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9:04 AM

3.1 mi


6:54 mi


25 F
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Shamrock 5k.

There are not many people who would spend $46 and drive 45 minutes on a cold ass Sunday morning to run a 5k at slower than half marathon pace, but that is exactly what I did.

For where I am in my comeback, I thought a sustained effort of some sort was needed. The only question was how much of myself to pour into the stupid thing. I left all options open as "race day" approached while going through my standard race prep routine, which was actually good for me.

I made the decision during my warm up that I would not race it, but get in a good 3 mile stimulus at around 6:45 (which is what I thought I was running that whole time!) and move on to the next phase of my recovery. Indeed, the effort was not all that laborious, and my legs had plenty of life at the end.

I could have easily extended my cool down run to 2 or 3 miles, or possibly even more, and I certainly could have raced it faster, but that wasn't important today.

The entire thing from start to finish left me wanting much more, and that, more than anything is what I needed; to stoke the flame that burns within, while not injuring anything.