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    RR - 4 miles with 2 @ MP with Sam.


    RR#2 - physio this morning. I have aches and pains all over.  Whether they're phantom taper pains or real, I don't know, but I am not feeling right.


    TR - was still fast asleep when I went in to wake him up from his nap, so cute lying there, snoring gently, fast asleep.


    FR - chicken pie, salad.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      RR - 6 x 800 intervals, core workout. Yesterday's 11k felt much better than Sunday's long run, and  I got some ST in last night.


      TR - Had blackberries yesterday for the first time. She ate one and looked at me like "Why have you been holding out on me?!" and then was just gobbling up handfuls, smacking her lips. It was so cute that I let her eat WAY too many, leading to many, many diaper changes. Oh well, she got her share of antioxidants!  Library program this morning.


      FR - Pork chops with marmalade glaze, brown rice, garlicky green beans


      NRR - When I got back from my run yesterday, DH had made buttermilk pancakes from scratch! It was such a great surprise because I was starving and he almost never cooks. And they were delicious!




      zorbs - Hope physio takes care of all your aches and pains, real or phantom! The weather network site would not load for me this morning - all you marathoners really did a number on it with your incessant weather-checking Joking

      5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


        Zorbs: hope the physio can work everything out today! I almost always have some sort of phantom taper pains. Enjoy the MP run!


        Ernie: lol on the blackberries! Have a great run today, when's your next race? You do quite a bit of speed workouts, are you following a plan now?


        RR: 8 miles with 6@MP today. Yesterday's run was good, but my legs were still tried from the 22.


        TR: was so so happy to see gma here when he woke up from his nap! He was all about playing with her and having her read books to him. Too cute.


        NRR: ran a few errands yesterday afternoon, picked up a couple of things at Old Navy ffor both me and R. probably just hanging out today, lots of outside playtime as it is supposed to be pretty nice this week!

         5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08





          RR - 5 slow miles, making sure the knee was ok.. it was so-so..


          BR - ate so much at my mom's yesterday her belly was looking like it was going to burst!  Then of course she didn't really eat dinner...


          NRR - dishwasher is still broken... I don't mind doing dishes, but DH isn't much help even though he said he would.  He doesn't always cook, but last night he made homemade burgers and i swear used every utensil and dish he could find.  Oh and he came home with 100 pounds of extra lean ground beef, bought on a deal when someone asked if he wanted to buy part of a cow... somehow he fit all that meat into our freezers...


          zorbs - hope they're just phantom aches and pains, and that the physio helps!


          ernie - cute about the blackberries!  C doesn't like any types of berries.. yet... i'm holding out hope she'll like them eventually!


          rg - i shop at old navy too much... all the jeans I wear to work are from that store!


            zorbs - I am guessing you probably have a lot of phantom pains and recovery pains.  I hope the physio helps relieve some of those.  Sleeping kids are definitely the cutest.  I hope you have a good run with Sam today.


            ernie - So glad your run yesterday felt better than Sunday.  Yum on the blackberries...too cute that S like them.  I should try those and some blueberries with J.  Wow on DH cooking and from scratch!


            rg - Do you use a marathon training plan or do you create your own?  I hope the 8 feels good today and your legs are not as sore.  Glad R is having a blast with grandma...I hope you all have a good week together and enjoy the nice weather.


            CTimes - Take care of the knee!  J does the same thing that C does...eats good most of the day and rarely eats a good dinner.  At least they should be getting enough even if its not at precise meal times.  Oh gees...my DH bought part of a cow too...we are supposed to get it in the next week and DH has been trying to clean out the freezer...great.  I don't like beef so I won't even eat any.  Luckily J will eat hamburgers.  Ugh.


            RR - Not sure...either 5 or SRD...will decide as the day wears on.  I ran the last 4 days in a row and my calves hurt.  I feel like a loser with my running...I am envious of all of you running/training for marathons and doing pace and speed work while I watch my pace increase with each week...Sad  Always want something we can't have...


            TR - Threw another mini tantrum when I picked him up from daycare.  He was playing outside and didn't want to leave.  He was tired when we got home and didn't really eat dinner.  He did have fun in the tub though and let DH and I read him quite a few books before bed.


            NRR - DH's trip this week got cancelled...so he is home for the whole week!!  It is amazing how much easier taking care of a toddler is with 2 parents vs. one.  Single parents are my heros!!!  I didn't plan any dinners for the week since I thought DH was gone so I guess I either need to go to the store or just not cook...I am leaning toward just not cookingSmile


              Rr: I want to try and get 5 in today. We shall see. Speed work day.


              tr: so talkative last night. Loved his new scooter.


              NRR: payday and grocery shopping today.


              FR: whatever the boys like. They hated my meatloaf yesterday so it is their turn to chose what to have. I am tired of picking Stuff they don't like.



              ok, I am going to try and go caffeine free next month. This means über crankies tomorrow Smile




                RR:  5 miles sometime this evening.  Not sure if it will be outside or inside as it is supposed to rain.  Decided on a SRD yesterday.  I never run more than 3 days in a row normally, why try 5 when pg?!


                TR:  Loved playing on his slide last night.  Was surprisingly good again with few meltdowns.


                NRR:  I have a overnight trip for work Thursday/Friday.  Details are just being worked out but it sounds like I will leave for work Thurs morning and come home Friday night.  DH is going to a baseball game. I have also been thinking a lot about what a day would be like when I could say what I was thinking in any situation....but then considered the repercussions!


                FR:  Leftovers....kind of yucky.  McDonalds sounds good, actually one of their berry chillers sounds good!




                zorbs - It is amazing how cute kids are when they are sleeping....I think its because they are quiet! Smile


                ernie - As I was reading your TR, my first thought was the diapers!  Pancakes sound delicious.  That is awesome that your DH did that!


                rg - I am jealous of the ease of your ON trips.  I want to get there really bad, but just can't seem to. It is about a 45 min drive so we don't do it often.  I take to online shopping!


                cx2 - Bummer to all the dishes.  That is nice that your DH cooked.  Can't really even picture that much beef!


                jen - Thats great that DH's trip got cancelled!  I think you are doing great with your running!  I totally agree about the always wanting what you can't have...I am like that a little too much sometimes!


                becky - Yay for payday!  DH always asks what I am going to buy him when I get paid. I always say something stupid like, mortgage, water bill, etc.  I hope you get your 5 in today.  


                stroller - I hope the poo slows today.  I think the worst part is the red bum that comes with all the diaper changes!  

                Upcoming Races: 

                Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                  RR:  6-7 miles.   My taper week has a lot more miles than I am used to so I may cut it down - 7, 6, srd, 5, 4, marathon.


                  TR:  As the day went on yesterday the diarrhea just got worse.  Almost every hour by the time he went to bed.  But he STTN and seems to be doing well this morning.  He tricked me yesterday like this too though so we will see how he does the rest of the day. He is still in such good, happy spirits!  My stomach is a little upset this morning...


                  NRR:  My chaffe is still killing me.  I chaffed the most sensitive spot down there so it is taking a while to heal.  I am going to hit the store today to pick up something else since the butt paste isn't doing the trick.  I usually only wear undies with crops, not shorts, and now I know why...


                  NRR2:  Headed to the Springs today to go to a vet appointment, dentist appointment, and an appointment at Home Depot to look at flooring options.  Also going to run on my favorite trail while I am down there!


                  zorbs - Ugh, sounds like taper madness.  Hope they go away with physio!


                  ernie - Glad you had a good run to make up for your LR!  So cute about the blackberries.  H loves all berries, especially blackberries.


                  RG - enjoy your nice weather!  We may get snow again tomorrow, ugh.


                  cx2 - I have become do dependent on a dishwasher, I am not sure what I would do it if was broken.  Cry maybe.


                  becky - Caffeine free sounds like a mean kind of torture.


                  jen - You are not a running loser.  Your mileage is still super impressive, especially for being pregnant!  Take it easy on you body!

                  5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                    Rg - My next race is another 10k on May 12th. I've been doing Hal Higdon advanced 10k, with some adjustments...kept my long runs longer than what he calls for and I'm actually doing less speed work than he calls for. The plan has a tempo run, intervals and a race pace run each week, but 3 days of speed work is too much for me, so I do 2. Good thing you are starting your taper so your tired legs get a bit more rest! Hopefully you don't get too many phantom taper pains. So cute that R was so happy to see grandma!


                    cx2 - I guess a so-so knee is a bit of an improvement from the achy knees yesterday? Our dishwasher was broken a couple years ago and same thing - DH would promise to help out with dishes and never did, yet would say we didn't need a dishwasher. Finally, when I was pg and tired, I went on a dish washing strike and after a couple of days, DH was like "Okay, we're getting a new dishwasher this weekend!" Holy smokes, 100 lbs of ground beef? I foresee many burgers in your future!


                    Jen - You are doing a great job with your pg running, including that kick ass half recently! I remember that feeling of envying other people's training, though. Planning out a tentative pp race schedule might help. Yay for DH's cancelled business trip! Maybe he can do the cooking this week Smile


                    Becky - What kind of speed work do you have planned? Boo to the meatloaf haters! Caffeine free for a month? No coffee? Whyyyy?

                    5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                      rr: was storming badly when I was supposed to run with rp, so that didn't happen.


                      tr: dd1 tripped running yesterday and scraped up her ankle and both cheeks. dd2 got hit in the forehead with a plastic bat by one of dd1's school friends.


                      br: LOVES being outside. it's so funny to see him tooling around trying to play with the big kids.


                      nrr: meeting my sister tonight for dinner and shopping; I could not be more excited! ordered myself a new pair of TOMS last night.


                      fr: leftovers for the family; dinner out for me!


                      zorbs: I love watching kids sleep because they are so, so cute. I hope the pains, phantom or not feel better soon!


                      ernie: so cute about the blackberries and yum to the pancakes. what sort of plan have you been following for your 10k races. my next is an 11k trail race.


                      rg: how nice that your mom is there again. i'm hoping to get to old navy today and get some new flip flops. I can't find mine from last year.


                      cx2: at our other house we didn't have a dishwasher and I complained about not having one; now we do have one and I complain because I am pretty sure that emptying the dishwasher is my least favor chore.


                      jen: yay to dh's work trip being cancelled! oh man if you are a loser with your running, I wonder what I am considered.


                      becky: good luck with the caffeine detox. I used to drink coffee every day, but now can't stomach it since I had the stomach virus. although I did have some the morning of our relay to get the insides moving Smile


                      mer: ugh to the work trip. are you at least going with fun people? dh is going to a game the night you get back or tonight? what an exciting game last night. I didn't even get to watch my dvr'd shows because we were too into the game. good call on not running 5 days in a row.


                      stroller: poor ds; did you send him to daycare today? good luck getting all your errands in and running on your favorite trail. big huge boo to the chafe! I go sans undies with crops and shorts.


                        cx2 - I forgot to comment on the ground beef.  I am not sure if I could use 100 lbs of ground beef in my lifetime, haha.


                        ernie - Wow, 2 days of speed a week.  I am lucky if I do one.  I am not a speed fan though.  But maybe if I was, I could be fast like you Smile

                        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          mrszm - I didn't send him to daycare because I won't be able to get  back quickly if I need to.  Luckily, my mom comes back from the mountains today so she will be watching him and maybe take him later if he is doing ok.  He still doesn't want to eat but I tried a bottle of lactaid this morning to get some calories in him.

                          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                            Zorbs:  Boo, feel better!


                            Erin:  Yum, I love blackberries!  When I lived in Northern California, they were everywhere.  Walking home from school they were our afternoon snack Smile


                            RG:  Awe, what a cutie pie you have there.


                            Cx2:  That is how K is with cooking, uses every dish!   I refuse to do them after he cooks.  I'll help him load the dishwasher but he has to do the pots and pans.


                            Jen:  Yes, single parents are my heros as well.  I can barely keep my sh!t together, let alone a toddler too.  Glad DH is home to help.


                            Mer:  I would have a pineapple mango smoothie from McD's everyday if I could.  DH knows better, I don't share well Smile


                            Stroller:  Poor little man, hope he feels better today.  Ouch on the chafe, not like you can just air it out Wink


                            Ernie:  I like simple speed work, like yassos or push a button on the TM Smile  I drink WAY too much caffiene.  I am going to detox for 30 days and see if I feel less tired.  I hate that dragging a$$ feeling every morning....


                            MrsZM:  See, I can't even use that excuse since my body is pretty well trained to get things moving in the morning anyway Smile  Your dinner out sounds lovely!  I wish my sister was closer.


                              Ugh need to vent a bit.  This month has...sucked pretty much.  School was insane.  It has been over a month since seeing DH, and now we can't even talk to him.  And today is the last day of clinic for all of my friends (where I will be in a year).  All anyone can talk about is being done and graduating.  I just feel so far behind and it is kind of depressing me.  Time is moving so slowly and to think I still have an entire year when my friends are done in a few weeks, is depressing.  Sorry for the rant!

                              5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                              Bad Ass Mother Runner

                                RR - doing run swap with RP.  Not sure how far I want to run.. it will just be an easy recovery run.  My legs are still a bit sore, but not too bad.  I dont think I am as sore as I usually am after a hard effort half, I am thinking that all my STing has done some good!


                                TR - still drinks her milk from a sippy cup most of the time, can drink from a regular one but I am too lazy, not sure when it becomes a little immature to have them using sippies.


                                BR - was up twice last night, up at 2:;30, I went to check on her and she was soaking wet and cold, her diaper wasnt full, I think it just leaked.  I just fed her and put her back to bed, up at her normal 5:30 also.  I cant really complain since she does this so rarely.  I think she is also teething, her eyes are gunky and she has a diaper rash.


                                FR - not sure, need to count how many chops are left, otherwise probably something with beef (we also bought a quarter of a cow so have a ton of beef in our freezer).


                                NRR - on my dhs laptop, only when typing in the internet, it uses some bizarre international keyboard and I cant find a bunch of punctuation, like apostrophes...

                                5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

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