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13.1 mi


7:36 mi


152.4 lb
163 bpm


60 F


9 / 10
5 / 10

Race Result

147 / 1226 (12%)
14 / 73 (19.2%)
113 / 629 (18%)


Where to begin...While I'm not happy with my time, I couldn't expect much better given my training pace for the last several months combined with fat ass. This was my slowest HM by about 8 seconds, but I was 20 pounds lighter then.


My mileage was good, but I haven't yet done enough harder running. I think I've done about 10 miles total over months at race pace.


My taper was pretty weak. I ran hard up until prior Saturday and then did hardly anything last week.

Pre Race:

I only did 1/2 mile warm up, but I don't think that was an issue. I had a banana early AM and a gel 15 mins before race.


I set out with the goal of 7:30 miles and I pretty much kept to it. It was hard to start out slower than most, but well worth it. This was the best pacing I've ever done. Garmin was a little faster than the course, but I can't blame garmin for being off 7:30 pace. For the first half at least, I kept thinking the race was a throw away and was going to just cruise in, so there was no chance of going any faster. At some point, though, i realized that there were a lot of false flats and then course would truly flatten out and I could maintain. I also started getting a lot of hip pain somewhere between 3 and 5 miles, which was discouraging, but I realized that I could just maintain that level of pain for the rest of the race.


I had 2-3 cups of water, which is more like sips of water. I didn't use the two gels I brought with me.

I'm pretty surprised by my HR throughout (avg of 163). I would have thought it was higher. I think I can race at a higher HR if other limiting factors are removed.

Splits are based on Garmin's distance of 13.22, so paces are a bit off.

7:32, 7:32, 168

7:16, 14:49, 165

7:34, 22:23, 167

7:42, 30:04, 165

7:24, 37:28, 160

7:20, 44:48, 161


7:23, 52:12, 160

7:34, 59:46, 161

7:44, 1:07:30, 163

7:35, 1:15:05, 161

7:34, 1:22:38, 162

7:16, 1:29:55, 165

7:51, 1:37:46, 164

7:17, 1:39:25, 163