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9:09 AM

22.6 mi


15:51 mi

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McKay Tract


Before Run - Yogurt with strawberries, almonds and raisins

UCAN - Before run, at 2hrs and at 4 hrs.

On the Run - Four packets of almond butter, 3 Babybels, and a couple of handfuls of nuts/raisins.

Hour 2: Almond butter/Babybel (160 cal), another serving of UCAN

Hour 3: Almond Butter/Babybel (160 cal) and an Aussie Bite (130 cal - 16g of carbs)

Hour 4: UCAN and 2 Almond butters

Hour 5: Nuts/raisins

Water the whole time. Started with a full bladder and used 16 oz at Hour 4 for the UCAN. Never finished all the water. I think I peed 3 times (?) while I was out there.

My legs were tired when I was done, but not unusually tired. Did some good climbing/descending after Mile 9. Had

run 6 the day before. I didn't feel like I bonked.

I accidentally turned off my regular Garmin and ended up going by the HR Garmin. The mileage should be fairly close, even though the HR Garmin regularly says "weak GPS signal."