Custom comma separated values (csv) format description

Download CSV Template

If your training data is stored as an Excel spreadsheet or in a non-software based training log, you can use the custom CSV file format to import your data to RunningAHEAD.

Please do not edit the csv file directly. Instead, use Excel or other spreadsheet software to cut and paste the data into the spreadsheet. You'll save yourself many headaches because csv has many nuances

Below is a list of columns in the csv file, and a brief explanation of what the importer expects for each column. You should leave a field blank if you do not have any data.

Column explanation

Column Data Type (format) Description
Date Date
  • M/d/yyyy

Workout date.

  • M: month
  • d: day of the month
  • yyyy: 4 digit year


  • 3/15/2010: March 15, 2010
Time Time of day
  • H:mm:ss
  • h:mm:ss AM|PM

Time of day of the workout. Time can be expressed in 24 hour format or canonical format.

  • H: hours
  • mm: minutes
  • ss: seconds


  • 6:15 PM
  • 18:15:00
Activity Text

An activity can be a sport, such as running and cycling, or it can be anything else such as yoga or gardening. You can create as many activities as you like. RunningAHEAD has several built-in activity types. You should use the following text for the built-in types.

  • Run
  • Bike
  • Swim
  • Weight
Workout Text

Each activity can be categorized into workouts types. Just like activities, you can create as many workout types as you like. RunningAHEAD has the built-in workout types for each of the following activities:


  • Easy
  • Fartlek
  • Hill
  • Interval
  • Long
  • Race
  • Tempo


  • Easy
  • Fartlek
  • Hill
  • Interval
  • Long
  • Race
  • Tempo


  • Back Stroke
  • Breast Stroke
  • Butterfly
  • Free Style
  • Side Stroke
  • Mixed

Note that Race is a special keyword. Personal records are generated using the Race workout type. If you want to see your personal records for a given activity, you must set the workout type to Race.

Distance Decimal The workout's distance. It can be an integer or a decimal.
Distance Unit Text

The following 4 distance units are allowed:

  • mi: miles
  • km: kilometers
  • m: meters
  • yd: yards
Duration Time
  • m:ss
  • h:mm:ss
  • ss.xx

The duration of activity.

  • h: hours
  • mm: minutes
  • ss: seconds
  • xx: fractional seconds

Alternatively, you can specify the duration in total seconds. For example, instead of entering 15:27.85 (15 minutes and 30.85 seconds), you can enter 927.85.

If you're using Excel, be aware that if you enter "15:37", it will assume it is "3:37 PM" and not 15 minutes and 37 seconds. You need to place a 0 in front ("0:15:37") to indicate you're entering minutes and seconds.

Course Text This is the name of your workout route. You are limited to 100 characters. Anything longer than 100 characters will be truncated.
Equipment Brand Text The brand name of the equipment you used. For example, ASICS, Nike, New Balance. Please double check your spelling before importing.
Equipment Model Text The model of the equipment. If you do not know the model, you can leave it blank. Do not include color or size information. Please double check your spelling before importing.
Equipment Serial Text If you have multiple pairs of the same shoes, you can differentiate them by specifying a serial text. Some users prefer using a number scheme such as #1, #2, #3... while others use the shoe colors: yellow, blue, etc.
Weight Decimal Your body weight during the activity.
Weight Unit
  • lb
  • kg
  • lb: pounds
  • kg: kilgrams
Rest HR Integer Your resting heart rate.
Average HR Integer Your average heart rate during the activity.
Max HR Integer Your maximum heart rate during the activity.
Temperature Integer Temperature during the activity
Temperature Unit
  • C
  • F
  • C: Celsius
  • F: Fahrenheit
Quality Integer
(1 - 10)
Quality describes the effectiveness of your workout. It is a subjective measure. Valid values are from 1 to 10 where 10 is the most effective.
Effort Integer
(1 - 10)
Effort measures the workout's difficulty. It is a subjective measure. Valid values are from 1 to 10 where 10 is the most difficult.
Notes Text Include any additional comments about your activity.