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beskirted & manicured

    mrszm - unfortunately that brand of chicken pie is definitely only available in Canada.


    CA - I should get one of those alarm clocks.


    spike - yes, please sell your barbie weights Smile


    becky - the chicken pie is more like a shepherd's pie with chicken instead of beef.


    uphill - can you unplug the stove? B's tantrums would be a good sign if he would JUST ACTUALLY GO ON THE POTTY ALREADY!


    jmm - hope your track workout was good.


    ernie - ha, I am always bugging my friend in Newmarket to shop at No Frills but he works weird hours so prefers to go to Metro at 2 am.  I LOVE the No Frills here, I used to spend $150/week at Fortinos (loblaws) and at NF I got the bill down to about $80/week.

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      MrsZack: My sis is also working on having a third and she really shouldn't be.  Not only are her other 2 kids out of control, but she complains NON-freakin-STOP about how hard and stressful her life is.  I no longer have any sympathy for her.


      Jmmiller: I love the sbcc track!  My RP's and I ran there once a week during my last marathon training cycle.  I hardly ever go now because it is so far and time is precious these days : )  But you are reminding me I should get back on the high school track once the time changes and it stays light.  They dont keep the lights on at the high school unless there is a game so I can't run at night there in the winter and I am often the only one there so it wouldn't be safe anyways.  You should run with the track group!  I think they do one morning and one evening per week.  I vaguely know a few people who do it.  I bet you would fit right in.


      Ahhh, the coffee maker has been fixed!  They probably saw productivity waning and put in a stat work order Smile


        rg - how do you measure your own body-fat?

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          Zorbs: It is a wall oven so we can't unplug it.  It has to be removed and dissembled.  blurg.


            uphill: sounds familiar!! at one point said sil said, "i'll have more kids when i'm working more." strangely enough she took a job that she now works 3 days a week as opposed to 2 shortly before they announced baby #3. i have never heard her say how much she likes to have 2 days home with the kids and actually sends them to daycare for a couple hours on the days she is home with them. to be honest i think one of the reasons they decided on #3 is because all their close friends are either pregnant or recently had babies. not a good reason in my book, but whatever. for their second she bragged about having a repeat planned c-section, so this time around she is bragging about 3rd planned c-section and tube tying. nice, huh? they asked me to babysit the baby after her maternity leave and i am going to say no. i'm holding out for my sister to get pregnant as i already told her i'd watcher her baby. Smile


              MrsZ:  Why would she brag about her second and thrid planned c-section?!  I had them with both kids and in no way were they something to brag about.  Its actually one of the things that is big on my "cons" list for having another baby.

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                jmmiller: they both just thinks it's funny and convenient to pick out the day their baby will be born as opposed to "waiting" to give natural birth. what's funny is just when she told us about her second pregnancy (which she ended up miscarrying) she was saying how she was going to do a planned c-section and we were on vacation and one the top news stories was about how vbacs were actually considered a safer option than repeat c-sections in some circumstances.


                  rg - i think I answered my own question. I have a body fat scale which the dude recommends so that should work although read about fluctuations. wow, this is quite a mathematical read. I used a bodybugg/ body media device for a few years pre-pg and found it really insightful. It reminds me of how precise the measurements can get.

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                    ok back for more!


                    Mer:  My mother complains about the same thing, only she thinks I need to come to her all the time.  I don't mind but sometimes it would be nice if she visits me.  I do like running with a group to push me to be faster, but I feel bad holding anyone back if I can't keep up and sometimes its me just not trying hard enough.  I need to just suck it up some and push it Smile


                    CA:  Wow 5 months!  Hard to believe.  Hope you can get your TM run in and that the toddler alarm clock works Smile


                    Jen:  Yep, he's feeling large and in charge Smile I am sending DH to do it since he gets off work early and I am staying late.


                    Spike:  Ugh, that's even worse - I would have to go inside TWICE if I had to pay cash (and I won't leave C in the car alone so that means twice the car seat wrangling).


                    Uphill:  I think that may be a crime, leaving a coffee machine out of order....hope your stove gets fixed!


                    Bermy:  LOL on the bandit lawyers.  I am aiming for the half in Nashville, my favorite distance.  Typing out my story made me think about getting back the clean eating....must finish the girl scout cookies I have first though Smile


                    Ernie:  Yeah, I don't know why I hate it so much either.


                    JM:  Great job on the track workout!


                    Hmmm, either we are having an earthquake or someone's radio is WAY too loud.


                      not looking real good for all personals since L is currently fighting his nap.  Ugh.


                      Got home from the appt and it was just a light rain so I got all dressed ready to go running, got L in the car to take him to gym childcare and heard thunder.  By the time we got to the gym we were under a severe thunderstorm warning.  I was so bummed.  So I suffered through 5 miles on the TM.  I have not run on the TM in a LONG time but after a while I got used to it I guess.


                      QOTD - I think we have gotten the kids books before but haven't gotten them anything this year and not really sure I will.  I do them for their classes because they send class lists home.  Although L's included his teachers names and I hadn't really planned on giving any to the teachers.  Do I need to?  I might just give them each a bag of valentine m&ms because I have extra.


                      shelby - I'm sorry about your grandma Sad


                      jen - thanks! I finally figured out how to resize a picture on my computer so I could add a picture to  my profile, lol.


                      mer - we read The Kitchen House which was good!  I need to pick our book for April so if you read anything good let me know!


                      bermy - next hm is in 12 days so I hope I'm not getting sick or else I hope it goes away by then!  I have been slacking on my eating of grapefruit and oranges for extra Vitamin C so I better start doing that again.


                      jm - yep just a checkup, we have to go to the neuro every 6 months because she's on seizure meds.  We read the Kitchen House - I thought it was really good!  I'm going to check out Wild.


                      Bad Ass Mother Runner

                        Tempo run done, had to be imaginative, first 2 miles w/ O in the bouncy chair, then go put her down for her nap, then 3.5 more miles, and just as I stopped M was up. O's awake again but just babbling, so hopefully she sleeps more. She had a massive 2 hr nap at SIL's though so I doubt it.


                        Just a couple:
                        Spike - I probably whine about it more than she deserves. She is often grouchy when she's waking up, which is when I'm posting. She is mostly a happy kid.


                        Bermy - bf is great... O is a slower eater than M, so I have to adjust those expectations and be happy to sit for a half hour minimum, M was done in 5-10 mins max at this age. It is too bad that #2 is the slower eater as I have less time to lounge these days.

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