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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: Ran 3 miles on Saturday with a friend, faster than I've run in months! I felt great the entire run, yay! Nothing yesterday as I was wiped out. Have my gym bag packed for a swim tonight.


      PGR: 25w1d! Seems like some sort of milestone. I think I feel that way at every 5 week increment, ha! Feeling big, and much more tired than the last few months. I think the second tri energy is winding down for sure. My next appointment is Thursday. Not looking forward to the scale. Last night I had the worst sleep of my whole pregnancy. I couldn't get comfortable and apparently I was hot/cold constantly. DH said I kept putting all the covers on him and he didn't sleep well either. Well all I remember is being cold and not being able to get the covers away from him! haha


      NPGR: Had a good weekend! Cookie baking on Saturday was super fun. The Ugly Christmas Sweater party after was good too, but I was so exhausted from the day that I wasn't much fun. And there was a fire outside, and a smoke machine in the basement (so random), I think they both really bothered my asthma because my sore is throat now. Boo. Yesterday DH and I got our tree and I spent the afternoon decorating and then just relaxing and recovering from the crazy weekend. Today is going to be NUTS at work because our big suite of reports that is usually due after the 25th of the month is due tomorrow at noon. Blah.


      Have a great day!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        MA: nice job on the run, it still hurts my insides that I can't be running out here while y'all are still truckin! Sorry about the sleep, it's hit or miss with me these days. 


        PR: Survived meeting hundreds of people  at the wedding all asking the same q's. haha. We got a really cute gift from Zach's friends here, onsies for each month and a giant photo frame with 12 spots for each one , too cute!


        ER: at the SWEET hotel, I did the bike a lot.  I don't feel bad after working out on the bike I bet I could totally run and be fine.. ugh. It's below freezing here this am in Texas ( of course, when I come) so everyone is freaking out haha. I'm going to go out soon to walk / wog around the University .. it's a nice 3k path. Hubby didn't let me take my water or anything I use for running so I guess that might stop me from trying aha. 


        Family is good, except the DRAMA.. ha. Grandparents got a new house at the country club, but it only has 2 bedrooms. We are going up this weekend and they offered for my MIL and BIL to stay at a nice hotel so the MIL freaked out and refuses to go, I offered to stay at the hotel instead, as  I TOTALLY get the space thing and was going to ask them to stay in a hotel when they came to Canada haha. ( might not go over so well) anyway  that didn't seem to appease it.. the MIL and BIL are all pissed off and might not come now.. meh. Poor hubby is stuck in the middle on our vacation. 

         Ok off for my walk, going to TARGET and the grocery store!! Can't wait ! (I'm so Canadian haha) 


          37 weeks and 3 days


          PGR: I had a ton of BH on Saturday, but after laying down to sleep, they stopped.  I actually slept well, so I will see it as a drawWink 


          RR: Going for a run and yoga after I sleep some.


          NPGR: In laws are coming tomorrow.  I am trying to get a few things done so I can go to sleep at a decent time tomorrow before dh picks them up from the airport.


          This weekend I went to a spa that was having a Christmas event that I read about in the paper that morning.  I got a chair massage, hand massage, hair done and makeup for free.  I did forget my cell phone at home and my dh was freaking out wondering where I was since he was out at the gym when I left, oops. 


          We were super short last night and will be again tonight...if I go into labor, I will not be sad.  I will be eating curry, pineapple and will be using my DH if needed....


          MArunner: Congrats on 25 weeks!  Great job on your run with your friend, I'm glad it felt good.


            Jazz: Sorry about the family drama, but at least it's not your family.  Hope you enjoy the grocery store.


              Good morning ladies!


              MA - I hope the report writing isn't too painful (or over and done with quickly anyway); sounds like a crazy, busy weekend! Enjoy your swim this afternoon.


              Cjazz - Ah, gotta love family drama, people can be so sensitive to the most imperceptible slight! Hopefully it works out well, continue to enjoy your holiday!


              Teri - Boo on short staffing, I hope one of your selected inducement methods work Smile 


              TN - I'm sure you've seen this magazine, just came across it via a blog: http://www.twinsmagazine.com/html/TWINS_Holiday12.html




              PGR - 33w. Time seems to have slowed but my belly growth hasn't! m/w appt today; as Liz mentioned last week, I'm not as big a fan of the afternoon appts as my weight is far better in the morning Smile Agh, such vanity. Feeling high energy otherwise.


              RR - Elliptical for an hour Saturday at work, yesterday elliptical run then an easy 2km swim after work...today weights and a walk.


              NRR - Worked most of the weekend; this Wednesday we are off to the island to go house-hunting, Thursday the outdoor Club ladies are throwing me a baby shower, Friday is Christmas party #1, Saturday s pre-natal class day followed by Christmas party #2...excessive socialising skills required! I shall psyche myself up.


                We had our first snow of the season yesterday... of course even when its on the weekend the snow always has to fall when I have places I need to go!


                RR: Ended up being another lazy weekend. Then only 2.5 miles in this morning... I think my running is going to wind down sooner than I had hoped. I can still do it, but its hard and I'm just not enjoying it. My lower legs felt like they're probably going to be sore later like they were on Thursday. Problem is I don't know what else I'd really enjoy. I swam a lot last pregnancy but I really don't have the time for it now. I'll add a spin class or two, but the class schedule doesn't work well for me to do that more than once or twice a week. I'm not a big fan of ellitpical, but that will probably be the majority of my workouts. We'll see, maybe my next run will be better. Or maybe I can continue running a mile or two in combination with other workouts. I'm feeling sorry for myself this morning, can you tell?


                PGR: 28w3d. Appointment tomorrow. I had a cruddy night sleep Saturday night, was up for an hour and a half in the middle of the night. Luckily A slept in so I could make up for it, but its going to stink if/when this starts happening during the week when I have to get up early! Its also getting harder to move around in bed. I was thinking about how it seemed like I wasn't carrying P as high as I carried A, but he must have read my thoughts or something because this weekend he decided to nestle himself up nice and high under my ribs, so bending and breathing have been noticeably more difficult the last few days. Maybe thats why the running was so hard this morning too. I kinda figured it would be. 


                NRR: Had a really fun birthday weekend and now we settle in for the run to Christmas... we're traveling in less than two weeks! Why does time keep going so fast? DH and I had a great day off on Friday and then Saturday was a nice family day with see a holiday train exhibit, baking cookies and dinner out. Yesterday was my community band Christmas concert, during the snow. My parents who live an hour away tried to come but didn't end up getting here. It at least wasn't too bad so DH and A came! A doesn't have the attention span to sit through a whole concert though, she made it almost halfway before she went to play (the concert was in a library).


                And now to add to my cranky mood, getting back to work after a day off and finding a bunch of crud that came in Friday that I need to do as soon as possible, kinda makes it not worth it to take a day off! But I'll stop whining now. Have a great day everyone!


                  MA - Your weekend sounds like it was really busy!  GL with the busy day at work.


                  Canada - Boo to inlaw conflict - enjoy Target!


                  Teri - The spa sounds wonderful! I'd love some pampering like that.


                  Ozzy - Thanks for sending the magazine link! I've been a bit hesitant about "twin" stuff just because of all the anxiety I've had so far, but I'm starting to relax a bit.... Good luck with the househunting!


                  monk - Glad you and DH had a nice day to spend together! Sounds like you got some of the same snow we did...


                  PGR: 16w6d. u/s tomorrow - excited to see the babies and curious whether we'll get a glimpse of the sex - I wasn't expecting the opportunity before Christmas, so I guess we'll see.  I'm hoping to keep it private for a while, because I don't want my mom going all gung-ho buying gender-specific stuff, especially pink since I am not a fan. Some maternity tops I had ordered in the mail arrived this weekend, so I tried them on for DH, and it looked more like bump than pudge...however, the "bump" seems to have gone down a bit this a.m., so I'm not ready to switch over yet...


                  RR: vball tonight - my sciatica seems to have resolved, so I'm going to play tonight and see how it goes, but now I'm expecting vball to aggravate it...


                  NPGR: bball tournament this weekend, plus we got some snow, and the roads are terrible and icy today.  My niece who lives in Missouri has requested snow when they come visit for Christmas, so it looks like we might be able to comply!


                    Hi ladies, I'm new to preggos but have posted with the DIVAs on and off for years, and admittedly I've done some lurking here the last couple months and you've been a great source of inspiration and support, so I figured it was time to join in...


                    PGR: 13w4d just starting to enjoy food again most days and yesterday I had my first insatiable hunger day, strange feeling, but makes me think the baby's growing! Just told people this past week and it was fun, everybody says I'm not showing, but I can tell big changes are on the way.


                    RR: didn't do much running the first tri because I felt lousy (just fatigue and nausea, normal stuff), but getting back to it now. Ran 2.5/3ish on Friday and felt great. Golfing and dog walking over the weekend. rest day today because it's raining and I'm going to run tomorrow when it's nicer  because sometimes I'm a wimp. Smile


                    NRR:  had the best round of gold of my entire life this weekend, so that was a pleasant surprise.Otherwise, it was a Christmas-y weekend. We bought our tree and a set of holiday/winter dishes (snowflake pattern) and went to a friends annual cocktail party. Kind of missed the cocktails, but my ginger ale wasn't so bad I guess.


                    Looking forward to getting to know you all!


                    Btw, my screen name is new, I was out of ideas and found it via screen name generator and it reminded me of Dr.Horribles Terrible Sing Along Blog, which i love and the name just makes me giggle. I just like to let people know that so they know it's silly and I'm not an egomaniac Smile


                      MA: Yay for a fast and enjoyable run! I can't wait to get back out there... in March. Good luck working through all those reports today!


                      CJ: Meh, family drama! At least you're mostly an observer. Nice job bringing the cold down to Texas Smile Can't wait to hear what you pick up at Target.


                      Teri: I'm trying to figure out how BH feels. I don't think I'm feeling it yet, but who knows! Your free massage sounds fabulous, except for your panicked DH.


                      Monk: Sorry the running isn't working out for you. You're going to end up like me and look longingly at runners for the next few months. Smile You may find the elliptical a little more enjoyable than pre-preggo, if only because it really helps your legs feel lighter. 


                      TNesq: I'm expecting a girl and told many people "no pink" which has fallen on deaf ears - so I'm with you 100%. I remember putting on maternity tops early and they just seemed so big. Now they're all tight. LOL. Happy to hear your sciatica has been resolved! 




                      PGR: 34w1d I think my belly has 'dropped." Yesterday was a crappy preggo day. I feel like I pulled a groin muscle. At first I thought it was because my belly is so heavy so I bought a belt (it's helping a little) but now that I can't really put on my right pant leg without DH's help, it seems to be groin. Fingers crossed I don't go into early labour with this! I also had some heartburn and acid reflux yesterday - first time in a month or so. Hopefully today will be better.


                      ER: I really want to work out but I should relax this pulled muscle. I'm feeling MASSIVE. HUGE. I really need to stop eating like I deserve all the chocolate.


                      NPGR: Did you hear the one about the monkey at the IKEA store? So sad I missed seeing that in person. I can't stop thinking about his shearling coat and how stylish it was! LOL.


                        Morning all.


                        RR - Met my goal of 10 miles for the week last week on Saturday and yesterday went out for a 1.1 mile speedwalk in the mist. DH came home a day early from his trip, sick, and DS was a total clingbot so I wasn't having the Sunday I'd planned of reinforcements and cooperation to get things done I wanted to get done. It's colder here today, so maybe I'll just go out by myself. I really need to start my gym membership.


                        PGR - Almost 12 weeks! C'mon end of 1st tri! 


                        NPGR - Already this morning is turning into a best laid plans... kind of morning. I resign myself to however the day unfolds, it unfolds.

                        I was able to get my DS's year in review book done on Shutterfly, so major props to myself for that.


                        MA - Good job on the run. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Hope you get better sleep tonight.


                        Canada - Oh family drama. Sounds like you enjoyed the sweet hotel to the max. Love the monthly pic frames. They change so much in that first year!


                        Teri - Hope you make it through work ok! Curry, mmm.


                        Ozzy - I bet this week will just fly with all the events you have lined up. Happy house hunting!


                        Monk - Looks like all of WI got snow. We got chilly mist, but I just read a headline in the paper that Chicago is verging on 280 days of no snow. I'm kind of glad it has been mild for us, but I'm also hoping for at least one decent snowfall so we can take DS out in it. Considering he was only like 4 months at this time last year. Glad you enjoyed your birthday weekend!


                        TN - Oh I hear you about gender specific stuff. If we have a girl this time I am braced for the onslaught of pink. It didn't seem so bad with a boy even though I know in the beginning you get a lot of blue, but people know us pretty well and also didn't get us a bunch of sports themed clothes either. So I am grateful. Maybe you'll have twin boys! Wink Hope your vball game doesn't bother your sciatica.


                        DrT - Ha! Dr. Horrible! I'm going to start humming one of the songs now. Welcome! Sounds like you've been keeping plenty active.


                        YJPM - All the chocolate you say? I thought I had that title, she says, as she puts chocolate chips on pb waffles.

                        Hope your pulled muscle resolves itself. Does heat help?


                          PG: 19w!  Almost half way.  I guess it wasnt a good weekend for sleep for a lot us.  I slept crappy sat night, woke up Sunday feeling like first tri fatigue.  Not only did I skip my run and ate chocolate cake and pizza.  Lazy plus no kitchen is not helping with trying to eat healthy.




                          NPGR: Had a fun night with my girlfriends on sat for our annual xmas party.  Looking forward to more holiday fun this weekend!  Dinner at my favorite tapa restaurant and watching the Nutcracker ballet.  Surprised I got DH to agree to that!  But I have a feeling that he is going to be disappointed because he was asking if it was going to be as good as the Lion King....lol.  A bunch of my running friends are meeting up Sunday for a free holiday 5k/toy drive.  Christmas attire is encouraged and hot chocolate at the finish line.


                          MA: good job on the run.  It feels so good to have an "on" day.


                          Canada: I saw pics of the onsies on pinterest.  Super cute!  I can’t imagine life w/o Target!


                           Tiny: 37w and still running AWESOME!!  A day of pampering sounds perfect.


                           Ozz: I track my weight at home on my own scale so I try not to get too bothered by the dr office's scale.  I think we can all agree the dr scales are always wrong!


                          Monk: glad you had a nice bday weekend. try adding some weight training to your workout schedule to change things up.  Anyone know if the rowing machine is ok for preggos?


                          TN: hope you get to find out the sex and good luck trying to keep it a secret.  I have my u/s on 12/20 and trying to keep it a surprise until Christmas day.  Not sure I can hold it in for 5 days.


                           DrT:  Welcome and CONGRATS!


                          You: hope you feel better.  What brand belt did you get?


                           Schm: yay for meeting goals!  I felt a ton more energy in the 2nd tri.


                            Back again... Forgot to mention this crazy dream I had last night; LO was moving around so much in my dream that he (as it turned out) cut his way out of me with his fingernails, like something out of 'Alien', it was freaky and gross! Oh, and second weird thing from the weekend is that immediately after DH left for his midnight shift on Saturday night I had this horrible sense of foreboding and burst into tears and couldn't stop sobbing for 10 mins, it was very very strange and disturbing - hopefully just a momentary glitch in the preggo hormones...


                            Monk - sounds like a fantastic weekend! Totally forgot about the spinning option, my groin won't have a bar of the thought but a good idea for keeping fit!


                            TN - ha on the pink comment, that is a part of the reason I'd rather not find out gender as I know people will give me pink despite my requests to the opposite if it is a girl! I hope the u/s goes well.


                            DrT - Hi, welcome and congratulations on surviving the first tri Smile  You didn't say where you lived but either you are a hard core/must golf golfer - or you live somewhere relatively warm to be golfing still? I'm glad you've been able to return to the running, sounds like you had a great weekend.


                            YJPM - Love the "I really need to stop eating like I deserve chocolate" comment, that cracked me up as that is how I have been living each day! I'm at the point where I think I'll give up trying to resist it, I mean...in a couple of months I won't be preggo anymore with an excuse to be carrying a li'l extra....I am starting to feel pretty awkward too, especially when I sit in a chair or car seat for long periods and my belly is getting in the way more putting on shoes and socks....


                              Quick one from work. Hope to be back for personals later.


                              PGR - 24wks 2 days. Feeling pretty good, but struggling with how I feel after I eat - still that going to explode feeling (experiencing it now, even though I had what I thought was not a lot of food, planning to go back for more later. Guess it wasn't small enough.


                              RR - No running over the weekend, but was active. 4.5 mile walk on Saturday AM and prenatal yoga class Sat afternoon. DH and I did a 7 mile hike on Sunday. This AM, ran to-from bootcamp (3 miles total) and did bootcamp. Today was pretty challenging bootcamp session - a whole bunch of burpees at the end, which left me feeling a bit of pressure in the pelvis afterwards. SHould prob wear my gabrialla belt to bootcamp. I think my belly will get in the way of push ups soon...


                              NPGR - things are getting busy at work, which is good for me. But also only two weeks 'til we go to CA for the holidays. Need to figure out some stuff to wear at the ski resort. Haven't even tried my ski jacket on but assume it won't fit. Won't be down hill skiing but need stuff for snowshoeing and xc.


                              Okay, have a good one all!


                                DrT-  welcome! Yay for making it through the first tri! At 16 weeks, when I look down I feel like my belly is huge and noticeable, but when I look in the mirror I just look like I ate a big lunch.


                                yjpm - I hope you feel better today - probably a good idea to rest the tired muscle.  I'm actually worried about maternity tops, because I have SUCH a long torso, that as the belly increases, they are going to inch upward any those lovely maternity belly panels will start to show - "tunic" length is normal length on me...


                                schmett - I actually told DH I wanted two boys, I only want to go in one direction for school activities Smile  However, my feeling lately has been one of each, so we'll see.


                                Mann - sounds like a fun weekend up ahead! As far as keeping the sex secret, I would probably have no problem, but I know DH will last all of about 4 minutes.  He's a terrible secret-keeper, because he gets so excited. If we do find out before Christmas, I'm hoping he'll be able to hold off until Christmas at least.  Not too long before you find out!  Any feelings one way of the other?


                                Ozzy - your crazy dream made me remember my crazy dream, in which the babies were moving like crazy, and one of the babies reached up and grabbed a chunk of my skin and pulled on it from the inside, and I could see the outline of the tiny hand - super weird, but I was also really disappointed to wake up and not have the dance party that was going on in my dream.


                                Liz - The long hike sounds wonderful, and great job on bootcamp!