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8:27 PM

1 mi


6:07 mi


74 F


1 / 10
1 / 10

Race Result

21 / 751 (2.8%)
3 / 35 (8.6%)
21 / 266 (7.9%)
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A great opportunity squandered.

This was my first evening race since 2012, and despite a disappointing finish time I fared much better with race prep than I did back then, which was nothing short of a disaster.

I took the day off from work and just basically laid on my ass for most of the day, remembering how fried my brain was back then from such a long day at the office.

My food choices and timing were on point, as I had zero issues with energy, hydration or focus. If nothing else, I did do something right.

This event is apart of the Crim Festival of Races weekend, and is huge. The streets were shut down and parking was limited, and pretty much nonexistent anywhere near the expo. The packet pickup area was jammed and there was an event for the special Olympics going on.

Luckily, I afforded myself plenty of time for the half mile walk from my car there and back to change and relax.

I ran with a new watch and for the life of me, could not get the stupid thing to program the quarter mile intervals correctly.

With an expected start time of 8 PM, I began my warmup at 7:25, and I must say that after 2.5 miles or so I felt really fucking good. Had this thing started on time who knows what could have been. But alas, it did not, and instead I laid a major stink bomb.

Due to an issue with the timing mats, the event did not start until 8:27, and despite trying to run a few short steps here and there all that standing around just took its toll.

I do not remember much about the race except that I knew I was not running as fast as I should have been, which is a HORRIBLE feeling during a mile event. Seeing some chick running in a tutu with a radio playing loudly around the half mile mark, pretty much let me know that I was way behind where I should have been.

There is a hill somewhere around the .70 mark, and I am not sure if I ran it hard enough because I had a lot left coming down the stretch. Or, it could have been a severe lag during the second quarter, or the first. I just do not know.

That has been a reoccurring theme lately as it seems that I have simply forgotten how to race. Either that or I am just catching all the wrong breaks right now.

In any event, I had high hopes for this race and invested an incredible amount of time into it to put myself in a position to succeed. With the way the whole thing went down, I just felt so dejected and empty on the drive home.

While I am happy to be seemingly running healthy again (knock on wood), I run to race. And until I get in a good solid effort during an event, nothing else really matters.

So onto the next one I go. Bruised, battered and slightly beaten, but undeterred.