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Name: Chuck Stone
Profession: Computer programmer
Age: 64
Height: 1.70 m
Current Weight: 81.6 kg
Goal Weight: 77.1 kg
Location: Chambersburg, PA
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About me: 
Christian. Family minded, do-it-yourself homeowner, former high school/college athlete. Now semi obsessive about running and running info. Living in Chambersburg, PA. I found out that a grandfather 8 generations ago (Edward Marshall) ran/walked 65 miles in 18 hours in 1737. He was recruited as a runner for the Walking Purchase in Eastern Pennsylvania. I retraced his approximate route in 2013 and matched the time.
Why do I run: 
Fitness, sense of accomplishment, to be with running friends. Fun. The structure to my day is useful too.
Why I started running: 
I was tired of getting out of breath with just a little exercise so I started running with a YMCA "bootcamp" group to start towards fitness - April 2007. And I wanted to slim down to not look so out of shape with my shirt off.