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6:59 AM

5 km


6:15 mi


163 lb


75 F

Race Result

25 / 990 (2.5%)
2 / 77 (2.6%)
23 / 498 (4.6%)
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I was on PR pace through 2 miles, but I slowed down too much going up Virginia Way. I definitely have some fear of that hill at that point in the race. But I sprinted the last tenth of a mile just to out kick Jimmy Fryer and Ed Lang. (Unfortunately, Ed still had a better chip time since he evidentally started after me.)

Overall, it was a good, fun race and an excellent start to the summer racing season. I've got a bunch of short races coming up in July and August.

This was also the first time the WGS team participated in the Corporate Challenge Racing Series. Scott Shiveley, Bill Murray, Brandi Fleck, Bree Cox, and I were on the team. We finished 4th in Division C, which isn't bad. Their times were roughly 26, 35, 45, and 58 minutes, but everyone finished and had a good time. After I finished and recovered a little, I ran back to check on everyone.