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Mighty Mouse

    Maybe the 40's tomorrow? Hope? Hope? Big grin

    Post at will.



    Mighty Mouse

      Friday I did 60 minutes on the track.

      Saturday was SDO. Honest!

      Sunday was a good 50 minutes on the track. I did some speed work since I had lots of extra sleep on the weekend.

      Today will be a track run. I've been trying to work on endurance. I missed doing it when I worked only on speed.

      Speed. Wow, is that a relative term for me with these short rodent legs. Big grin

      Happy runs, All! :::HUGS:::


      Disney freak

        Good Morning everyone!


        Off to work today after 16 days off.  It's almost like the first week of school.  I'll have to spend the week practicing procedures and "retraining" the kids.  Makes for an easy week, though.  I've learned, after 12 years, to try not to teach anything right after returning from a break.  Especially with the kinder and 1st graders!


        I've got Jazzercise scheduled after work today.  New workout routine for both me and DH.  We will see how it goes!  He is supposed to be walking the track at work today. He works at University of N TX, in the building right by the stadium, so no excuses unless it is raining!

        Lisa Marie

        • first 5K on 12/8/12 - 39:14
        • first 10K on 1/12/13 - 1:23:45
        • upcoming races: Hypnotic Donut Dash - 1/26, Hot Chocolate 5K 2/9, Rock n Roll half relay 3/24
        • training for Big D half on 4/14

          Judy, I didn't think you ever scheduled a day off.  : )  You deserved one.

          Anyone heard how Karen's 50 k went?

          Hiking for me this am-pretty easy 4 mi with group here,  3-4 easy this afternoon.

          Have a great day!

          Anonymous Guest


            Sorry for my post-and-run-ness over the weekend!


            As for the 50K, I kinda decided on the drive up that I might/probably would only do the 25K. I was tired and I hadn't even started running. Plus if I did the 50K, I would probably not get home until dark, and although it was a beautiful day for a run (sunny and upper 30s), I had a lot to do. I just wasn't feeling it. So once I got there I decided to only do one loop (2 loop course) and instead of walking the uphills, which I would normally do more of in a 50K, I pushed on the uphills as training for the 40 miler in February. And I ran a little faster than I would have in a 50K (not as training for the 50 miler, but just because I could since I was only running half as far). The course was beautiful, probably 98% singletrack. Hilly, very hilly, which was what I needed. Towards the end of the loop, the sun was high enough and the temps warm enough that the mud was thawing and the course was getting a little sloppy. I wasn't feeling the love there, so I was glad I had already decided to quit after one loop. Finished, signed out, ate some food, and made the hour and a half drive home with time left in the day to run some errands and stuff. I have been tired all weekend, and still am today, so I think I made the right decision. Especially since this wasn't a race, and I'm supposed to be finishing up the first week of marathon training, which called for an easy 6 that day.


            Sunday woke up stiff and sore. I can most certainly tell I haven't been running hilly trails for the last several months. I went to the rail trail by my house and ran an flat, easy 10 to loosen things up. I'm still stiff and sore today from Saturday, but much better than yesterday. I have trail runs planned at least every other weekend until Mt. Mitchell and will add more in, so hope that helps. Figuring out the training is tough, because I really just want to be able to finish Mt. Mitchell and not be too sore after, and I want to focus more on my May marathon. Which is super flat. The problems of wanting to do all the cool races/runs out east before moving to Texas in 2014/15, yet still do well in goal races. I am hoping to at least do a BQ-10 (3:45) at NJ, and may shoot for a BQ-20 (3:35). Which is going to require "real" marathon training.


            Ah well, there you have it. Now to go back and read the rest of the weekend's posts. Like I said, was really tired all weekend and didn't get on here much.


            Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
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