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8:30 AM

5 mi


7:48 mi


65 F


10 / 10

Race Result

152 / 337 (45.1%)
12 / 25 (48%)


Ausherman 5 mile flat fast course in town Chambersburg PA

planned to go out at 8:30 pace and do 8's thru the middle and finish faster

At mile one 7:59. Felt ok so tried to keep same effort. Did mile 2 a second or two faster.

After mile 4 was at 31 something and picking up pace a little. Finished faster but thought the finish line was closer so had to hold on about 100 yards "extra".

Passed people throughout, especially in second half. Don't remember being passed by anyone after first mile.

Had a really nice surprise finishing about 2 minutes ahead of my expectations. Kept expecting I would have to slow down to finish.