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    RR - 4 miles easy between clients.  Finally nice enough that I can go outside and not have to lug a pile of gear with me.


    TR - remember when I said Aveeno cream was a cure-all? yesterday he stepped on a duplo and and wanted cream for his foot.  3 pees in the potty!


    FR - sausages, stir fried peppers and onions.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26





      RR - around 5.5 in the dark... it was an awful run.  Stopped several times.  First my right quad cramped, about 2 minutes in... then I got spooked by what looked like a deer, but it could've been a coyote... Garmin stopped so I had to reset it... shoe lace came untied.  Ugh.


      BR - still has an ugly diaper rash.  Thinking those times she busts out crying for no reason is b/c that's when she's peeing/pooping and it hurts...was super cute last night at my sister's in-laws... she barely ate any food but oh well...


      NRR - that super long meeting on Friday didn't happen.. we had to reschedule for today.  What's worse... a super long meeting on a Friday or a Monday..


      zorbs - ya for peeing in the potty again!   Can't wait for warmer running weather... i'm not asking for shorts and tank weather, just temps warm enough where I don't have to wear gloves and ear warmers..


        RR - SRD. Legs are sore from 10k race yesterday. Lots of people wore blue and yellow to the race and they had Runners United For Boston bibs for us to wear on our backs and did a minute of silence before the race, so that was nice. After the race, some guy I had never seen before gave me a big bear hug and said "great race! You are a machine!". I am still laughing thinking about that.


        TR - Here we go again with the teething. Chewing her hand like crazy, a bit feverish the past two evenings and woke up practically every hour last night and the night before.


        FR - Stir fry with chicken, snow peas and red peppers, rice.


        NRR - I'm sure I had something to say here, but I am too tired to remember what.




        zorbs - I can't tell you how happy I am that it's warmed up enough to run without multiple layers. Lol at the cure-all...I've heard of kids thinking band aids cure everything, but the Aveeno cream curing everything is definitely a first!

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


          zorbs - LOL to B wanting cream on his foot.  Glad he is getting more consistent with the potty!  I am excited to run outside today too without a bunch of STUFF.


          CTimes - Sorry your morning run stunk.  At least you got it done though.  Poor C and her diaper rash...hoping it clears soon so she isn't in so much pain.  Ugh to the meeting today...I think a Monday meeting is worse...not a great way to start off the week.


          RR - Did 10 on Sat and 5 yesterday.  Aiming for 5 outside today before PT conferences...Guess I'll be taking a sponge bath between my run and conferences...hehe.  I live 30 min away so I could go home but there are so many road closures due to flooding that it took DH's coworker 90 min to get from our house to where I teach on Friday...If I go home I won't make it back in time!


          TR - Won't see him tonight.  I miss him already.  He was very naughty all weekend and continued to do things we told him not to do.  Like over and over and over again.  MIL is picking him up from daycare tonight and staying with him until I get home around 9.


          NRR - PT conferences tonight...ugh!  Such a long day.  I'll be here until around 9ish.  BOO!  I am super stressed about not having a job next year.  I talked to some coworkers and they think I should still apply for other jobs even though I am preggo.  But how do you explain to a employer that you can start in September but then need to take maternity leave in October?  I have had a job and my own money since I was 16...I don't know how to function without an income.  How can I start saving/cutting costs now?  I hate money worries!!




            RR:  5 outside after work.  Supposed to be in the 50s so I packed shorts!


            TR:  Happy Birthday, Little Man.  He is 2 today! And man, was he acting two this morning!  He gets to spend the day with grandma today so I am sure she will spoil him just a little extra!  Is super cute when you ask him how old he is and he says two...almost sounds like shoe!


            NRR:  Party yesterday went well.   Typical family stuff.   BIL and SIL didn't RSVP, BIL showed up late, didn't leave the kitchen and was the first one to leave.  Good.  My other SIL, my brothers wife, left for a while with her 3 boys at our house....one ended up outside without anyone knowing and was showing J how to go down the stairs head first on his belly.  Yeah.  Overall, a good day.


            FR:  Lots of pizza and other crap, but it was delicious.


            PGR:  Thinking I am feeling some movements.  Going to call today and schedule our 20 week ultrasound.  I am super excited about that!



            zorbs - Yay for pottying.  Your hair looks great, btw.  Although, I couldn't imagine spending that much on it.


            cx2 - Sorry about the crappy run.  Poor C with her diaper rash.  DH is a big fan of vasoline for that as a protectant.  (With J, of course!)  I hope your meeting goes fast...I am thinking Monday is worse...at least with a Friday you know you have a couple days off coming.


            ernie - Great job with your 10K!  Do you use Tylonel at all?


            jen - That is one LONG day!  Good for you for running in between, I used to do the same thing! Smile  I saw online that the flooding was really bad by you.  That is sweet of your MIL to help you out.  I take it DH is gone for the week?  When did he leave?

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            Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



              RR:   SRD, which is great because I am sore!! I haven't been sore after a LR in a long time but this weekend did me in. I had my tough uphill snowshoe on Sat and then yesterday for part of my run I did the HM course I am doing in July. They don't call it Mountain Madness for nothing. It was so hilly! The whole thing was rolling hills but there was also a section that was a 1.5 mile straight steep climb up a mountain. I can't believe I did this HM pregnant...it was tough.  1.5 mi climbing with no break is no easy feat.


              TR:  Was such a fun guy all weekend.  My parents bought him a little John Deere wagon which he pulled around all weekend.

              NRR: Said goodbye to DH last night for 6 weeks. We can write him letters though so we will be doing lots of that.

              zorbs:  He is doing so great with the potty.  What a champ!


              cx2:  Sorry your run was so crummy.  And I am not sure about which is worse.  I would say Friday since you have to do it today Smile


              ernie:  Awesome job again on your run.  You are such a fast mama!  You rock the 10k and HM distance, my two most feared distances.  DO you use a training plan for HMs?


              jen:  I am so sorry about the job worries.  I would keep applying.  I guess that worst that can happen is you don't get hired.  But maybe you will!


              mer:  Happy birthday J!  So glad the party went well, despite the family crazies, ha.

              5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                rr: 3m tonight outside since it should be 55F yet!


                rr2: went to lulu for the first time finally yesterday. they only had the short run swiftly tanks which were ridiculous on me and boring colors in the short sleeve shirt. I tried on a size up in shorts than what i had bought online and bought them only to get home and have dh tell me they looked ridiculous and baggy. Nice.


                br: starting saying "this" and "yes" and now instead of saying "eh" when he wants something he just says mama over and over and over again.


                tr: dd2 inisted on wearing a brewers shirt today and dd1 a belt of course. dd1 also said that she needed to tell some big kids on the bus that they couldn't sit in the front seat bc one of her friends was riding the bus for the first time this morning and had to sit there. Yah good luck with that.


                nrr: lots of extra stuff going on this week at night.


                fr: chicken sandwiches tonight.


                zorbs: love the cure-all. yup, I am looking forward to a lot less running clothes laundry!


                cx2: I feel your pain...I had a terrible run on Saturday. Sad Monday morning meeting would be terrible!

                ernie: great job on your race! guess you can take killing a 10k off your list of things to do!


                jen: ugh to p/t conferences; one of the things I do not miss about teaching. I would keep applying. I bet there are people out there too worried about getting sued to not hire a pregnant person. we never thought we'd be able to survive on one income, but we probably have more extra money now than we did before. you know what the say: the more money you have; the more money you spend. Smile


                mer: happy birthday to j! glad the party was a success; had to LOL out your relatives. at least j's godparents didn't have to leave for a beerfest like m's will next month. did you do pizza for the party (ordered in?)? trying to decide what to do for m's party. i'd take 2s over the 3s any day!!


                strollermama: your hm sounds like it will be a tough one. I despise hills; i'm such a baby at them. how sad to be saying good bye to dh for a couple weeks. can he write back to you?


                  cx2 - You come across a lot of wildlife on your runs...do you live in a rural area? Ew, super long meeting on Monday is awful. On the bright side, the rest of your work week can only get better!


                  Jen - Oh no, the flooding sounds pretty bad...hopefully it doesn't get worse. Is it still raining there? At least if it is, it will be like taking a shower while you run Smile. I'm sorry you are dealing with this stressful job situation. Maybe (if you haven't already) if you discuss with DH about saving for the possibility of you taking some time off you'll feel less stressed? There are some built in savings to being off, like gas money. And it can't hurt to keep applying to jobs...you might get hired despite your planned mat leave, or you might get offered a position for January or a subbing position.


                  Mer - Yay for running in shorts! It's shorts running weather here again, too. And I think I've decided I'm taking a stand and am not going back to tights no matter what at this point now that April is more than half over. Happy birthday to J! Very exciting you are feeling movement. That is such a milestone in the pregnancy. I do use Tylenol and Oragel for S's teething but she is still a total mess. I think I need to try Advil and see if that works better. I'm thinking of trying one of those amber teething necklaces, too.


                  Stroller - No wonder you are sore from a long run after that epic snow shoeing! How far along were you when you did the pg hilly half? That is hardcore! When I did my March half, I followed a training plan I got from a friend. I think his run club made it up.  Now I'm following Hal Higdon advanced 10k and I have another 10k coming up in three weeks. Don't fear the half distance - you will rock it, especially coming off your full training. I still kind of fear the 10k distance even though my race went well yesterday - it is so painful to keep going at that pace for the last few kms!

                  5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                    RR - Planning on 4 miles sometime today. Meeting a friend for a little tennis this morning.


                    BR - is soooo talkative but seems to be talking in his own language so we can't understand what he is saying, lol.  I need to get him on video.


                    KR - everyone is back at school today!  DD3 was complaining her stomach hurt last night but was fine this morning, whew.  I'm ready for this bug to be out of here.


                    FR - thought I had an idea for this but I think it was just a dream last night.


                    NRR - have been working like mad to get the house de-cluttered and cleaned up.  Have gotten rid of so much stuff, it's crazy.  All the bedrooms are done and the kids rooms look so new and open.  Sold my high chair on craigslist which was really my last baby thing hanging around besides the crib which I plan on using for a while yet.  Kind of sad, but also nice to not have to store that stuff anymore.  My car is stuffed full of things to bring to Goodwill and I have more stuff piled up ready to be donated after I drop this load off.  Will probably take it to a different donation site so I don't overwhelm Goodwill!


                    zorbs - lol on the Aveeno.  whatever works!  Yay for not having to bring a bunch of gear today!


                    cx2 - man you have some creepy runs!  Are you in a neighborhood or is it pretty isolated?  I'm too scared to run early in the morning at my parents because of coyote.  I know they're everywhere but I hear them and see them at my parents more often.


                    ernie - you are so speedy!  Funny about the guy giving you a hug.  I had a guy I didn't know tell me I was running a great pace during a race once, it is a nice confidence boost!


                    jen - I think a sponge bath would be just fine!  Of course I'm not the one sitting next to you Wink.  I'm sorry about your job situation next year, I hope you can work something out.  I would apply too.


                    mer - aww, happy birthday to your little man!  Exciting you are starting to feel little movements!


                    strollermama - sounds like you deserve a rest day after your run yesterday!  That is one long hill!


                    mrszm - sorry to hear your lulu trip wasn't that great!  L says "eh" when he wants something too!


                    Honorary Old

                      RR: SRD today. Ran 3.6 miles yesterday and got 20.2 mpw. Yay I also did that ST circuit, but I'm not sore at all today, but I did find the exercises hard. Thinking the soreness was from doing the ST last time after what was basically a 5 m stroller tempo.


                      TR: Up at 5 again.. this kid!  Took a 3 hour nap yesterday, so that could be part of it.


                      FR: Roasted chicken thighs on a bed of potatoes and roasted veg last night. Unsure about tonight.


                      NRR: I'm taking half the day off to fart off and run errands. Getting my hair done at 1:30 and a doctor's appt for me and Reid at 4:15. Follow up appts for both of us- I'm going to see if I can switch off this BC that he put me on in Nov, and make sure that R's RSV/Ear infection is all cleared up and get him some 2nd doses of vaccines.

                      2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                        spike you must be up early to post before me!


                        RR: 3m taper taper taper. I think I run 7m this week. Taper makes me feel lazy! Did last lr yesterday of 8m and took pace super easy so that was fine.Ran a mile with a lady I met on the trail who was 59 and hoping for a 2.15 hm. She was such an inspiration. DH, DS and I drove the fm course yesterday and there was nothing that I felt I couldn't do. It was all pretty reasonable so that was great for my confidence.


                        NRR: have my mother's help girl coming in about 30 mins to show her the ways of bermy. Hoping to get her to babysit when I do track runs plus swimming, core classes, dentist, hairdressers, sit and have a cup of tea on my own etc etc. Hope she works out. Today I am just showing her round but I will use her time to help me get guest beds ready for hm weekend, help on a target run for some big stuff etc.


                        BR: is riding his scooter around the house like a little racing scooter champ. Has gone off cheese. It was his favourite thing for a while. Now he rarely eats it. Getting a ton more teeth. Lots of white sharp bits poking in his gums.


                        FR: fish tacos

                        5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                          Ernie – Great job on your 10K yesterday…even complete strangers were super excited for your awesome run.  Sorry about the teething…hopefully she cuts the teeth quickly.


                          Mer – Happy 2nd Bday to J!!  I am glad you had a decent party…sounds like the typical family issues though.  Yay for feeling movement.  Yes, DH left this morning until Thursday.  He always says he can plan his trips around stuff I have going on but it never works out that way.  He has not been here one time while I have had conferences.


                          Stroller – Wow…sounds like you have done a number to your legs this weekend.  Good for you for running the tough hilly course.  Glad you had fun with DS this weekend.  So sad that you cannot contact DH (other than writing) for 6 weeks.


                          Mrszm – Sorry lulu was kind of a bust.  I hope you have a good run outside in some decent weather.  LOL to DD1 and the bus issues…hopefully the other kids understand.  You make a good point about money. I think if I were really trying to save and pinch pennies I would be much more diligent.  I am sure we can make it work…I just don’t want to have to J  I hate answering to DH with little oneise twosie things that I buy.


                          Ernie – The rivers here crested this morning and we are only supposed to get ½-3/4 of  an inch tomorrow so they think the flooding will be fine.  Hopefully they can get the water under control and open the roads again.  DH and I did talk and DH thinks it is best for me to stay home until January with both kids.  Although we decided that J still will go to daycare 2x per week so his routine is not completely changed.  You are right…I will save in gas money but our health insurance costs are going to increase dramatically which is not good.  Plus we lose my entire income.  It will be tough to manage at first but we will figure it out.


                          Arm – I am glad everyone is feeling better in your house.  Did you end up getting sick?  Yep, J has some of his own language too.  DH and I just look at him sometimes, and say huh?  Sounds like you made a lot of progress in your house.  Are you starting to pack?  LOL…I’ll be sure to take a thorough sponge bath and add some good smelling body sprayJ  Oh and deodorantJ


                          Spike – Yay for a 20 mile week…you were determined and got it done!  Glad you are taking a ½ day off to get some stuff done…you deserve it.  Hope your appointments go well and that R is all cleared up.  I love your picture btw!!


                          Bermy – Enjoy the taper!  You are not lazy…you earned it.  Let the body heal and get ready for the 26.2 miles!  Glad you got a chance to drive the course and that helped build your confidence.  You are going to rock it!  I hope all goes well with your helper and that she is a great help to you.  Will you be paying her hourly?  DH and I had talked about getting someone to come in a few hours during the day to help when baby #2 is here and I am hope alone for a week with both kids.  MIL may be able to help but not always.  I am trying to find some options.


                          Honorary Old

                            zorbs- I'm kind of reconsidering my SRD today since I have time off, but I might go get a pedi or something instead. Sounds like B is starting to get the potty thing!


                            cx2- sorry about your crappy run.


                            Erin- good job on your 10k  yesterday!


                            Jen- I'm really sorry about your stressful job situation. If they are a district worth teaching for, they will recognize your skills and potential. Would you take the full 3 mos of leave?


                            Back for more later

                            2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                              jen - we found her on care.com and we just looked for everything that we wanted in someone we trusted with our son. Yes for by the hour by all negotiable. So far, she has read more books to him in 10mins than anyone else in his whole life. This is going to go well I think. And in that 10 mins I emptied the dish washer, cleaned up the sink, cleared out the fridge and might start to prep dinner. Erm, yes, why didn't I do this sooner?!!

                              5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                                Just popping in again really quick... turns out I had 3 meetings today... one is done, the other is coming up and then the super long torturous one this afternoon.... sorry for the spotty personals..


                                bermy - so glad you found someone to help you out!  does this mean you won't be pushing DS in the stroller for long runs anymore?


                                mer - happy 2nd birthday to J!!


                                spike -hi!  sorry i never get the chance to write a comment for you, but i see your posts every day!  your FR sounds good.. i like the taste of chicken thighs more than chicken breast but DH doesn't... the thighs have so much more flavour...


                                For those who asked - I live in a residential suburb, but it's a newer area and we've forced out some of the animals so they're always wandering around... there's still a lot of brush in the area, so deer and coyotes and bunnies and even foxes like to hang out... i'm way more scared of stray dogs and skunks...