Thunderthighs's profile   

Gender: Female
Profession: Parent/Teacher/Artist/RUNNER
Age: 62
Current Weight: 76.7 kg
Goal Weight: 70.3 kg
Location: Southwest, FL
About me: 
Homeschooling, Volleyball, Olympic Style Wrestling, Viking, 4 kids, beach, creativity rocks, Reading, mostly non-fiction, some mysteries, love Rat Terriers - got 4, I'm a lush for good food & great BEER, I am a licensed designer, hairdresser in the states of FL, MD, DC & VA, and ACE certified fitness instructor, although I've never done anything with it. Teaching my kids at home is my full-time occupation, for now.
Why do I run: 
Cuz I CAN. I really want to run a 1/2 - that's my goal. No time to push for, I just want to finish, hopefully not last. (OK, secretly I want to run it in under 3 hrs., but that's my secret. Don't tell anyone. I'd hate for someone to rub it in if I fail that...)
Why I started running: 
Read some books and wondered if I could do it. Built for speed, (hence the moniker) ran short distances in hs, wasn't sure I could go long, or even at all anymore. CR's C25K program - OHR - Hal Higdon's 1/2 program and hey, I'm a distance runner!