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5:30 AM

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spin session in sweat lodge

2:00 Total

Mixed Intensity Session

Warm Up – Suggestion: Gearing Progression [HR up above 60% by the end]

15min spin, as follows – keep your HR under 75% throughout:

1:00 in easiest gear (super easy & relaxed),

2:00 in next harder gear,

3:00 in next harder,

4:00 in next, finish with 5:00 in next harder gear

Intermediate Set – 5min total: [HR up to 75% by the end]

15sec fast/moderately hard, 15sec easy – straight into

30sec / 30sec (same way), 45sec / 45sec, 60sec/60sec

Threshold Set – 30min total: [HR into 80-84% range during the bulk of the set]

4-to1 ratio between “stress” and “recovery” is important for lactate threshold work

2 x (4:00 w/1:00) – straight into

6 x (2:00 w/0:30)

5:00 aerobic recovery before VO2 max set

VO2 max work – 40min total: [HR above 85% for most of the 30/30s]

“10%” (12min of this 2:00 workout) in that very uncomfortable VO2 max zone,

1-to-1 ratio between stress & recovery for highest intensity “VO2 max” work:

12 x (30sec HARD / 30sec easy) – get into it for the first 3, then work hard on #4-12

6:00 aerobic recovery

12 x (30sec HARD / 30sec easy) – you should be able to work hard on all 12

10min aerobic recovery

Threshold Set – 20min total: [HR between 80-85%]

4 x (2:00 w/0:30) – straight into

2 x (4:00 w/1:00)

Cool Down: Gearing Progression (coming down) [HR under 50% by the end]

10min easy spin, reverse order of Warm Up, as follows:

4:00 in moderate gear,

3:00 in next easier gear, etc. for 2:00 & 1:00