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Anyways so this marks my first log on runningahead. Ran to Eagle Rock in extremely hot conditions. The carteret park sprinklers were a lifesaver at the end. Believe it or not, I had a runningahead account for over a year now (got it last year for some forgotten reason) so I have no excuse not to join the NJXC group. Logged my last week of training including my boilermaker race just to see how its like to log runs and races on this website. Can't guarantee that I'll be logging here on a consistent basis nor can I guarantee that my logs will be detailed and creative. After all logging on multiple pages is one step too far for me. Perhaps I'll log sporadically like once every few days/weeks. Or maybe I will just log my races. Or maybe I will use this log as a way for me to just log my cross training activities because I don't log cross training on strava. Or perhaps this will become my strava finsta where I will log pizza reviews and lager reviews. After all the Saranac IPAs I’ve been having the past few nights has been some of the best beverages I’ve ever had #iheartutica. Or maybe I’ll log some album reviews. A lot of great and silly options/ideas. We shall see.

As I announced on my r2w log today, it looks as though my journey on r2w will be coming to an end. But you can easily follow me chasing my running dreams on strava.

Here's the link to my strava:

That account will never go down because I've been using it since the day I started running and its been a big reason why I am the amazing athlete that I am today.