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8:10 AM

13.3 mi


11:29 mi


126 lb
169 bpm
184 bpm


70 F


10 / 10
8 / 10
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On my way to smoking this race, my right ITB failed at around mile 9. This was a very hiily course and i did not expect that. I was not ready for hills and knew that the ITB would have an issue. I am pleased that I did as well as i did (did not walk at all) and know that if not for that ITB pain, it would of been a half beyond my wildest dreams. I am in very good cardio shape, and the rest of my "parts" survived just fine. I feel as if I could run tomorrow..but a quick jog after getting off the metro my ITB siad, uh, nope. I will get to the p/t and get this worked out.

This was a great race, about 1500 folks, nice and challenging, and I would do it again....but had I realized that this would have killer hills, I probably would have passed on this as I know my right side is not ready.

The roads were cambered and it was difficult to find a flat surface to run on...but I did rock it...looky at them splits.