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8:30 AM

13.1 mi


8:20 mi


42 F


9 / 10

Race Result

74 / 267 (27.7%)
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Chambersburg Half Marathon. Brutal winds and driving rains.

splits: 8:15, 8:21, 8:44, 8:03, 8:59, 8:59, 9:01, 8:20, 8:08, 8:51, 7:49, 7:36, 7:24, :25

planned to run 8:35 pace for 10 miles but started fasted and couldn't seem to get it corrected till the first aid station and big hill enforced it. Then the next downhill and flat gave another faster mile. Next 3 miles into the fierce wind resulted in 9 mm pace with maybe a little increased effort. Was fretting some over being ahead of plan. Caught up to Jill and mostly did next 3-4 miles together. After mile marker 10 gradually picked up the pace/effort. Still thinking this is a 90% effort day. but when finish line was in sight, picked it up to about 6mm pace.

Now feeling much better about marathon training. Next week, VA Beach Half to run at goal pace of 8mm.