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9:00 AM

5 km


6:26 mi


160 lb


67 F

Race Result

10 / 332 (3%)
1 / 11 (9.1%)
8 / 131 (6.1%)

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Shade Tree Trot 5K

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It was a warm day on a hilly course, and I ran the first mile way too fast. I got a side stitch in the third mile that slowed me way down. :-( I still got 1st Masters though.

The starting gun went off when no one was ready for it, so we all stood there for a couple of seconds wondering what to do. Then Scott Bennett (the winner) took off, so I followed him.

Note: The official results separate the men and women into two different events, and the races had separate finishing chutes too. I combined the totals for the Field Stats above because I know the top two women finished ahead of me. The 2nd place woman barely beat me (and zipped past me at the 3mile point). The 1st place woman passed me just before the 2 mile mark, and she finished way ahead of me.