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8:16 AM

3.1 mi


6:42 mi


68 F

Race Result

20 / 435 (4.6%)
1 / 23 (4.3%)
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Officially 20:41

This was my longest run at any type of sustained effort since being sidelined with a shin injury the first week of April.

I did not go into today's event with any delusions of a PR or even a race type effort, I just wanted to get in 3 steady miles at what seemed like a comfortably hard effort.

The course was on rolling hills, not terribly tough but certainly not easy. The first half mile, and mile 2.5 were the hardest points of it.

I did not look at my watch at all and had the mile alerts on silent. I just did not want the distraction of seeing a pace well below my capabilities and having that screw up my head as it often does.

I could have very well run this time or better on my own but thought that getting back in the race atmosphere was important for me moving forward as I climb my way back, so the $27 entry fee was a non-issue.

So far I have felt nary a tweak nor twinge from my shin and hopefully now can look forward to a slight bump up in both mileage, and training intensity.