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8:30 AM

13.1 mi


6:58 mi


55 F


8 / 10
5 / 10

Race Result

12 / 186 (6.5%)
5 / 38 (13.2%)
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1:31:04 officially

A tough day at the office as far as race pace and the ease of running it (or lack thereof as it were). I gathered fairly quickly during the first mile that my modest goal of a 6:45 was not coming as easy as it should and make the choice to let it go.

Still early in MRT, and not too far removed from a tough period of injury and setbacks, I decided that completing the race at a less than desired pace was better than completely blowing up trying to hold one that clearly was not there.

Mentally taxing, it got ugly at the end. Hopefully though the sustained effort over the length of the course will serve me well for the remaining 7 weeks of marathon training.