bread sounds delicious!


                jen - Sounds like you had a really productive day yesterday!  (Which isn't unusual for you!)  Oh, the things kids do and so early in the morning!  Glad J was good for you last night despite the cup throwing!


                shelby - Big hugs to you.  So sorry to hear about your Grandma.  It is hard sometimes to stay positive and much easier to talk about the negative.  Its okay.  You really do have a lot going on, more than some women could imagine.  You are doing a great job.  Keep it up!

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                  Quick fly by post and then I will try and do some personals.


                  RR:  10 on the schedule today with 5 at HM pace.  I hopefully will get off early enough to do at least some of it.  I do have to take the stroller though so hopefully it is warmed and less windy today,  Ordered my windshield but it won't be here till Thursday...


                  BR:  Woke up last night coughing and so stuffy.  Poor baby.  After a nurse and bottle he went back down.  I hope he feels better today, especially since I got very little sleep and have to be at the hospital all day.


                  NRR:  My grandma passed away last night.  My mom and her sisters were there.  I am happy she is in a better place and no longer in pain.  She went from "healthy" to having stage IV cancer in about a month so it was really fast.  It is still kind of hard to believe.


                  NRR2:  I just wanted to say sorry because I feel like I have been doing a lot of complaining lately.I am trying so hard to stay positive but life has been tough lately.  There has been so much going on...school, H, my grandma, being a single mom, trying to figure out my rotation schedule next year while figuring out how I will get H to daycare, etc.  But I have way more blessings than problems!  I have a wonderful family, the ability to run, the most perfect baby boy, a chance to go to school, and wonderful friends including all of you.  Life really is good.

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                    RG - SO cute about the puddles!!  DS sounds like such a fun little guy.


                    bermy - Hope the medical goes ok!  Hopefully you aren't squeemish about needles...  I wish I could give the vaccines to you!


                    zorbs - At least he wants to sit on the potty, haha.


                    ernie - Hope you get your run in.  Sorry she hasn't walked in frony of DH yet.  DH had to see H walk on video for the first month, but he still loved it.


                    jen- Sorry to hear you are still feeling bad.  Is the pain in the upper left part of your stomach?  Is it worse after eating?  Those usually occur with gallbladder issues.  I hope you can get some answers!


                    mer - I always seem to bring the wrong type of clothes.

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                      morning -


                      RR - don't know that I will get it in today.  It's supposed to thunderstorm so it depends on the weather.  I can't remember the last time I took 3 days off in a row - over Christmas probably. Hopefully this means my running the rest of the week will feel extra good.


                      BR - well after a short for him nap yesterday went to bed nice and early so that was nice.  I didn't quite know what to do with myself so I went to bed too.


                      KR - got all the Valentine's, hoping we have enough!  Almost freaked out at DH last night because he was reaching for one of the pieces of candy and I told him if he eats one we won't have enough for the class and I'll have to buy another whole box.


                      NRR - have DD's neurologist appt this morning.  I hate having to manage her and L at the same time plus to get in the building you have to walk up stairs which is stupid for a medical building.  I'd like to keep L contained in a stroller.  Then tonight is book club, just hoping I don't stay out too late like last time because I think I'm getting sick and I feel like I should get my sleep!


                      bbl for personals I hope, gotta get L up and get going.


                        Hellllllllo Ladies!  Trying to be in a better mood today but its been a morning already.


                        TR:  Dragging his feet this morning, literally.  Woke up at 4:30 a.m.  No sir, you can watch Thomas the train while mommy sleeps.


                        RR:  Hopefully 8 after work with RP.  She's much faster than I so we shall see how this works.


                        NRR:  I hate pumping gas and put it off as long as possible.  I begged DH to take my car and fill it up, which he said he would......uh the gas light came on as I pulled into work.  Doh!


                        Ok, bossman is here for the next hour or so - bbl for personals.


                          RR: Track workout this morning. It will be my first since last summer.


                          NRR: Yesterday was one of those Mondays that just slap you in the face. It was such a great weekend reality hit hard.


                          TR/BR: I swear my little ones talk a mile a minute. DS doesn't talk yet but he babbles so between the two of them its constant.


                          TR: As I type this DD says guess how much I love you? I say how much. she says from the moon and back and gives me a hug. Love her (and that book)


                          be back for personals after track

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                          beskirted & manicured

                            bermy - I also wore capris today, it was 1C this morning at 6 am!


                            ernie - yeah it's the PC Blue Menu mashed potato topped chicken pie.  I shop at No Frills so it's kind of hit and miss on what they have in stock, but it is the same price as at Fortinos.


                            jen - yikes, B would have gotten a time out for the cup throwing.  Last night I went up to say goodnight to B and he greeted me at the door with a full force wallop from Dee Dee.  I think it was CA with the gallbladder issues, she ate really low fat.


                            mer - I don't recall you mentioning problems with your mom before?


                            shelby - sorry about your grandma.


                            arm - DHs never seem to understand our careful rationing of food, etc.


                            becky - why do you hate pumping gas? the only time I mind is when it's really cold because the gas station is somehow always like a wind tunnel and the coldest place on earth.

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                              rr: got in 4 miles on the tm this morning after the girls were at school and c was still sleeping.


                              br: started saying "basketball" and it is beyond cute.


                              tr: taking the kids swimming tonight. my bil is staying at a local hotel for work, so my sister is coming up too. last time we did this the girls were the only ones in the pool.


                              nrr: sil and brother are pregnant again. i am trying really hard to be excited about it, but they don't parent their current 2 children. my mom even said, "good luck to them," when she was babysitting their 2.5 year old daughter who kept bullying c.


                              fr: made cinnamon french toast last night for me and the kiddos. yum!


                                rg: i don't think we have ever done valentine's gifts for our kids. i am SO ready for park weather!


                                bermy: yah, i'm keeping my breastpump for my sister in case she ever needs/wants it. i didn't use it at all with dd2 or ds. ugh to the immunizations. now that there is a state immunization registry, i don't keep track of them on my own.


                                zorbs: think i need to check out said chicken pie. did b pee on the potty yet?! i had c on the potty the other day and he looked so proud. dh walked in and said, "you know he's gonna pee all over himself if he would actually go." this lead to a discussion with dh and best guy friend about what would happen if you wouldn't hold it when you peed. they told me it wouldn't be like a hose but there would be some erratic movement.


                                ernie: yay for another girl cousin. my brother has a 4 year old boy and a 2.5 yeard old daughter. i always wished they had had a girl first as our girls don't really play with cars, trucks, etc. and their daughter is too young yet to play what they want to play.


                                jen: i was looking at my hair yesterday realizing that i haven't had my hair highlighted since the week of my sister's wedding which was in april. with the cut i have now there's only a bit of blonde on the longer front parts.  hope you can get into the dr!


                                mer: yup, c does the same thing for my mil. and i don't feel one bit bad about it.


                                shelby: so so so sorry to hear about your grandma; i'm glad she died peacefully. dh's dad got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and died exactly one month later. it sucked.


                                arm: good luck with the juggling of the kids. i feel your pain!!


                                becky: 4:30am. i'd say that's a morning!


                                jmmiller: yay for the track workout. rp and i are going to join a group this summer that does track workouts.