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6.5 mi


5:11 mi


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NCO 10k


Luckily this was definitely longer than the 6.2 it claimed to be. Made me feel a lot better about how terrible I felt and thought I ran. First mile was 5:11, 2nd split was 5:43 slightly downhill which didn't make much sense. 3rd mile was 5:11 again. 4th split was 6:09, 5th was 4:48, 6th was 5:36, and then closed in a 69. Assuming miles 1 and 3 were correct and 2 was slightly downhill, all 3 of those at least should have been 5:11 or quicker. Either way, didn't feel good but pushed the best I could. Weather was mid 30s and windy today, made it a bit rough.