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7:40 PM

2 mi


3:37 km


Brooks T6


154.9 lb


67 F


10 / 10
10 / 10
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Got to the track, put down my stuff and went for a jog down the trail. No talking or BS ing with anyone. Got there just when they were starting the last heat of the mile. They then ran the 60 and 200 heats while I did my trail warmup jog.. I timed it perfectly! Got back to the track and they were in the middle of the 200's still. Changed into my racing flats, jogged over to the bathroom and then did a couple of strides. Then the 200's were over and it was time for the 2mile.

Planned on a 86 second 1st lap and then see how I felt. I lined up well outside and to the back so I could ease into the race rather than have to jump out real fast. 1st lap came in at 84.9, was surprised that it was that fast because it felt easy. Onward at the same pace. 2nd was 85.7 and still felt easy. I missed the third lap cuz this little girl cut right across the track in front of me and I had to veer wildly towards the middle of the track to miss her - a good omen maybe! 3rd and 4th laps were 175.1 seconds (87.5 per lap). At this point I knew that 11:53 was going DOWN, as the pace really wasn't bothering me much. 5th lap 86.39, 6th 87.32, 7th 87.7, and the 8th came in at 84.3 with another 3.6 to the line. 11:35 and I couldn't believe it.

It was fun coming down that last straight and running down two kids (probably 13 years old or so) and passing them before the finish. funny thing about kids is when it's coming to the last straight they ALWAYS turn their heads to see if someone's about to pass 'em. Older guys and open runners never really do this. Anyway both of them turned their heads and I was thinking 'yep the old guy is about to outkick you to the finish!' cuz I knew I had 'em. Totally excited and rejuvenated for the whole running thing - last week ran 11:54 this week 11:35 - PSYCHED!!!