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13.1 mi


7:59 mi


125.2 lb
166 bpm
181 bpm
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Not a bad way to spend 1 year anniversary of heart surgery. My goals were to a) finish, b) set out at 8 minute pace and see where that took me, hopefully to finish fast. However, I was not prepared for these hills (1300 ft according to garmin). That brought my avg pace way down, and finished 10 miles in exactly 1:21:00. However, the last 5k was mostly downhill, and I was able to cruise through in 23:31 to hit finishing time and average just under 8. I would not do this course again-I don't like the hills and too much of the course seemed like it just existed to add distance-but I was happy that they offered a HM on Jan 3rd. The run around the Dodger Stadium warning track was pretty awesome though.

Consumed one gel around mile 7 or 8, and two brief water stops. It seemed like enough but maybe need to up it to two gels.

Cadence 174, HR 166/181