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    mrszm - Wow, I'm surprised about your Brother and SIL.  When is the baby due?  Cinnamon french toast sounds really good...you make really good french toast!


    zorbs - I don't talk a lot about my mom.  We just don't have the best relationship.  I find it hard to talk to her about things and we have never been super close.  She always complains about not seeing her grandkids enough, but she makes very few attempts to do so.  I always tell her that she knows where we live and our phone numbers, but she doesn't follow through.  J knows MIL much more because she watches him during the week, but also because they seek out time with him.  Makes me do things a little different as a mom.


    jmmiller - The teacher read that book at art class last night!  J was so uninterested, but that is really sweet of your DD to say that to you.  Makes you melt, huh?


    beckykay - I hope you have a good run with RP.  When Jen and I would run together she was always so much faster and I liked that it pushed me to run fast.  I have to agree with zorbs, getting gas is more annoying than anything and in the winter it is like a tunnel of freezing cold air!  Keep up the smile for today!


    armmama - Book club is so hard to leave at a decent time.  What did you read?  We are reading The Liars Club and I just can't get in to it!


    jen - sorry you aren't feeling well.  You should definitely call and get that figured out.

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    Bad Ass Mother Runner

      Super quick selfish post for me:


      RR - tempo on the treadmill this afternoon if the stars align.


      TR - was a bear yesterday after her nap, then cheered up as soon as I left the house and was not happy about bedtime, she must have come out of her room 10 times.


      BR - is gonna be 5 mos old tomorrow - it has flown by.


      FR - pot roast in the slow cooker.  smells yummy in here already.


      NRR - going to SIL's for a playdate this am.  I'm getting my toddler alarm clock back from her, hopefully this'll keep M in bed a bit later.


      k gotta go get everyone dressed and ready to go, have a good one ladies!

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        Ernie – It is super icy here too.  Take it easy on your run.  Congrats to your sister on her baby girl.  How exciting.  Too cute about S walking.  She will do it for DH soon enough.


        Mer – I hope you have a good run and your meeting goes quickly.  Glad J had fun at Art class…kind of weird about your mom showing up there.  I want to come to your house for supper tonight.


        Shelby – You are more than welcome to vent/complain here whenever you want.  We definitely don’t think poorly of you and know how much stress you are under with EVERYTHING you have going on.  I am so sorry to hear about your grandma but I am sure she is at peace now.  It was nice that your mom and her sisters could be with her.  I hope you are able to get your run in and that H feels better today.  My stomach hurts in the upper right area which I looked up is the gall bladder.  It is also hurts into my back and more after I eat.  Ugh.


        Arm – I love your avatar!  Glad you and L got some extra sleep last night.  I hope you get some more and start to feel better.  Gotta love DHs’ and there love for candy…luckily mine is not home our J’s valentines would be gone too.


        Becky – I hope you get your 8 in today.  Sorry that C was up so early this morning.  Is he feeling better?  Have fun pumping gas…its so expensive right nowL


        Jm – I love baby babble…too cute about them talking together.  Awww…soo cute about DD and her love for you!  I hope you have a great track workout.


        Mrszm – Way to go on the TM run this morning!  I hope you guys have fun swimming tonight.  Sounds fun!  Yum on the cinnamon French toast.


        CA – I hope you can get your TM run in.  Sorry M was a bear yesterday.  Happy 5 months to O!  Crazy how fast that has gone.  Have a fun play date!!


        Honorary Old

          RR: Yesterday was a rest day, run today, hoping to do 5 miles, but what type of workout, I have not yet decided. Maybe DH will go with me?


          BR: was being really sweet and cute this morning. Said what *I think* may have been Love you, bye! when I dropped him off at daycare. I spent a lot of time snuggling and reading books with him this morning, I needed the love.


          FR: Junk yesterday- DH wanted food from the burger joint. I just got one small "Gobbler" sandwich- turkey and melted swiss on a bun with pickles.


          NRR: So busy yesterday- Dentist, Chiro, Allergist, work, Hair appointment, signed contract with our builder, and that photo workshop last night. Still feeling weird about the workshop- I didn't read the fine print to see that it was a women's christian ministry function and that the photo stuff my friend was doing was just a small part at the end, though I did learn a few new things. I'm agnostic so it was uncomfortable to sit through on top of my Ex-stepsister being there. Just kinda in a bummer mood today and was thinking about how I always feel like a square peg in a round hole.. I  never really fit in anywhere.

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            CA- I wonder why M has been so grumpy lately? It seems like you post daily that she's weepy, do you think she's having a hard time adjusting to life as a sibling and not an only child anymore?


            Runnergirl- I haven't gotten anything for R for valentine's day yet, I might get him a Thomas toy.


            Bermy- good luck at your medical. I had to redo some of my vaccinations because of lost records too. Have fun with the crazies! I might be meeting another one tomorrow to sell my Barbie weights and yoga stuff.


            zorbs- glad to dodged the tantrum bullet.


            Ernie- yay for a new niece!


            Jen- do you notice the nausea more after you eat greasy food?  Yay for having your hair highlighted, I chopped mine even shorter yesterday and I literally did nothing to it this morning, awesome!


            mer- my sickness only lasted 24 hours, but I am feeling really tired this past week. Wondering if its that PCOS blood sugar thing again? I might have to try eating veggie again for a few days to see if it helps my energy levels.


            shelby- you are a trooper for dealing with everything you do! Sorry about your Grandma, at least she isn't suffering anymore.


            armama- I still need to do R's valentines, luckily its only 12.


            Becky- Since that debit card fee thing went into effect all the gas stations here are offering a cash price vs credit/debit price so now DH wants us to buy with cash *sigh*


            jmmiller- So cute about your DD. R babbles incoherent stuff all the time and I have no idea what he's saying. I will ask him to repeat it and he does, word for word- so I think he's saying something that makes sense to him but is not actual words to me LOL


            mzm- why do crap parents always have too many kids?

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              Ok, did my work AND the idiots so she can focus on a project I have her last week that sehe has yet to finish....


              QTOD:  No, we are not into the hallmark holidays.  C will get plenty of crap at school.  I am the lazy mom that sends in the simplest cards she could find as well.


              RG:  LOL, I have to change C's pants often.  He loves splashing around in every puddle he can find.


              Bermy:  Wow this GC stuff is serious business, I had no idea!


              Zorbs:  Hmmm, chicken pie.  I told DH I would try it one of these days and since I have a longer run tonight I might just pick one up!


              Ernie:  Awe man, I wish someone in my family would have a girl.  I want to go shopping for cute girl clothes Smile


              Jen:  Oh man, that sucks about the oatmeal and the cranky DS.  I hope you feel better, get to the DR!


              Mer:  Hope you are feeling better as well!


              Ugh, phone ringing off hook....gotta go


                Good Morning!

                RR: Hopefully a jog/walk this afternoon but I am not making any promises Smile


                NRR: Today is not off to a good start.  I put a claim into our home warranty company 3 months ago about our oven that was not working properly.  They have given me the run-around for 3 months.  Last night in the middle of the night, it started emitting a high pitched ringing noise that was loud enough to wake me up all the way across the house.  When I called the company for the 4th time this morning, they apologized and said they would try and get the claim resolved in the next few days.  What do I do in the meantime??  It is such a horribly annoying sound.  AND THEN, I got to work, went to get my coffee. . .and there was a big OUT OF ORDER sign on the coffee maker.  AhhhhhhH!!!!!!!


                TR: the oven woke him up this morning and he came stomping into our room and said "HEY.  What's the big idea?"  It was hilarious.


                Be right back for personals.


                  Runnergirl: I have fond memories of fun valentines breakfasts as a kid.  I would like to start that tradition but I dont think I have the time or energy this year.


                  Bermy: I love selling old stuff.  It feels so productive!  I dont know. . .pusher playgroup and crafts. . .just be careful if there are scissors involved in these crafts : )


                  Zorbs: Sounds like not a bad tantrum to have.  you will be out of diapers in no time!


                  marathonjen: How do you know if it's gallbladder related?  I have wondered about mine because I tend to always have stomach issues and my sister had hers out.  Not sure if it's hereditary.


                  Ernie: Yummm, cinammon bread!  Can you guys tell I am having massive sweet cravings?


                  Shelby: I am so sorry about your grandma.


                    Spike –Funny story - I went to post office and posted the sewing I would love you to finish. The postage was all worked out by hand in stamps. So I asked the lady if she could choose pretty stamps for you and she spent ages finding all the ones with pictures on. Hope you like them! It will take 2 weeks to get to you apparently (even with a tracking number!). Dh go running with you? Does he? You had a crazy awesomely productive day yesterday.


                    Rg – I couldn’t wait any longer for the book so I ordered it on kindle. It was 10 bucks which was probably the cost of posting it to each other anyway. A million thanks for recommendations. I started reading it last night. It seems very sensible which is exactly what I am looking for. The park afternoon sounds so lovely. Great job mama for spending time outdoors with little man! And nice crafts!


                    Zorbs – ok, shame me with my pansy cold intolerance. I was proud I fit into them and didn’t have much muffin top. Enjoy your recovery run.


                    Ernie – yay for nap and yay for your sister’s baby girl! We have interview next for green card on 5th march.


                    Jen – it was 62. And  I was hot. I had loads of vaccinations when I was travelling and I have that record. There’s a lot missing though. Hope they can give them to me bf-ing. Oh no on gallbladder issues. What’s that from?


                    Mer – what’s the backstory with your mom? Glad you are feeling better Mer.


                    Shelby – hope you can get your run in. When you did your fm PR did you do every single run on the schedule or just as much as you could? Are there any vaccines I can’t have bf-ing? I researched as much as I could and they all look ok. Would love you to stick me with needles as long as you smile sweetly and wear that white coat. Sorry about your grandma. Big hugs. X


                    Arm – nice on getting valentine’s all done and funny about DH trying to take candy. Hilarious. Poor guy. Agree on stroller as helpful tool for what you’re about to do. Hope you’re not getting sick! How far away is your next hm?


                    Becky – we love you no matter what mood you are in. nice miles after work – wow! Forgot to ask – are you planning on hm or fm for Nashville? In Bermuda they have people who pump gas for you and you tip them. It’s annoyingly expected and wastes a lot of my dollars for something I can do myself. We could only get papers notorised at the US consulate as the law here is different and US lawyers don’t trust bandit lawyers here I think (understandable really). Your weight loss story gave me a real slap round the face to clean up my diet. Thanks Becky. Big hugs for that!


                    Jm – at dinner time I pop DS in high chair and cook in front of him tossing him the ingredients to eat and play with as I go and talk through the whole process. He watches it like it is a cooking show.


                    Mrszm – enjoy swimming – sounds like a blast. Maybe this baby will encourage your SIL and bro to parent.


                    CA – hope toddler alarm clock works for you. How is bfing going? Hope stars align for you. Star alignment wishes sent your way from Bermy.


                    Uphill – love the ‘what’s the big idea’ – that is just too cute. And how on earth is your company going to function without coffee? What do you do there? I chose not to go to pusher playgroup. We went to an old little town and walked the streets. DS loved it. So happy to hear you want to eat again. And, I know this might be an annoying question, but later on you will understand why... are you going to find out the genders of your babies? I am trying to plan out my next few months of crafts and you "might" be in its plans...

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                      CA: We love the toddler clock.  It only works about 25% of the time but it is better than 0%!


                      Spike: My appetite must really be returning because your turkey sandwich AND your dh's burger sounds really good.


                      Jmmiller: How was the track workout?  I always wanted to join the evening one (I think it's thursday?) but the crew is so intimidating.  Is everyone super fast or are there some slower runners?


                      Bermy: HECK YES we are definitely finding out the genders.  I am way too much of a planner not to.  I know the standard is between 18-20 weeks but I keep hearing more and more people who find out at their genetic screen ultrasound around 12 weeks so now I have my hopes up.  Mine is next thursday and I will be 12 wks 5 days.  But I need to keep reminding myself that is very unlikely and just try and wait patiently until April.


                      Honorary Old

                        Uphill- Gobblers are soooo good. I could eat 20 of them, I showed restraint because I ate at the pizza buffet for lunch LOL. Weird about your oven?! Didn't you guys just remodel your kitchen? That sucks!


                        Bermy- Yay! I love pretty stamps. I will email you to ask you a question. DH runs with me occasionally. He likes to lift so he usually runs between 2-4 miles on the TM. Plus then he can wear his Fire Dept pager in there and still go to fire calls if he gets toned out. I looked at our Google calendar and I either will be doing a stroller run or getting a babysitter because DH has plans at 6:30.

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                          CAR - I hope you have a great time at your playdate!  You are right, the 5 months has gone super fast!


                          jen - Its just a quick trip for dinner, right? Wink


                          spike - I had a burger last night and it was delicious!  I hope you get a great run in today!  Sometimes I wish DH ran, but most of the time LOVE the time alone. Smile


                          beckykay - I hope your day is going well.


                          uphill - I hope your day gets better.  I had a student say to me the other day, "Hey, Mrs. Mer, listen up."  It was a 7th grade boy.  You have to know him to understand.  I looked at him and said, excuse me.  He quickly realized what he had said.  I had to laugh at him.   I would find out as well if it were twins.  That is just too much unknown when it comes to planning.


                          bermy - There isn't a huge back story witih my mom.  I kind of think you would have to know her to understand.  mrszm and jen have both met her before.  We are just very different.  I can be very egocentric, but she thinks the world revolves around her. "Honey, I have your DH's birthday card.  He can come get it when he wants."  Um, okay.  She just isn't the BFF type.  At my baby shower, I slipped that I knew she had made a diaper cake, so she called one of the girls who she thought told me and yelled at her.  Yes, yelled.  Little did she know it was my dad that had told me.  I always end up apolgizing for her behavior.

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                            RG:  I will give the kids cards for V-Day.  DD won $50 at half time in the Superbowl pool so we took her to the bookstore to spend her money.  She picked a couple V-day books and we got a couple babyish books for DS.  I love the book store.  Too cute about the puddles.  I hope we get some good rain soon so I can do that with DD. I will check out another mother.


                            Bermy:  Great job on getting 9 miles in.  I alwasy wear capris even if its 65 out.  Sometimes I will wear shorts if its really warm. Smile  Good luck with the medical appointments.  I'm not a fan of needles but got used to them when I was pregnant.


                            Zorbs:  Good sign DS wants to sit on the potty even if its in tantrum mode.  Mmmm chicken pie.


                            Ernie:  Now I want cinnamon bread. I have the worst sweet tooth.  Yay on walking!!


                            Jen:  Sounds like you had a great day yesterday other than getting a cup thrown at you. Smile


                            Shelby:  So sorry about your grandma.  You do not need to apologize for anthing, you have a lot of stress in your life right now. If you can't vent here, where can you??


                            Arm:  Good luck at the doc today.  Is it just a check up?  Funny about DH trying to eat the candy.  What book did you read for book club? I'm reading Wild right now and really like it.


                            MrsZ:  I hate when people have kids and shouldn't.


                            On to page 2.

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                              Mer:  DD wasn't into the book at first either. We started reading it again recenlty and she loves it.  It also helps that Disney has made a show out of it.


                              Spike: I'm sorry you feel like that.  You fit in here!!  I can't even imagine how hard it was for you to see your ex-sil.  Too cute about DS babbling.  I'm sure they know what they are saying and we have no clue.  We've been teaching DS signs since he may not talk for a while.  He's really using them and understanding what they  mean.  Its great.


                              Uphill:  I would go nuts if that happened to me! BUT too cute about DS.  I did the track workout on my own.  I'm such a running loner.  I need to start running with groups more.  Have you ever run on the SBCC track?  It has to be one of the most beautiful tracks in the country.  I love it.


                              RR:  Track was awesome.   It took some time to warm up. After the warm up I did 5x800 Yasso's with 400 jog in between.  The first 3 were 3:25 and the last two were 3:21.  Total mileage was 7.  It felt great to get back on the track.  Something about speed makes you feel more alive.

                              5K - 21:44     10K - 44:54     15k - 1:09:37     HM - 1:39:05   Marathon - 3:28:48


                                Jen - I hear you on the grey hairs...totally baby related, I swear! I never had any before S was born. Definitely get to the doctor and find out what's wrong. I think if it's your gallbladder you have pain after eating anything with fat.


                                Mer - Sorry things are so difficult with your Mom. Was she upset that ds didn't seem to know her or is she too egocentric to even notice? Your dinner from last night and dinner options for tonight sound great - you're making me hungry!


                                Shelby - Did you decide to go with the BOB windshield? So sorry to hear about your grandma. I do not think you complain too much at all. Your life is crazy busy right now!


                                Arm - When S goes to bed unexpectedly early, I think about all the things I could do and then totally end up just going to bed early as well. Sleep is delightful. I think you'll feel great after three rest days. I've taken two unplanned cutback weeks this training cycle because of bad weather and have felt great and extra speedy the following week.


                                Becky - 4:30 am wakeup? Good grief! I also hate getting gas and always try to get DH to take my car and fill it for me. I really don't know why I hate it so much - it's quick and easy to do.


                                Jm - Have a great track workout - what kind of intervals are you doing? Aw, your TR is too cute!


                                Zorbs - I wish we had a decent No Frills around here. The Newmarket No Frills is a hell hole. Last summer I decided I was going to start shopping there instead of Superstore to save money. I quickly abandoned the idea when I discovered the nasty, sticky floor and gross smell. The aisles are also super narrow and I really didn't want to brush up against any of the questionable customers.


                                Mrszm - Cinnamon french toast sounds delish! Ugh, too bad sil and bro are such derelict parents that it's hard to be excited for a new baby. My SIL's son is totally bratty, to the point where we dread seeing him.


                                CAR - Hope you can get a run in! I guess it all depends whether the nap times line up?


                                Spike - Glad you got some baby love this morning! Hey, if it sounded like an "I love you" I would totally count it!


                                Uphill - Omg, that oven thing sounds so annoying. DS's reaction is hilarious though! And an out-of-service coffee maker at work is unacceptable at best! I hope you were able to sneak out and grab a coffee somewhere else.

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