Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

0.93 mi4:44.205:06Dunren 1500m8/26/2015View Race
1.01 mi4:52.814:50Marathon Talk Magic Mile - Linwood Track8/28/2013View Race
1.61 mi8:51.165:30Boxing Day Relays12/26/2013View Race
1.83 mi9:47.675:223k On The Green6/26/2015View Race
3.00 km10:27.335:37GAA Miler Meet - Emirates Arena1/3/2015View Race
1.92 mi10:595:44Bellahouston Harriers 2m TT6/4/2015View Race
1.96 mi10:43.305:29Bellahouston Harriers 2m TT12/17/2017View Race
2.02 mi11:32.605:43Renfrewshire AAA XC Relay's10/21/2018View Race
2.18 mi12:45.655:52Renfrewshire AAA XC Relay's10/22/2017View Race
2.31 mi13:58.116:03Renfrewshire AAA XC Relay's10/18/2014View Race
2.38 mi14:02.685:55National XC Relay Championships10/28/2017View Race
2.49 mi13:50.855:34National Short Course XC Championships11/11/2017View Race
2.56 mi13:56.265:27West Scotland XC Relay Championships - Hamilton10/11/2015View Race
2.64 mi14:03.735:20George Cummings Relay10/7/2017View Race
3.13 mi17:15.955:31Kilbarcahn Club Championships9/5/2013View Race
3.16 mi16:35.805:16BMC Regional 5000m7/28/2017View Race
4.12 mi24:235:56Christmas Handicap12/23/2013View Race
4.21 mi27:43.216:36Garscube Gallop 10k8/4/2015View Race
4.30 mi26:08.536:05Black Rock 56/21/2013View Race
4.34 mi26:09.756:02Black Rock 56/13/2014View Race
4.40 mi29:53.806:48Renfrewshire AAA County XC Championships11/17/2012View Race
4.45 mi26:56.356:04Mugdock Meander 7.2km8/5/2015View Race
4.79 mi28:00.315:51Tour of Clydeside Lochwinnoch 8K8/13/2018View Race
4.94 mi31:03.626:18Out Run 5Mile8/22/2015View Race
4.97 mi27:46.015:36Renfrewshire AAA Road Race2/2/2014View Race
4.99 mi28:15.295:40Renfrewshire AAA 5mile Road Race2/7/2016View Race
5.03 mi26:29.185:16Renfrewshire AAA 5mile Road Race2/4/2018View Race
5.10 mi30:11.235:56Lochwinnoch Open Race6/8/2013View Race
5.20 mi32:50.026:19Lochwinnoch Open Race6/9/2012View Race
5.29 mi31:54.306:02Barrhead Craigie Race6/1/2013View Race
5.34 mi35:11.076:36Renfrewshire AAA County XC Championships11/14/2015View Race
5.65 mi36:50.246:32West District XC Championships12/8/2018View Race
5.74 mi35:36.156:13Scottish 6&4 Stage Road Relay Championships - Livingston3/31/2012View Race
5.90 mi37:17.056:20Renfrewshire AAA County XC Championships11/16/2014View Race
6.08 mi34:40.985:43Bella Belter 10k8/3/2017View Race
6.14 mi35:23.655:46MHFS 10k6/16/2013View Race
6.17 mi35:19.205:44Clydebank 10K5/23/2013View Race
6.19 mi34:47.135:38Jimmy Irvine Bellahouston 10k11/12/2017View Race
6.27 mi35:56.795:44Roon the Toon 10k6/10/2018View Race
6.29 mi39:54.726:21Great Scottish Run 10k9/2/2012View Race
6.44 mi55:21.788:36Kilpatrick Hill Race5/28/2014View Race
6.64 mi43:22.276:32National XC Championships2/23/2019View Race
6.83 mi41:41.626:07David Cummings Trophy6/19/2013View Race
7.19 mi49:01.546:50National XC Championships2/22/2015View Race
7.28 mi46:45.586:26National XC Championships2/22/2014View Race
8.50 mi57:506:49Milngavie Trail Race6/7/2015View Race
10.50 mi1:05:57.636:17Donald Crawford Cup12/31/2013View Race
13.07 mi1:22:29.806:19Alloa Half Marathon3/17/2013View Race
Half Marathon1:16:59.555:53Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon3/25/2018View Race
13.18 mi1:29:09.316:46Great Scottish Run Half Marathon10/1/2017View Race
13.21 mi1:20:42.046:07Great Aberdeen Half Marathon8/27/2017View Race
15.29 mi4:03:5715:58Highland Fling Race4/24/2010View Race
17.31 mi2:28:538:37Mid Summer Highland Relay6/20/2015View Race
17.39 mi2:08:37.367:24Mid Summer Highland Relay6/21/2014View Race
Marathon3:36:30.028:16Loch Ness Marathon9/30/2012View Race
26.30 mi2:51:22.906:31London Marathon4/24/2016View Race
26.34 mi2:58:23.186:47Chester Marathon10/7/2018View Race
26.41 mi2:56:49.186:42London Marathon4/21/2013View Race
26.47 mi2:51:29.556:29Berlin Marathon9/29/2013View Race
37.71 mi7:47:25.6512:24Highland Fling Race4/24/2010View Race