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7:32 AM

5 km


6:15 mi


165 lb


45 F

Race Result

9 / 205 (4.4%)
2 / 11 (18.2%)
9 / 87 (10.3%)
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Shelby Bottoms Boogie 5K. It was a cold morning, but there was no wind. I wore a singlet and didn't die. I wish I'd felt better though. I was coughing up yellow gunk this morning, so my breathing wasn't right (again). I couldn't push it, but 6:15s didn't feel too bad. After the first mile, I mostly ran in a gap, so I wasn't really racing against anyone. I pushed it a little at the end because I heard someone catching up to me, and then I forgot to stop my watch after crossing the line.

During the run I was having a good time, and I was glad I was able to be out there running as well as I could. It wasn't a bad race at all even if I wasn't in PR shape. Also, it was a good social event. I warmed up with Andrew Holbrook before his last race as a Tennessean, and afterward I cooled down with Andy Moss. I hung around to see most of my friends finish the 15K too. It was a good morning.