Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.02 mi11:11.1810:59Wildcat extra mile4/22/2023View Race
1.08 mi16:53.2815:39Wild rouge relay6/18/2016View Race
2.02 mi22:19.9111:04Chase race3/12/2022View Race
2.14 mi28:04.6413:08H2go9/23/2023View Race
2.82 mi33:14.7011:48HSV Moonshine festival 5K5/26/2018View Race
3.12 mi30:41.599:51Bright Beginnings 5K 20105/1/2010View Race
3.16 mi30:46.369:45National Police Week 5K5/8/2010View Race
3.21 mi44:5213:59Fresh 15 5k3/4/2023View Race
4.62 mi59:58.5012:59Grand Prix 2024 One Hour Track Run1/28/2024View Race
5.00 mi58:20.5411:41Wild rouge relay6/17/2016View Race
5.33 mi1:04:46.4012:10Outback in the Ozarks-Leg 110/9/2015View Race
5.40 mi1:09:46.1712:56Wild rouge relay6/18/2016View Race
6.30 mi1:19:10.9512:35Spa festival 10k route11/14/2020View Race
6.33 mi1:25:58.8513:35Spa running festival 10k11/11/2023View Race
6.46 mi1:51:08.1417:13Iron Mountain 10 mile trail run4/20/2024View Race
6.50 mi1:39:48.5615:22Mt nebo trail race8/25/2019View Race
6.66 mi2:12:06.5019:51Northwoods 10k Mullet run5/7/2022View Race
7.11 mi2:30:53.9221:14Scorchin squirrel8/14/2021View Race
8.35 mi1:59:30.1914:19Colorado Masters Stone House run10/11/2014View Race
8.79 mi3:19:41.0422:44Styx and stones 15k3/13/2021View Race
9.45 mi2:00:19.3912:44River trail 15k3/26/2022View Race
10.10 mi1:56:5411:35GW parkway classic 10 miler4/22/2007View Race
10.25 mi3:05:33.2118:07LovIt Trail Run12/4/2021View Race
10.29 mi1:57:2811:25Cherry Blossom 10 Miler4/1/2007View Race
10.54 mi3:00:29.9017:08Grasshopper Peak 10.56/5/2021View Race
11.35 mi2:55:55.9415:31Idiots run11/1/2013View Race
11.72 mi3:46:17.1019:19Mt magazine fun run5/8/2021View Race
11.83 mi3:32:3917:59Hoof it for Heifer4/9/2016View Race
11.90 mi4:19:1021:47Hoof it for Heifer4/2/2022View Race
11.95 mi4:11:02.6421:01Hoof it for Heifer4/10/2021View Race
12.42 mi3:13:55.6715:37Rugged and Raw 20K10/5/2013View Race
12.61 mi3:48:08.8418:06Cossatot River Trail run10/21/2017View Race
12.89 mi3:50:01.3917:51Cossatot River Trail run10/19/2019View Race
13.08 mi2:47:57.1712:51Dreamcatcher Half Marathon3/7/2015View Race
Half Marathon2:56:33.2313:27Spa Festival Half Marathon11/17/2018View Race
13.22 mi2:57:30.0513:26Run the line half2/20/2022View Race
13.26 mi2:29:13.8411:16VA Runner Blue and Gray Half Marathon12/13/2009View Race
13.31 mi2:32:49.0411:29Pacers Running Festival5/10/2009View Race
13.35 mi2:33:1211:29Miami ING Half Marathon1/25/2009View Race
14.15 mi4:00:50.9217:02LoVit to the top of Hickory Nut12/6/2014View Race
15.86 mi4:58:08.3218:48Village Creek 25k1/23/2021View Race
16.06 mi4:41:41.6817:33Full Moon 25K7/22/2023View Race
16.34 mi4:26:47.5716:20Full Moon 25K7/25/2015View Race
18.70 mi4:45:06.3215:15Run for the Hills5/31/2015View Race
20.01 mi5:48:27.1417:25Sunset 24/12/611/25/2023View Race