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9:18 AM

74 mi


15.43 mi / hr


95 F


7 / 10
8 / 10
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Broke a spoke ~midway point. Rode HARD for a few miles feeling like I bonked trying to maintain what is usually a comfortable pace and getting dropped at each stop before realizing that my rear brakes were rubbing my out-of-true rear wheel. Opened the rear wheels and fell back for the rest of the pacelines of any sort without full brake function and an iffy wheel.

Otherwise an awesome, hilly ride with the JDRF gang and my wheel should be under warranty, so no bummers, there (and hubby is lending me his Dura Ace wheel and using a different back-up). HOT weather. I have heard bike computer readings from 95-100. Kinda crazy after the past week with its lovely, cooler temps.