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5:00 AM

50.2 mi


14:30 mi


32 F


8 / 10


JFK 50 Miler

ran with brenda and ralph. support runners doing about 12 miles each kristal, ed, lynn

course support by rose, crystal, kaye, denise, elyse

ran easy pace throughout, walking uphills on trail and road and walking on time intervals on canal towpath (12/3, 6/2, 3/1) more walking as the race progressed

developed IT band issue in miles 12-15, got worse through midway then run/walk plan kept it from progressing.

felt really discouraged in miles 20-30. took some aspirin and later tylenol, felt good overall by mile 38 to end even though IT band issue remained.

started in trail shoes, changed at mile 15 to ghosts, changed at 38 to launch