Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.24 km29:55.8124:09Vertikala Kotečnik5/12/2019View Race
1.42 km15:5611:14Kronometer na Bukovico9/11/2016View Race
3.27 km16:074:5612. štafetni tek sv. Barbare12/4/2016View Race
3.33 km17:115:1013. štafetni tek sv. Barbare12/10/2017View Race
5.00 km23:524:47Silvestrski tek Žalec12/31/2016View Race
5.09 km24:094:45Silvestrski tek Žalec12/31/2015View Race
5.18 km25:184:5419. tek po ulicah Žalca9/17/2016View Race
5.60 km28:185:04Najhitrejši krog Velenje1/16/2016View Race
6.69 km42:06.176:18Tek na Brnico4/19/2014View Race
6.75 km49:197:19Tek na Brnico4/20/2019View Race
8.52 km1:35:5211:16Bukova deteljica6/28/2020View Race
8.81 km46:475:19Migaj z nami 8km9/21/2013View Race
9.08 km1:44:2711:31Bukova deteljica6/8/2019View Race
9.76 km56:21.305:47Nočni tek po Celju5/28/2011View Race
9.93 km57:25.125:47Nočni tek po Celju5/26/2012View Race
11.02 km59:555:274. Vege tek11/2/2014View Race
11.10 km1:01:15.325:32Silvestrski tek Žalec12/31/2012View Race
11.59 km1:37:068:232. gasilski gorski tek Podbrdo6/16/2019View Race
11.77 km1:34:498:041. gasilski gorski tek Podbrdo6/17/2018View Race
12.08 km1:59:299:54Teh treh vrhov11/4/2018View Race
16.19 km2:24:238:56Učka trail Perun 16 km9/7/2019View Race
17.13 km2:36:489:10Kastav Advent Trail12/22/2019View Race
21.00 km1:59:335:422. konjiški mali maraton9/28/2014View Race
21.28 km1:54:395:2435. Maraton tre src5/16/2015View Race
23.46 km3:31:399:02Trail maraton Pohorje8/25/2018View Race
52.80 km5:58:376:48Sladkih6 201511/7/2015View Race
61.35 km6:23:146:1541. supermaraton Zagreb - Čazma4/3/2016View Race