Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

0.75 mi6:148:19Reading Running7/21/2016View Race
1.04 mi5:37.875:256/12/2020View Race
2.26 mi23:04.7810:13Vert Race - Stoneham7/13/2014View Race
2.31 mi23:49.4010:19Vert Race - Stoneham7/14/2013View Race
2.42 mi15:45.486:31Horn Pond Fun Run8/2/2018View Race
2.52 mi17:12.906:50Lynn Woods Relay (Leg 3)8/22/2018View Race
2.59 mi16:29.596:23Winchester Town Day 2.56/2/2018View Race
3.01 mi19:28.596:29Tanner Ta Ta11/26/2017View Race
5.00 km19:266:16FORR 5k7/19/2018View Race
3.17 mi19:58.946:19Cambridge 5k Yulefest12/10/2017View Race
3.18 mi32:30.1310:14FORR 5k7/17/2014View Race
3.26 mi29:54.839:11Shamrock Shuffle Pub Run11/10/2012View Race
3.43 mi26:57.137:52Kick in for Kids New Route5/4/2014View Race
4.00 mi28:41.207:11Penny Bridge7/5/2018View Race
4.76 mi41:34.138:44Mill Cities - Leg 512/8/2013View Race
4.91 mi39:20.368:01Tour De Lynn Woods (A Tame Tour)5/29/2019View Race
4.97 mi37:50.337:37Hospice 5m10/6/2019View Race
5.00 mi33:23.236:4117th Annual Run Off Your Hangover1/1/2019View Race
5.04 mi33:41.766:4216 Annual Run Off Your Hangover Race1/1/2018View Race
5.50 mi37:086:46Mill Cities - Leg 112/4/2016View Race
5.62 mi49:42.728:51Tour De Lynn Woods7/11/2018View Race
10.00 km51:34.308:18LVL10k8/17/2014View Race
7.58 mi1:41:33.9813:24Mt Washington Road Race6/16/2018View Race
7.61 mi2:16:23.1317:56Mt. Washington Road Race6/21/2014View Race
9.51 mi1:04:31.406:48Stew Chase 15k1/28/2018View Race
9.57 mi1:05:11.736:49Mill Cities - Leg 412/3/2017View Race
10.01 mi1:11:47.857:11Yankee Homecoming8/1/2017View Race
10.07 mi1:20:388:01Yankee Homecoming8/2/2016View Race
10.90 mi1:49:0010:00Leg 1 - Lake Winnie Relay9/7/2013View Race
Half Marathon1:34:437:14Peabody Running11/19/2016View Race
13.17 mi1:29:386:49Hampton 1/2 Marathon3/4/2018View Race
13.26 mi1:39:347:31Half @ the Hamptons3/5/2017View Race
13.30 mi1:42:387:44Wicked Half Marathon - Salem9/17/2016View Race
14.46 mi1:19:46.085:31Asbury Grove Duathlon7/27/2013View Race
16.00 mi2:32:549:34Boston Prep 16 Miler1/27/2013View Race
18.82 mi3:00:31.189:36Stu's - Clinton, MA3/3/2013View Race
20.07 mi2:23:38.257:10Black Cat 20 Mile Race3/10/2018View Race
Marathon4:03:109:17Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon10/2/2011View Race
26.30 mi3:11:13.237:17Salisbury Marathon4/8/2018View Race
26.36 mi3:17:52.307:31PVD Marathon5/7/2017View Race
26.39 mi3:27:31.807:522017 Vermont City Marathon5/28/2017View Race
26.43 mi3:26:38.337:50Hyannis Marathon2/26/2017View Race
26.45 mi3:40:50.608:21Vermont City Marathon 20185/27/2018View Race
26.49 mi3:36:488:122016 Dublin Marathon10/30/2016View Race
26.59 mi4:03:24.659:102017 Boston Marathon4/17/2017View Race
26.60 mi5:16:5511:55Philadelphia Marathon11/23/2014View Race
26.68 mi3:27:03.297:46BOA Chicago Marathon10/7/2018View Race
26.95 mi3:34:28.327:58BOA Chicago Marathon10/8/2017View Race
27.12 mi3:54:12.838:39TCS New York City Marathon11/5/2017View Race
50.00 km5:28:32.0910:35TARC SUMMER CLASSIC8/11/2018View Race