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    Haha, I have nothing good to say about Thursday, just hope that it passes quickly!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: 3 on tap + burpees (I have to do yesterday's and today's) + lower body. I appreciate all the workout tips for that area. I now have a list of things to do. Now I just need to find the best time to do them. I think I'll try to do lower body on the days of my two easy runs.


      NRR: I'm so ready for this week to be over. I'm exhausted but having trouble falling asleep. I've had to do work every evening, which combined with the housework and taking care of everyone is really leaving me feeling burnt out. G ended up being fine at day care, though he did try to keep the other kids awake during nap time because he was not tired. So next time I know not to let him nap for 2 hours in the morning. We're at a weird age where he's transitioning from baby to toddler. Anyway, I have a huge experiment with another lab today and I need to be on my game.


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        Morning! Good luck on your experiment today Sassy!


        congrats Monk!


        RR- just completed 7 on the hotel treadie. Included 3 1 mile intervals.


        NRR- just working and heading home today. Not much to report here. I'm running a bit late so have a great day!

        MA runner girl

          Morning ladies!!


          Sassy - I hope the rest of your week flies by! Sounds like it's been rough. Good luck with your experiment.


          Jewel - Safe travels home!


          RR: 3 miles last night. It was by far my slowest run ever, took about 41-42 min. I extended my walk breaks a bit, and my run is very close to just a shuffle at this point. But I'm still proud of myself for getting out there. It's certainly not easy! Rest day today.


          NRR: Last night DH had to work on a side job, so I had cereal for dinner and just relaxed. Although I did fold some laundry. Everyone keeps telling me to take advantage of this time so I did and slept in this morning and decided to work at home. Although DH had his alarm set for 5:15 and did not get out of bed until after 6! I kept pushing him, yelling, etc, and he just would not move. Ugh! I think he needs to take some vitamins or something because he has a harder time getting up than me at 8 months pregnant! Tonight I have another dr appt. That 2 weeks went by fast! I have to call my midwife office to schedule my weekly appts... They start next week!!! How'd that happen!?


          Have a great day girls!

          PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


            Morning girls!


            Sassy, I love the picture of G eating an apple!! I'm also having problems sleeping. When does BIG D come back??


            MA, kudos for running out there!! Enjoy your rest day.


            Jewel, 7 on the TM?!?! My hero!!!!


            Monk, I want to see pics!




            TriR, 4 slow miles last night. ST plus spinning tonight. Exercising while juicing is hard. I have zero energy and I'm consuming very little salt.


            NtriR, I Thought it was Friday. So upset we still have two mor days. Bummer. My mom and sis come tomorrow! Very excitd to see them.


            have a great day girls.


              Good morning, ladies!


              RR: Got in 7 just now. I need to do yesterday's and today's burpees tonight. I haven't done any ST this week at all. Boo. But at least I'm getting my running back on.


              NRR: Ate too much at dinner for my coworker's birthday yesterday, but had a good time. I like this group of people from work. It also made me realize I don't have any friends outside of work yet here in town.



              Sassy - I haven't done legs in a LONG time because my running schedule got all messed up and I was trying to do legs the nights before rest days.


              Jewel - Have a safe trip back home!


              MA - My DBF drags around the house a lot, too, and I don't get it. I'm the one running around all the time. Good job on your 3, even if they are slow.


              Mel - How long are you and C juicing?


                OWR - that's why i'm having trouble fitting in legs ... I keep trying to do them on the nights before my speedwork or long runs because those are my rest days (I usually do abs and arms) but then my legs are shot for those tougher workouts. I need to try and find the time to do it on the days where I have easy runs.


                Meli - Big D gets back tomorrow!!!


                MA - at least you are moving at this point! it's so good for you!


                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!


                c a s s i e

                  Morning, ladies! Huge congrats to Monk!


                  Sassy - I hope the rest of the week goes quickly for you. Glad daycare is going well for G.


                  OJ - Where are you? Nice workout, especially for in a hotel!


                  MA - I can't believe you're getting so close! My DH has a hard time getting up, too...it's annoying, haha.


                  Meli - Why are you juicing? Great job on working out even though you don't have  much energy.


                  And as for me...


                  RR:  6 easy this morning....was so close to not getting up because I really thought we'd have a snow day, but now I'm glad I got it done! Plyo class tonight.


                  NRR: Oh, just not having a snow day. Sad I was hoping for one, but no such luck....not sure why, since almost all the schools around us are cancelled or delayed. I just hope all my crazy teen drivers make it here safely, and I'll just have to put my book-and-cocoa fantasies off for a few more days. Smile


                  Have a great Thursday, ladies! The weekend is near!

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                    Sassy - Normally/ideally I run M W Th S, and do ST on T Th and S/Su (if at all that third time). When that happened, I was doing legs on Th nights because I had the next day off and my legs could rest. But  I wonder if there's value in running on dead legs, or do they need to recuperate?


                      yay! almost friday and 1 more day for my project to be done!!!!!


                      NRR: work. then massage (very very timely), then music practice. going to try and squeeze buying stuff/ errands in there somehow too. thinking of getting a couple of ipads for M and I with refund and hopefully invest the rest if I have the discipline....


                      RR: did 4 miles on the TM this morning.  felt good but man am I achy. and it's more all in the shoulders, neck and back. so so glad I have a massage today.


                      sassy: glad G was ok at daycare yesterday. awwww... a toddler! It's so cool to see the changes happening.


                      jewel: working and coming home sounds like a fantastic day.


                      MA: that is soooo funny about your DH not getting up in spite of alarms. Sorry. I bet it's annoying for you.


                      mel: wow. I bet it's hard to exercise while juicing. is that all you're doing and for how long?


                      outwest: glad you had a good time at the dinner last night!


                      cassie: hope your drivers come in safe too! I also live in one of those towns that don't take that many snow days.


                      later! I better get working...


                        Good morning!


                        RR. 6 miles today, 3 @ tempo pace.


                        NRR. Day off! Thank goodness, as I have a lot to catch up on! I have some business work this morning, then running, bank, grocery shopping, laundry, etc. I also might be going to a spa that I just got hired at a couple days a week! It is in addition to my current job, but at least it's a step in the right direction...


                        Sassy- Sounds like you need this Friday badly! Hope today goes smoothly and you get some good sleep!


                        MA- You should be super proud of yourself for still running, it can't be easy! Cereal for dinner is awesome!


                        Lizo- Enjoy your massage tonight, you deserve it!


                        Jewel- How did your new car do on the trip? Do you love it?


                        OWR- Glad you had fun last night! Most of the friends I've met here have been through work too, except a couple from the running group. Where else do you meet people? It's hard!


                        Cassie- Oh bummer for no snow day!!! Good job on your run!


                        Meli- Juicing is supposed to give you energy! Are you getting enough calories for your runs?

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                        Half: 1:48

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                          Sassy- Are you doing that burpee challenge? is it working?Can you see a change?


                          Jewel- *waves*


                          MA- weekly appointments already? Seems like just yesterday you found out you were pregnant! How excited you must be.


                          mel- If juicing isnt working with your running, what's your reason for doing it? I'm not meaning that to be rude (though it sounds like it), I really want to know what the theory behind juicing is.


                          owr- you'll make friends outside of work soon. It just takes time. its harder to meet people as an adult.


                          cassie- I'm sorry you didnt get your snow day. If it makes you feel better, i don't even remember what those are like. We NEVER get snow here!


                          lizo- A massage sounds amazing. Enjoy!


                          NC- Congrats on the new job!


                            Tex - i'm doing the burpee challenge but I'm not sure if I see any changes happening! I bagged on doing pushups during the burpees though.


                            OWR - I do not benefit from running on dead legs - it's like instant injury for me. I don't think I'll ever be able to run more than 4 days a week for that reason.


                            I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                              I have GOT to get better at posting on here!!

                              RR: 5 miles last night. My legs felt tired at first so I took it easy. It ended up being a great run except that one of my 4-legged running partners is a moron. He likes to just start pooping in the middle of the road or sidewalk while we're running which involves an abrupt stop. This usually happens within 5 minutes of me actually stopping so that he can go. My other dog doesnt do this so I'm not sure how to train him out of this behavior.


                              NRR: Been doing a lot of research on IVF lately. My mind has been rather consumed with it. Trying to find a time this year when we can begin the process but its so costly and now my coworker is pregnant so I can't take time off when she's due. I guess we're gonna try to save up some money and maybe begin in the fall or next year. *sigh* Ready for the weekend. I have two photography jobs on Saturday!


                                Sassy - I'm with you, this Thursday can't go by fast enough (as long as I get everything done!)  Good luck with the experiment.


                                meli - are you juicing exclusively?  why?  do what you need to so that you get adequate fuel for those workouts!  Enjoy the time with your family.


                                outwest - well, at least you like your coworkers, that's a good start. Smile


                                cassie - I think you live near where we are vacationing starting tomorrow, so I'm wishing you would've had a snow day too (for the snow for DH to ski on!).  Way to get your workout in, I'm not sure I would've been able to resist sleeping in.


                                lizo - enjoy the massage.  Do you have an iPad now?  They're kind of fun.


                                norcal - sounds like a super busy and productive day "off", good for you!


                                TxAg - hmmm, one of my dogs has just started to do that, but just peeing (still irritating), so let me know if you figure it out because I haven't been able to yet.  Best wishes on making decisions regarding proceeding with IVF.  Fun to hear that your photography business is staying busy! Nice!



                                ER/RR:  30 min bike at the gym on Tues. night, couple mile walk with the pups yesterday, tonight TBD?


                                NRR/NPGR:  A group took a new-mom friend to dinner last night for one of her first nights out.  Fun to catch up with her and hear how everything is going, I hope we get to do similar things when I'm the new mom. Smile  Meeting DH for a lunch date/BRU trip to get our nursery furniture ordered so it will arrive when the ILs are here to help.  Packing for vacation tonight!