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15 km


10:16 mi


158 lb


37 F


8 / 10
2 / 10

Race Result

112 / 282 (39.7%)
20 / 65 (30.8%)


This was my first time ever doing a trail race, and my first time in 2+ years doing any kind of trail run. I'm not sure how much I walked, but I suspect it to be approximately 1 total mile. The course started out going straight uphill for 1+ miles on a wide trail, then moved into single track going around the mountain. This part of the course was very technical, very challenging, and a lot of fun. After that, there was more up hill on fire raods until reaching the top, followed by 3 miles straight down fire roads. My legs were so fried from all the uphills that I wasn't able to to do much on the downhills, despite the fact that I wasn't winded at all. The finish was weird, as it was pretty steep downhill all the way to the chute, but, again, I wasn't winded. I just wasn't able to move any faster. This was clearly the hardest race I've ever done.

Despite how I felt during and after the race, I will do another trail run. Assuming my legs recover, I hope to build on this, work some more hills into weekly schedule, hopefully I can improve quickly.

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